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10 Best Campsites in Louisiana

Although famous for an unmatchable Mardi Gras festival and a remarkable blend of American, French, and African cultures, few people recognize Louisiana’s amazing camping potentials. You see, Louisiana is located in the Southeastern part of the United States of America. The Gulf of Mexico borders it in the south, Mississippi in the east, with Texas and Arkansas on the west and north.

As such, Louisiana is a prime destination for camping. One needs only to step outside of the major cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria to experience the full extent of the Sportsman’s Paradise. Louisiana is home to a host of captivating natural areas, cypress groves, tranquil bayous, beautiful beaches and relaxing coastal waters. Louisiana has a Natural Forest, 22 state parks, and about two dozen recreation areas.

In short, Louisiana offers plenty of places to pitch your tent and enjoy a serene family pastime. Now, it may be challenging for you to select a campsite from the various amazing options that Louisiana offers. Hence, we take a look at the ten best campsites in Louisiana so you can make the best choice.

1. Cajun Campground

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Located in Eunice, the Cajun Campground has been in business for over thirty years, serving locals and visitors alike. The campground occupies about forty acres of land, so there is plenty of space between campsites to guarantee your privacy and enough room for all the fun games you want to play. The Cajun Campground has 135 campsites, with a lot of full hook-ups. Complementing the campsites are five pavilions for group camping and seven cabins with bathrooms and kitchenettes. Amenities offered within the campground include nature trails, a playground, a swimming pool, a game room, fishing, putt-putt golf, and wireless high-speed internet.

2. Tunica Hills Campground

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The Tunica Hills Campground is located in the Tunica Hills area of St. Francisville near the Clark Creek Nature Area, where the breathtaking Tunica Hills Waterfalls can be found. The campground itself is located within a hardwood forest where campers can revel in nature’s clean smells and serenity. The campground was created to leave the natural environment in the area as undisturbed as possible so that campers can get an absolute feel of nature while staying within the campground. There are explicit labels on the plants and trees within the campground to guide the Tunica Hills visitors. The campground also offers amenities like tent pads tucked snugly into the forest, with most being equipped with electricity, cooking grates, a picnic table, and a fire pit. 

3. Grand Isle State Park

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If you’re looking to enjoy the beauty of nature, then Grand Isle State Park is your best bet. Grand Isle State Park is located off the coast in Grand Isle. The park occupies the entire eastern tip of the barrier island. Barrier islands form when tidal waves consistently deposit sediments parallel to the shoreline creating huge sand-dunes that eventually form a chain of the island. Barrier islands are susceptible to weather patterns as they change, move, or grow in tandem with wind and wave changes. As such, Grand Isle is the only inhabited barrier island in Louisiana.

However, the Grand Isle State Park is well-known for being located in the only inhabited barrier island and a great fishing pier. More than 280 species of fishes can be found around the coast of the Grand Isle, so it is a prime destination for a fishing holiday. If you have ever fantasized about eating seafood that you catch and prepare yourself, you might want to consider Grand Isle State Park. Apart from its boisterous sea life, the park also offers ample opportunities for boating and bird watching as many unique species of birds migrate through the area every year. Another exciting aspect of the park is the two-and-a-half-mile nature trail that allows people interested in hiking to have their fill. 

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The park has about 45 pull-through campsites with amenities like water and electrical hook-ups. A few short steps from that are an equally interesting additional 14 beach campsites where campers can pitch their tents on the beach. Here you can even wake up to the beautiful sounds of the beach and the stunning sight of a rising sun.

4. Poverty Point Reservoir Park

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It may be hard to tell from its name, but the Poverty Point Reservoir Park is one of Louisiana’s best campsites. The site’s most outstanding feature is the 2,700-acre human-made lake at the very center of the park. The park itself is built around the lake. On the North Marina Complex situated on the lake’s northwestern corner, you will find a swimming beach, a fishing pier, and a boat launch. The park is especially ideal for anglers interested in bluegill, catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass. The park has a half-mile trail where campers can walk and observe the natural wildlife within the area.

The park offers about 50 campsites which all include water and electrical hook-ups. Apart from the campsites, the park has 50 additional RV sites. Also available are cabins and camping lodges for rent. One can therefore say that Poverty Point Reservoir State Park has accommodation for all kinds of budget requirements. The park also offers canoe and jet ski rentals to ensure you enjoy a full experience. Plus, it will take you only a day’s travel to get to this historic site, one of the most important and fascinating archaeological sites in the United States.

5. Indian Creek Campground

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Situated close to the Natalbany Riverbank, Indian Creek Campground is a predominantly family-oriented campground with rustic cabins, clean and serene environments. Apart from its pristine and family-friendly atmosphere, Indian Creek Campground is also one of the only places where you can find the nearly extinct red-cockaded woodpecker. The campground helpfully marks out trees where the birds have made their nests so that campers will have no problem identifying where to look for the exotic birds. 

The campground has a host of campsites nestled among the trees with enough shade to keep you cool, even on a hot day. The major amenities available in the campground include a large sparkling clean swimming pool, a laundry facility, a country store, two playgrounds, a pond, a game room, high-speed internet connection, electricity, water, paddle boat, and canoe rentals. There are also hiking trails for campers who enjoy hiking. Other outdoor activities you can try out at the campground include volleyball, basketball, biking, horseshoes, and catch-and-release fishing, among others. Another great thing about the Indian Creek Campground is that pets are welcome in the campground. So, camping here guarantees the full family experience where no one is left out. 

6. Jimmie Davis State Park

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Located on the northern shore of Caney Creek Lake, a 5,000-acre reservoir, the park is a prime spot for freshwater fishing. The park is named after Jimmie H. Davis, a two-time governor of Louisiana who was also a singer and songwriter. The legacy of the politician cum singer still lives on as you’ll constantly hear the songs of the wide variety of birds that have made their nests in the area. The 5,000-acre reservoir is surrounded by pine and hardwood forest that lets you connect with the smell and feel of nature. The forest makes the state park especially ideal for wildlife viewing. 

Major outdoor activities you can enjoy at the park include waterskiing, biking, hiking, and of course, freshwater fishing. There is also a large playground for kids. The camp offers cabin and lodge rentals as well as a group camp consisting of four dormitories and a dining hall for large groups. Equally available at the park are 73 camping sites, with each having amenities like a table, a fire ring for roasting marshmallows, and a tent pad.

7. Chicot State Park

© jillian.e / CC BY 2.0

Chicot State Park is a beautiful wildlife reserve situated in South Central Louisiana. The park takes its name from the stunning Lake Chicot, a human-made 2,000-acre of water stocked with bluegill, crappie, bass, and red-ear sunfish. The lake is, in turn, surrounded by an impressive 6,400 acres of rolling hills. The crystal clear lake makes the park famous for fishing, while the rolling hills attract adventurous bikers who love the thrill and challenge of the mountainous terrain. 

Chicot State Park is particularly enjoyable for fishermen due to the three boat launches and rentals available. It also has a marsh that can be equally fun to explore. The park has a unique water playground that is certain to get kids squealing with joy and excitement at the mere sight of it. Besides the biking trails, there are also plenty of hiking trails encircling Lake Chicot that hikers will find enjoyable. 

However, suppose you manage to exhaust all the fun activities here (which is highly doubtful, by the way). In that case, Chicot State Park is just a short drive from Louisiana State Arboretum, a 600-acre area dedicated to preserving its wildlife and ecology. Hence, you are unlikely to get bored camping at the Chicot State Park. Speaking of camping, the Chicot State Park has about 200 sites for both tent and RV camping and several cabins situated on the water available for rent.

8. Lake Claiborne State Park

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Lake Claiborne State Park is a recreation site that provides a scenic view of the 6,400-acre human-made Lake Clairevirne. The lake is home to various kinds of fishes, including perch, sunfish, bluegill, and bass—making the park an ideal fishing area. Apart from being a prime spot for fishing, the Lake Claiborne State Park also provides kayaking and canoeing opportunities with onsite rentals made available. In addition to the various water activities, the park has six hiking trails, with some of them offering guided hikes. Convenient spots for birdwatching are also available in the park.

Now, if you love to golf, you may be interested to know that Lake Clairborne has the first as well as second-ranked disc golf courses in the whole of Louisiana. The park also has a large area for primitive camping as well as 87 RV sites equipped with electricity and water. Cabins and lodges are also available for rent.

9. Kisatchie National Forest

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Kisatchie National Forest is the only national forest in the whole of Louisiana. In other words, you can expect a one-of-a-kind camping experience here. The Kisatchie National Forest is a protected area that spans over 600,000 acres with a landscape made up of flatwood vegetation and vital longleaf pines. One of the forest’s major attractions is the fact that some of the world’s rarest animals you’ll see in the area. For instance, the Louisiana black bear, the Louisiana pine snake, and the red-cockaded woodpecker are common in Kisatchie National Forest. 

The national forest is prime ground for nature photography because there are about 600,000 acres of nature you can explore here. Bird watching is also popular in the area. The forest also has a hiking trail of about 100 miles for hikers to explore. The forest has five major districts where anglers get the opportunity to fish.

Kisatchie National Forest has a campground located in the Kisatchie Bayou Recreation Complex. Campers have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in nature at the campground as only primitive, and walk-in sites are available at the Kisatchie Bayou Campground. The sites have amenities like tent pads, toilets, and fire pits—though you have to bring your own potable water.

10. Land-O-Pines Family Campground

© Louisiana Northshore

As the name implies, the Land-O-Pines Family Campground is dedicated to ensuring that the whole family has a wonderful experience. The campground offers several activities for the entire family to engage in during their camping period. Activities such as karaoke and live music are the hallmark of the Land-O-Pines Family Campground. The campground offers amenities like a playground, a laundry room, swimming pools, waterslides, and basketball and volleyball courts.


Now that you have a list of the best campsites in Louisiana with their various areas of uniqueness, you can now pack up your camping gear and begin your exciting adventure. Have fun!

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