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10 Best Camping Sites in Kansas

Kansas, popularly known as the Sunflower State, has a vast land consisting of plains, vegetation, and lakes. Besides its high rising topographical structures, Kansas boasts several wildlife and plant species lining its various terrains. Amidst this terrain are rocky outcrops, wind-through Rivers, creeks, sprawling grassland, and forests, all for several outdoor amusements.

There are several camping sites in Kansas that give a thrilling recreational moment while you bask in the ecstasy of having a breath of fresh air away from home. Below are the best 10 camping sites that can give you the great outdoor experience you desire. 

1. Gunsmoke RV Park Camping Site

Gunsmoke RV Park Camping Site - Kelly B - The Dyrt
© Kelly B / The Dyrt

The Gunsmoke RV Park Camping Site is first on our list because it provides some of the most amazing vacationing experiences judging by its meadow environment and a host of time-out activities. This park, situated in Dodge City, is a family-friendly camping site that is popular among many vacationers. You will surely have the basking experience of visiting the most notorious place within the Wild West Frontier. 

Famous nearby attractions also include the Fort Dodge, the Wax Museum & Teachers’ Hall of Fame, and the Boot Hill Museum that features the re-enactment of gunfights.  You can always take a few moments to see these places and view their historical collections. There is a place where you can find the remains of old Chester Good. In the Gunsmoke RV camping site, you will be able even to see his shoe, which pokes above the ground. 

More so, when you visit during the summertime, you will enjoy the awesome view of the summer sunset, which looks extremely bright and illuminating as it shadows down the silhouette of the camp environment.

2. Milford State Park Camping Sites

Milford State Park Camping Sites - The Lantern of Oz
© The Lantern of Oz

The Milford State Park sits on more than 1000 acre land and has about different camping sites with several facilities to make your outing a beautiful experience. Some of the facilities you will enjoy in most of these camping sites include cabins, sewer hook-ups, electric and water hook-ups. 

You will have the opportunity to view wildlife at the upper end and west side of the reservoir. There are several mammals, aquatic animals, and reptiles in this wildlife area. You can also go to the nearby dam and see the various displays and exhibits of the Milford Fish hatchery and the Milford Nature Center. Expect to see a host of bald eagles, especially during the winter season. 

There are also horsing, biking, and hiking trails for campers who like to explore the very best of the park’s natural vegetation. You’ll also find the Milford Reservoir, which serves as a major lake, providing vacationers with a picturesque view of Milford’s shoreline. You will get to enjoy one of the best vacationing views when the sun sets over the lake.

3. Salina KOA Camping Site

Salina KOA Camping Site - MapQuest
© MapQuest

Salina KOA is one of the most attractive camping sites that give you great comfort away from home. It is situated between Denver, St. Louis, and the Black Hills, making it very accessible for most vacationers. This camping site provides several RV sites where you can set up a comfortable picnic among the shady and large meadows of this grassy Salina weather. You can choose from the over 90 RV sites provided by this camping site.

Other features of this camping site include its nearness to the Rolling Hills Zoo, where you can view various species of animals, the Lindsborg popularly known as Kansas’ Little Sweden, and the Eisenhower Center. There is provision for an on-site store which gives a little bit of everything you may be looking for. Additionally, get ready to have the best picnic experience because the Salina KOA provides jump pads, fire pits, showers, picnic tables, and playgrounds, all for your amusement.

4. Deer Creek Valley RV Park Camping Site

Deer Creek Valley RV Park Camping Site - RoverPass
© RoverPass

The Deer Creek Valley RV Park is popular for being one of the best camping sites in Topeka. It provides campers with a private and quiet arena to enjoy their time away from home while also getting the picturesque environment’s best views. This camping site is close to restaurants and other shops in case you suddenly need anything. One thrilling sight-seeing place is the Deer Creek Valley, where you can go jet skiing, paddle boating, fishing, or boating. 

This creek is about 1.5 miles from Lake Shawnee, and it provides an 8-mile trail for bikers and hikers. You will also get to enjoy a comfortable picnic table, playgrounds, grills, and fire circles. You can take a shower after your camping activities. Aside from the Lake Shawnee, there are other amusing attractions near this camping site like the Kansas Museum of History, Ted Ensley Botanical Gardens, and the Heartland Park Topeka Racing, where you can enjoy an after-camp moment. 

5. Cimarron National Grassland Camping Site

Cimarron National Grassland Camping Site - Travelks
© Travelks

The Cimarron National Grassland is well-known for being one of the few National Grasslands that provides a pleasurable outdoor experience for most vacationers. There are about 12 back-in sites within this camping site, and space is enough to accommodate 30 RVs. Expect to see a picnic table, tent pad, gravel parking area, and fire ring on the site. Besides these amusing camping features, the camping site gives vacationers a mix of the pit and modern toilet with two hydrants. 

You can also enjoy the view of the several ponds within the camping environment. The grassland is not just flat, but some of its topography combines both a rolling hill and cliff features. You can have an amazing view of these rolling topographies from your camping site; you will particularly love the greenish landscape if you are not going here during the dry period. You will find the best of wildflowers and a variety of other plant species. 

There is also a pond where you can observe fishes’ behaviors, the Point Rocks, and the Cimarron River Overlook, where you can observe the slow-flow creek and enjoy the beautiful view of the scenery grassland environment. You can also have an entertaining time-out by fishing, bird watching, hiking, or enjoying a scenic drive-through within the National Grassland using the 30 mile Auto Tour Sea of Grass provided by the facility. Grassland wildlife you can find here includes wild turkey, swift fox, mule deer, prairie dogs, lesser prairie chickens, and several birds’ species. 

6. Goodland KOA Camping Site

Goodland KOA Camping Site - The Dyrt
© The Dyrt

Goodland KOA Camping Site is one of the many camping sites popular for its provision of fun-filled amenities for vacationers; it is well-rated among campers that have been here before. You will have the opportunity to rent an RV and use it on the over 50 RV sites provided by this facility. You can also take a shower and relax after an explorative adventure. Some of the things you can do include swimming, golfing, etc. 

You can also enjoy a trek through the woody, grassy and flourishing flowers within the environment. You can see the wonders of the ancient antique in the nearby High Plains Museum or the Puppet factory or the rising painting of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous sunflower. The camp has a serene environment, friendly officials, and you can always enjoy a sumptuous dinner after your day’s time-out. Be ready for a great adventure with accommodations in RV sites, tents, or good lodging.

7. Eldorado State Park Camping Sites

Eldorado State Park Camping Sites - ksoutdoors
© ksoutdoors

The Eldorado State Park has many camping sites located within its scenic and sprawling terrain. This park is situated in Flint Hill and makes its way through the western and eastern shores of Eldorado Reservoir. You can enjoy an RV camping time while exploring the impressive reservoir. Amidst this reservoir is over 3000 acres of a wildlife park and more than 4000 acres of parklands. 

Popular among the recreational fun this reservoir provides is fishing and boating. Visitors who will rather like a hike amidst the hilly terrain can use the several hiking trails. There are over 1000 camping sites within the four main campgrounds in this park, which provides full utility hook-ups and primitive camping. Other facility adventures you may enjoy include swimming, biking, and equestrian trail. You can use any of the five deluxe cabins or eleven group picnic shelters in this park. 

8. Wilson State Park Camping Sites

Wilson State Park Camping Sites - The Dyrt
© The Dyrt

Wilson State Park is situated towards the southern part of the Wilson Reservoir, which further divides into two significant places; Otoe and Hell Creek. You can use spots within this park for paddling, water skiing, fishing, hiking, and any other form of outdoor activity.  You may go ahead to view the Wilson Reservoir while also having thrilling fun in the campground, picnic area, and playground. 

There is a rugged expanse of rocky outcrops and cliffs running along the Wilson Reservoir, allowing you to have a scenic aerial view of the environment. If you’d like to take a trek, you can use the Cedar Trail in the Otoe area, while bikers may want to explore this grassy and cliffy terrain using the Switchgrass biking trail.

You can also go to the wildlife vicinity, at the upper end of the Wilson Reservoir, where you can view wildlife like pheasant, songbirds, deer, and furbearers. There are also areas of woody timber growth along the Saline River through Elm Creek. There is provision for hunters in the public hunting vicinity rolling along the hills of prairies.

9. Clinton State Park Camping Sites

Clinton State Park Camping Sites - Abdul Basith Asim M
© Abdul Basith Asim M

The Clinton State Park sits in the northern end of Clinton Lake and features several thrilling opportunities for visitors all year round. It has a natural and beautiful environment where you can perform outdoor recreational activities like archery, swimming, biking, and hiking. This facility’s camping sites help you select between a primitive site and camping with an RV facility. You will particularly like the beautiful view of the natural wildlife habitat and the grassy prairies.

Residents and non-residents can enjoy the Clinton Lake Marina, and there is also a diverse range of recreational activities you can do at the central part of this park. Some of these include disc golf and other extensive trail systems for mountain bikers and skiers. You can fully enjoy your camping time-out in the Chicken Creek and Camp Creek cabins situated on a high altitude and overlooking the Clinton Reservoir. 

You will be able to see rugged lines of timbered shorelines rolling over the expanse terrain and experience the stunning sunset casting its shadow on the vast expanse of hilly woodlands and overlooking the solitary Pelican Island.

10. Tuttle Creek State Park Camping Sites

Tuttle Creek State Park Camping Sites - riebschlager Hip Camp
© riebschlager / Hip Camp

The Tuttle Creek State Park has several camping sites for your outdoor recreational activities. It is located amidst the winding Turtle Creek Reservoir, which has an amazing view of the rugged and wooded shorelines. There are five distinct places within this park; Randolph, Rocky Ford, River Pond, Fancy Creek, and Cedar Ridge. The camping provision ranges from a primitive outlook to one giving modern utilities. 

You can always use the swimming beach along with boat ramps while resorting back to your cabin to have a relaxing after-day evening. The several scenic trails will provide you with the best view of nature amidst the vast and tall grass prairies. You can have the best of your picnic on the volleyball court, archery range, disc golf course, or horseshoe pits. You can also visit Tuttle Creek and have an excellent time fishing in the lakes and rivers streams. The wildlife area is also available to explore and hunt. 

You may go and also explore the Rocky Ford, whose natural land gives a hilly terrain. The long walk across several of the trails here exposes you to nature’s very best of exploration. You may particularly take a time out to see Fancy Creek making its way amidst the beautiful landscape of this park.


Camping activities in the landscape of Kansas may be one of your best time-out experiences. You will be able to see nature at its very best by viewing the land’s topography from many of the several cliffs of camping sites found in Kansas. Kansas is also popular for having many creeks and reservoirs, which can add to your overall recreational experience.

Expect to view the various antiques from several museums close to these camping sites while also enjoying an explorative walk through many grasslands and woody terrains of some camping parks. If you would like to view wildlife amidst the great natural and scenic landscape, then Kansas may be your next destination for camping.

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