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10 Best Campsites in Maryland

Maryland is one of the 50 states in the United States of America and is a mid-Atlantic state in the northeast. The state lies at a latitude of 39.0458N and a longitude of 76.6413W. Its capital is Annapolis. 

Maryland is one state with luxurious campgrounds and neat cabins. If you would prefer having your spring or summertime or adventures in a simple but cozy area, then it might just be time to try out the camping sites in Maryland. If you plan for a family vacation or a backcountry getaway at an irresistible campsite, we cover them in this piece. 

Below are the outstanding campsites you can check in Maryland. These camping sites will sure offer you unforgettable memories as you enjoy all the gorgeous scenery.

1. The Assateague State Park Campsite

Assategue State Park - Super NoVA Adventures
© Super NoVA Adventures

Here is one campsite you would enjoy whether you choose to camp on the bayside or the Oceanside. Many wild ponies are roaming around, which would keep you company, especially if you are an animal lover. The bayside has picnic tables and ground for fire grills—you would also enjoy affordable tents. If you prefer to go for the Oceanside walk-in, you would have the tents, picnic tables, and grills at your disposal.

You will love The Assateague State Park if you wish to back pad or paddle the island. With just $30 per night of camping, you would have great fun camping on this site. So make your reservation now, as campsite offers are first come, first served.

2. Catoctin Mountain Park

Catoctin Mountain Park -

You can’t get enough from this campsite because the environment here is indeed inviting. There are about 50 sites available for tent camping here. You will have the opportunity you always needed to hike to the chimney rock and get scenic views.  The campsite is open to individuals, small groups, and family camping, mostly for small RVs and tents. So you can book reservations for whichever options suit you. 

If you’re a pet lover or one who would love your pet to camp with you, then you wouldn’t have any problem camping in the Catoctin Mountain Park. Pets are totally allowed here, but you should leash them. The Catoctin Mountain Park provides restrooms, handicapped accessible sine, test pad sac, showers, firewood shed, campground host, Amphitheater, and parking lots.

Catoctin Mountain Park - National Park Service
© National Park Service

If you are looking for backcountry solitude, you will find two shelters available for your use. This campsite offers a spot for real nature immersion. You will enjoy nature at its best as everything is so natural in this campsite. So go check it out—you would be back for more thrills after your first visit.

3. Cunningham Falls State Park 

Cunningham Falls State Park - Been There Done That With Kids
© Been There Done That With Kids

Are you looking to spend your next summer camping here? You would be having an exciting time with your loved ones enjoying your picnic or camping here. The campsite offers you a lot to do, including visiting the 78 tall waterfalls and even splashing around in the 43-acre lake. You can go to the mountains to have a better view of the natural resources in abundance.

Cunningham Falls State Park - Pinterest
© Pinterest

You can set up your tents near the mountains if you like the sight of it. Having a reservation here wouldn’t be a waste of your time as you would be getting the thrills as expected of a campsite for a premium price. So get your family excited as you tell them about having a time out with them on Cunningham Falls State Park. 

4. Maple Tree Campground

Maple Tree Campground - BusinessYab
© BusinessYab

This campsite is pretty as a picture and an awe-inspiring ambience.  If you like wood campsites, then your best campground should be Maple Tree Campground. It has about 12 wooden campsites, and some of the features you would enjoy on each of these campsites include grills, fire circles, and picnic tables. You can look at extra attractions on the sites, such as the Harper’s Ferry and Antietam battlefield; they are about 10-minute walking distance. The offers by this campsite are remarkable.  They have year-round cottages, about three-season tree houses, and tent sites.

Do you want to carry your pet along with you? Then you would not have issues in Maple Tree Campground as the camp is pet-friendly. The treehouses are insulated the whole year round, they are seven feet off the ground with a deck, and wooden tents can take more than 4 tents at a time. So you have nothing to worry about when you think of camping here. Everywhere is so easy to the eyes and will keep you relishing all the site has got to offer.

5. Greenbelt National Park 

Greenbelt National Park - Greenbelt National Park Facebook
© Greenbelt National Park Facebook

The list for best campsites in Maryland would be incomplete without mentioning this outstanding campsite, the Greenbelt National Park.  The first novel thing about the campsite is that it is within driving distance to local attractions. So you would be having your sighting and adventure with ease. There are numerous trails here that you can explore. The Greenbelt National Park has about 174 site campgrounds, and it is open at all times of the year. The remarkable features of the Greenbelt National Park include its safety, affordability, and its peaceful surroundings. You would also enjoy the national park and the service hospitality it has to offer. 

The amenities available here are cell phones, reception, trash, and recycling collection. The staff is available on the site, and there is a dump station and potable water. The toilet type is a flush toilet, and the shower types are hot and free. The site has the following areas: the park headquarters, the campground, the picnics areas, and park roads. So with all these facilities and areas available you can be sure of having a good time here. You can only get convinced if you try it, so go check it out.

6. Brunswick Family Campground 

Brunswick Family Campground Bridge - Brunswick Family Campground Facebook
© Brunswick Family Campground Facebook

The Brunswick Family Campground is a lovely campsite you need to schedule to visit. It is usually open between late spring and early fall. So you would be having a wonderful time with your loved ones or friends during these seasons if you book your reservations to camp here. You would be enjoying strolling, boating, and even fishing here. This fantastic site tucked between the Ohio canal and Potomac River offers campers nothing less than comfort. 

In the Brunswick Family Campground, you would have the opportunity of enjoying both RV sites and tent sites. But if you need a more convenient space, there are about 4 rustic cabins to enjoy your space. As a guest, you have access to the following facilities: restrooms, fire pits, communal picnic areas, running water, and hot showers. 

Brunswick Family Campground - Brunswick Family Campground Facebook
© Brunswick Family Campground Facebook

So when you are considering that long weekend getaway with friends and looking for an affordable and safe campsite, you should remember Brunswick Family Campground. You wouldn’t only get a campsite that suits your taste but would be getting the value for your money.

7. Cherry Hill Park Campground 

Cherry Hill Park Campground - Cherry Hill Park Facebook
© Cherry Hill Park Facebook

This campground is among the loveliest campsites you would see in Maryland, so it deserves a place in the list of the best out there. The Cherry Hill Park Campground is one of the closest campsites to Washington DC too. It is an action-packed place, where you would enjoy a lot of activities that go on there. If you are interested in spending some time in the country’s capital while on vacation, you should camp here.

This campsite offers traditional tents, cabins, and unique glamping pods with air conditioning, RV sites, electricity, free Wi-Fi, and lots more. Other facilities that you can enjoy on Cherry Hill Park Campground are RV sites (though they are only available on a walk-in basis), tents, picnic tables, bathhouses, picnic tables, and fire rings.

Cherry Hill Park Campground - Gretchen J on The Dyrt
© Gretchen J / The Dyrt

Nature here is quite irresistible—as you spend your time outside your tent, you would enjoy the gorgeous scenic environment. It can be nice in the evenings as you take a walk around the park. It’s a lovely place if you want your family to have that fun they craved for during summer—you would be doing them a whole world of good, camping them here.

8. The Elk Neck State Park

Elk Neck State Park - Two Wheeled Wandering
© Two-Wheeled Wandering

Here is another campsite you can relish if you think of camping in the state of Maryland. From experience, this campsite is one of the most picturesque places ever known. You can find this campground on the eastern end of the peninsula, and it provides to visitors more than 200 campsites and about 15 cabins. You would enjoy nature at its best as you pitch your tent among nature. Do you like to hike? Then you would be at the right campsite if you choose Elk Neck Park. You can take daily hikes around the white clay cliffs as many times as possible. The Elk Neck Park is a good place for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and hunting.  The ambience of the campsite will send you into a frenzy that you wouldn’t regret spending your hard-earned money camping here. So what are you waiting for? You can take your family and friends for a picnic on this campsite. You would be glad you did. 

9. Island Resort Campsite

Island Resort Campsite - Cellos Corner
© Cellos Corner

The Island Resort Campsite has been running for about 16 years now—right from 2005 till date. You would be getting the very best of adventure and fun camping at Island Resort Campsite. The site prides itself on offering only thrilling vacation experiences for its campers. It’s more of a family-oriented campsite as it provides comfort to the entire family. All the campsites here provide full hookups, and there are rental trailers available for those who don’t have one.

Island Resort Campsite - Mary P on The Dyrt
© Mary P on The Dyrt

This resort campground overlooks a lake containing many fishes for a catch. You can also enjoy fishing, canoeing (you can rent one here), kayaking, and maybe even spending the whole day on this lake. If you’re a lover of beach life, then you might need to camp here. You’ll also find a sandy beach on the lake that campers can use. You can also enjoy swimming in the heated swimming pool. There’s also a swimming pool available for you 24/7 if you find the lake too chilly. The bottom line is that you will be fascinated with all the features of the Island Resort Camp. It has got the best amenities, and you would have a fantastic time camping there.

10. Little Orleans Campsite 

Little Orleans Campsite - Little Orleans Campground
© Little Orleans Campground

Are you looking for a campsite that offers spacious tents? Then you would need to check out the Little Orleans Campsite. It is a beautiful campsite with big tent sites. The Little Orleans Campsite is situated on a pretty forested property (222 acres) in western Maryland, and it has in it rustic cabins and RV sites. Each of the sites has in it fire rings and picnic tables. The RV sites have sewage hookups and electric water. The campsite has a creek with trout that runs around it.

Little Orleans Campsite - Canal by Canoe
© Canal by Canoe

You would enjoy several activities such as pool tournaments, campfire sing-along, potluck dinners, etc. You can do a lot within the surrounding. If you want to visit the Chesapeake or Ohio canal, you will get there in no time because it is just 1/2 mile away from the campsite. If you love to hike, then you are covered here.  The nearby Green Ridge Forest offers you plenty of opportunities for your hiking.


Maryland might be small, but it’s a beautiful place to go camping. The state is blessed with thick forests and beautiful Oceanside. You would enjoy its stunning beachfront campgrounds and even the secluded sites. The above-listed campsites are the best you can choose from as Maryland has varieties of campsites. So, when you are ready for camping, take a look at this list and go for any that will suit your taste and needs. 

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