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10 Best Campsites in Delaware

Delaware is located in the Mid-Atlantic region, making it a coastal state in the USA. The state is named after the Delaware River. Many captivating sites will make you experience nature fully in the state. All your passions will be fulfilled here. The campgrounds in Delaware include RVs and tents. This article will show you the top camping sites and elaborate ground details and amenities given.

1. Cape Henlopen State Park Campground

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Cape Henlopen State Park campground was recently renovated. It has water, electric hookups, fire rings, a camp store, pull-through sites, a play area, walk-in-tent sites, more dumpsites, expanded parking, a registration booth and picnic tables. The vehicle circulation pattern a one-way. There is also a campground for families, a nature center, Bait and Tackle Shop, dormitory-style accommodations, food concession, and primitive camping. 

Cape Henlopen State Park does not allow the use of any generators.

The roads at the campground are narrow. When riding at the RV Units, you have to be extra careful. Booking a campsite that is longer than the RV Unit. Availability of water from March to December depends on the weather. You will find a frost-free seal at the dumpsite. For more information, call the park office.

Check-in time is 1 pm, and the check-out time is 2 pm. Each campsite is allowed to have one vehicle to allow free entry in and out of the park. Campers should keep their cars in the parking area at a fee.

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If you would like to change any equipment from what you had originally reserved, the park office must approve it before you arrive. Your reservation may be cancelled if you change your equipment. If you will arrive late, notify the park. Failure to the notification may lead to cancellation. Campers have to respect those who already have set their campsite. Those reserving the camps should be 18 or older.

The park’s quiet hours start from 10 pm to 7 am. Cutting or damaging trees and vegetation is strictly prohibited. Keg beer is also forbidden. Park your motorhomes, vans, trailers, and busses on the pad. The state parks campgrounds in Delaware are mainly for family. They do not allow group camping in family campgrounds. At a time, individuals can only inhabit two sites. Those who would like to camp in groups have to call first.

The check-in time at cabins is 3 pm, and the check-out time is 11 am on the designated day. If you vacate your cabin after 11 am, you will be required to pay a fee of $100. If you are planning on a late arrival, you have to call the park office before 3.30 pm. In November and March, call the office on Fridays if planning on late arrival.

One or more people in the cabin have to be 21 years and above and should stay in the cabin until the day they intend to leave. Each cabin allows a maximum of 6 people. Pets are not allowed in the cabin area. You can also not cook or smoke in the cabin. In the cabin area, you cannot pitch a tent, pop-ups, or RVs. Each cabin is allowed to have one vehicle. You can park additional cars at the parking lot at the campground entrance. You also have to pay a fee when re-entering the park. Trash sites are found at the bathhouses, and the cabins are supposed to be left clean.

If you have any issues, report them to the registrar or the park office. Any damages that occurred during the stay are the campers’ responsibilities.

During the prime season, you can camp for a minimum of a week. During the weekends, you can stay for a minimum of 2 days in shoulder seasons. On holiday weekends, you are required to stay for a minimum of 3 nights in shoulder seasons.

When camping in Delaware, you may require a fishing license to fish on both salt and fresh water ponds. It also includes clamming and crabbing. There are agents authorized by the Division of Fish & Wildlife that sell the license. The parks’ offices also sell them. The license rates vary for residents and non-residents.

2. Trap Pond State Park Camping Site

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The check-in time at the campgrounds here is 1 pm, while the check-out time is noon on the designated day for both tent camping and RV Standard. If campers arrive 24 hours late or campers, they should notify the park, or their reservations may end up being cancelled. Upon late arrival, respect the other campers who are already set up. One vehicle is allowed per campsite for free. 

Each camp allows up to 8 people. Each person has to pay an additional charge of $2 every day over their first tour.

Trap Pond State Park Campground quiet hour’s starts from 10 pm to 7 am. From 1st March to 30th November, the entrance fee is charged daily. All the pets should always be kept on a leash and attended. Cabins do not allow pets except Cabins 9 and 10, which allow dogs. An additional fee has to be paid for them.  

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Campers may use the clotheslines with care during the day. The lines are prohibited at night.

Burning trash is not permitted. The park provides dumpsites. You can only light fires in the fire ring. The use of generators is allowed but prohibited when the noise is unreasonable. Firewood and ice are sold at the camp store. Campers are not allowed to possess firearms or any weapon. Individuals can only use two sites.

Do not remove yurt furniture or equipment from the camp. If they damaged, renters are held accountable. Smoking is prohibited inside the yurts. Pets are also prohibited in the yurts.

The check-in time in the cabins at Trap Pond State Park Campground is 3 pm, and the check-out time is 11 am. If you leave later than the designated time, you will pay a $100 fee. If you are arriving late, call the office before 3.30 pm.

At least one person in the camping site should be 18 years or older and remain in the cabin until the last day of camping. They should have an id. Pets are not allowed in the cabin area. Smoking in the cabin is also not allowed. Each cabin area only allows one vehicle. Do not drive additional cars directly to the cabins.

All the cabins should be left clean. Dumpsters are situated across from the parking area. If you have any issue, report them to the registrar or park office. The campers cater any damages.

3. Killens Pond State Park Camping Site

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Killens Pond State Park is covered by forest, which overlooks 66 acres of the millpond. The park has a freshwater stretch making it a popular place to visit. The campground has an outdoor activity center.

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In the campground, there are 17 primitive areas to camp and RV camps. Campers are required to pay a booking fee for a cabin near the pond. The amenities for campers include picnic tables, campfires, playground, fishing, and hiking.

4. Redden State Park Camping Site

Redden State Park Camping Site - Southern Delaware Tourism
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Redden State Forest is located in central Sussex County, in Delaware’s largest forest, covering over 12,400 acres. Campers in this state park can experience 44 miles of hiking trails, bird watching and even mountain biking.

There are some primitive campsites available for free. Campers have to make reservations for a maximum stay of 3 nights. The primitive campsites do not offer bathrooms and showers but have two portable toilets and a drinking water spot located at the main building.

The camps at Redden State Park are spacious, quiet, and lie close to the forest of pines. The campground amenities include drinking water, BBQ grill, free firewood, fire ring, and picnic tables.

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When accessing the campsite, follow the Redden Forest Dr., go past the fire station, and take a turn to the gravel road and lift the yellow bar to the campground area. You can pick any site available at the campground.

The campground started an overnight camping fee of $25 every night and a security deposit. Reservations are only made online, and you can stay for a maximum of nine nights a month.

5. Delaware Seashore State Park Camping Site

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Delaware Seashore State Park is a very famous destination in the state. Here, you will be graced by beautiful sites like the Atlantic Ocean, Indian River Bay, and Rehoboth River Bay. You can set up your tent anywhere near these stunning sites.

The campground does not allow check-ins before 1 pm. The check-out time is noon. If campers arrive late, they should notify the office earlier, or your reservation will be cancelled. Contact the park before coming to give out the required information.

Some amenities maybe not be available during winter. The campsite does not have water, but there are tanks at the north and south filled by frost-free spigots.

From November to March, the campsites are supposed to be self-contained with a movable toilet or a tank. Campers are not allowed to pitch a tent during this time. Each camp is allowed to have eight people at a time.

6. Massey’s Landing Camping Site

Massey’s Landing Camping - Masseys Landing
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Massey’s Landing Campsite is located on Rehoboth Bay shore. Here, campers will have the perfect RVs and campgrounds near the beach. To make your camping experience wonderful, the campground has waterfront property and has several amenities.

Massey’s Landing Campground is one of the best places for camping in Delaware. The amenities here include a paved ratio, outdoor tables, Canopy, picnic table, pool, firewood, pet services, and golf carts.

7. Indian River Marina Campground

Indian River Marina Campground - CathieU_13 on TripAdvisor
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The Indian River campground is perfect for a family outing. Campers have to check in at the office upon arrival. The check-in time here is 3 pm, and the check-out is 10 am. If you think you will arrive late, call the office to make the arrangements. When you arrive, you will have to pay $220 for the key deposit and security. This amount is refundable through the credit card after inspection and return of keys. One person in the group should be 21 years and above and remain at the campsite during the entire stay. Pets are not allowed in the cottage area.

8. Lums Pond State Park Camping Site

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The Lums Pond State Park is located on a freshwater pond and has several entertainment activities. The state park is the best family vacation destination with camping options. There are also 10 miles of trails. 

Campers have to pay an entrance fee from 1st March to November 30th. You can have pets, but they should be kept on a leash. At this state park, there are no RV sites.

Lums Pond State Park - Delaware State Parks
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The campground amenities include hiking, fishing, a disc golf course, horseback riding, and kayaking.

9. Delaware Beaches Jellystone

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The Delaware Beaches Jellystone is great for families. The area is 32-acres, located minutes from the Delaware Beaches, state parks, Rehoboth Beach Broad walk, and tourist sites.

Delaware Beaches Jellystone - RVParking
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The RV sites are big and friendly, and so are the cabins. They operate from 28th March to October 31st. Pets are prohibited in cabins but welcomed to campsites, and they should be kept on leash. Campers may be subjected to a camping fee. The area offers amenities like Hayrides, a playground, Basketball court, pedal carts, clubhouse, outdoor theater, and a swimming pool.

10. Holly Lake Campsites

Holly Lake Campsites - Holly Lake Campsites
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Holly Lake is a family-owned park in Millsboro. It is nine miles from the ocean and three hours from DC. The park is the best place for a family vacation, and the amenities are near. They range from entertainment to food to shopping. The area also offers fireworks on the 4th of July.


The campgrounds at Delaware will allow you to experience Mother Nature after the hustles and bustles of the city. With luxurious foliage and beautiful views of nature, the campgrounds bring you relaxation and retreat.

The campsites are safe and good for family outings and even friends reunion. Many of the sites are pet-friendly. This article will show you the best Delaware campgrounds for your benefit. Choose where you would like to go, or you can enjoy all of them in turns.

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