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10 Best Campsites in Washington

Home to the snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, a vast range of wildlife, scenic shorelines, peaceful rivers, the picturesque State of Washington has everything that camping and RV enthusiasts could desire. With popular tourist destinations including Puget Sound, the Space Needle of Seattle, and Mt. Rainier, and lesser-known treasures, including Maryhill State Park and Deception Pass, Washington has something to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Washington is well-known for high alpine lakes in the North Cascades, lavish, loamy docile campsites adjacent to rolling rapids, and a vast array of opportunities to interact with nature, have an adventurous getaway as you interact with family and friends. If you have opted for Washington as your dream camping destination, the first thing to do is seek a campground that will specially suit your adventurous needs.

If you are undecided on the best camping site to expedite in Washington, then you are in the right place; this article will enlighten you on some of the intriguing and breathtaking camping sites in Washington.

Let’s dive in.

1. Riverbend RV Park

Riverbend RV Park - Riverbend RV Park
© Riverbend RV Park

Situated in the Methow Valley area in Washington, the Riverbend RV Park camping site provides countless high-quality amenities and facilities. While enjoying the culture and amusements in town, campers can enjoy the vast array of outdoor activities, including basketball and water sports.

You are assured of a relaxing stay at the Riverbend RV Park camping site with full hookup sites, riverfront sceneries, pristine showers and restrooms, and wireless internet connections. Apart from unwinding from the busy work schedule, there are plenty of activities to keep you alive in the local area. Onsite can roast marshmallows at the campfire, have adventurous skiing or horseback riding, take a walk with your pet at the dog park.

The peace and tranquility at this camping site is the reason why it has been rated highly. RV spare parts are available on-onsite in case yours breaks down or malfunctions. Some of the amenities available at the Riverbend RV Park include 30/50 Amp, 75 RV sites, Pull-Through/Back-In Sites, and many more.

It will cost you $35 per day to camp at this park.

2. Wind Mountain RV Resort and Lodge

Wind Mountain RV Resort and Lodge - RoverPass
© RoverPass

Situated close to Columbia River in Stevenson in Washington, Wind Mountain RV Resort and Lodge is a dream destination for camping enthusiasts who fancy fishing. With RV sites big enough to carry a craft, anglers from all corners of the universe come here to fish the Wind River, Columbia River, Drano Lake, and Salmon River. This scenic site attracts adventure lovers and those seeking a quiet location to relax and unwind.

While catching steelhead, salmon, bass, and sturgeon attract most campers to Wind Mountain RV Resort.  However, it’s not all there is to partake here. You may opt to try your skills hunting elk and deer, whitewater rafting and kayaking on the rivers, and hiking on the nearby mountains. After a busy and exciting day enjoying Mother Nature, you will fancy refreshing in the showers and laundry facilities at the camping site.

Some of the camping site amenities include showers, full hookups, cell reception, and pets are allowed.

3. Ken RV Park and Camping Site

Ken RV Park and Camping Site
© RoverPass

Situated on the coast of Washington, this delightful camping site is an ideal destination for a family vacation. With the proximity to the beach, this popular camping site comes with a vast array of attractions and activities. One famous event celebrated on this site includes Clamming, as Ken Park features its very own clam and fish cleaning station. This site is an ideal place to set up your RV, camp, and try something new.

Being a Good Sam Club affiliated camping site, the amenities at this RV site are of the high standard, making it one of the best in the State of Washington. Setting up is swift as each of the full hookup sites is pull-through. The showers are always hot, and the restroom facilities are well-maintained and clean.

If you happen to run out of supplies, you don’t have to panic as you can restock at the store in the camp. Indeed, Ken RV Park camping site has all it takes for a carefree stay. There is also a fantastic area where kids could play.

The park is accessible between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm. It will cost you $36 per day to camp at this camping site. Some of the amenities in this camping site includes 85 RV site, Pull-Through Sites, 30 Amp, and Full Hookups.

4. Eagle Tree RV Park Camping Site

Eagle Tree RV Park Camping Site - RoverPass
© RoverPass

Located in the famous Olympic Peninsula in Washington, RV is one of the favorite RV camping destinations in the State for those seeking to explore some of Washington’s culture, history, and city life. Eagle Tree is nestled in a spot with direct access to a ferry that heads to Seattle or visits attractions including Puget Sound and Hood Canal. Washington has a wide array of astonishing things to see and experience.

While it allows you access to the big city, you’ll still enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of the outdoors. Immense forests, breathtaking mountain sceneries, sparkling water bodies are abundant in this camping site. Additionally, the place is pet-friendly and provides a clubhouse complete with a book exchange and kitchen. Cable TV and free Wi-Fi connectivity are also available.

During weekdays, the park is opened between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm; on Saturday, it’s accessible between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm and on Sunday, it is closed. It will cost you $39.85 per day and $230 weekly. It also features 88 RV sites, both 30 and 50 Amp, and Pull-Through and Back-In.

5. Harmony Lakeside Cabins and RV Park

Harmony Lakeside Cabins and RV Park - White Pass Byway
© White Pass Byway

Situated on the edge of Maryland Lake in Washington, Harmony Lakeside RV Park, and the camping site is a perfect destination to escape from the job schedules’ hustle and bustle. You will be entertained by the scenic waterfront setting while interacting with family and bonding with nature. You will feel at home as friendly faces will welcome you upon your arrival at the camping site. State-of-the-art amenities and facilities at this site will make your stay memorable.

This Washington RV park prime destination means it is fully packed with adrenaline-charged water activities making it an excellent place for a fun-filled vacation. You could enjoy water skiing, fishing, kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding. Other activities that you could enjoy include chess, horseshoes, badminton, and volleyball. The park is ideal for people of all ages.

Harmony Lakeside Cabins and RV Park - Campendium
© Campendium

The restrooms are clean, and the grounds are well maintained. The staff and owners are friendly and will be at your service at all times.

It will cost you $40.25 per day to camp at this park, which features 80 RV sites, 30 and 50 Amp, Back-In and Pull-Through Sites, and full hookups.

6. Midway RV Park Camping Site

Midway RV Park Camping Site - Midway RV Park Centralia Washinton Facebook
© Midway RV Park Centralia Washinton Facebook

Conveniently situated halfway between Seattle and Portland, the Midway RV Park camping site allows visitors to explore various local attractions. Regardless of your interests, you are assured of getting something that will keep you entertained, including golf courses, antique shops, museums, fishing holes, and much more within the local area. Some of the intriguing, fun activities organized at this park include movie nights and potluck dinners.

Midway RV Park Centralia Washinton Facebook
© Midway RV Park Centralia Washinton Facebook

Midway offers anything that you could possibly desire during your vacation. The attraction of Washington engulfs the paved camping sites, which are family-friendly and provides full hookups. A convenient on-onsite store that sells a vast array of supplies is also available. For those who fancy delicious delicacies, a country-style restaurant is open at this camping site. 

The laundry facilities and the campground, showers, and restrooms are well cared for. Other amenities include a rec room complete with a big-screen TV, full kitchen, and many games. The staffs at this park are so hospitable and helpful.

Midway RV Park Centralia Washinton Facebook - Facebook
© Midway RV Park Centralia Washinton Facebook

Some amenities include Pull-Through and Back-In, cell reception, Wi-Fi, showers, and pets.

7. The Driftwood RV Resort and Camping Site

Driftwood RV Resort - Camp Native
© Camp Native

Secluded, beautiful sites close to a beach are ideal for defining the camping experience at the Driftwood RV Resort and camping site. Guests at this resort enjoy some of the best sceneries that Washington offers, such as cliffs, beaches, forests, and rivers. 

Driftwood RV Resort and Camping Site - Brian G - The Dyrt
© Brian G / The Dyrt

After being purchased in 2013 by new owners, it has been refurbished and features 15 additional campsites with Wi-Fi connection, cable television, and septic system, which is on-onsite since then; the park has been improving and has everything to keep everyone entertained.

Often, the local area has scheduled activities and events that campers can participate and enjoy, including clam digs and different types of parades and festivals. You will also be entertained by the picturesque Washington coastlines and enjoy campfires at night. 

Some of the amenities available include free Wi-Fi, cell reception pets are allowed.

8. Peach Beach RV Park

Peach Beach RV Park - Peach Beach Camping
© Peach Beach Camping

The banks of the Columbia River provide the tranquil setting of this campground. The private swimming cove and the gorgeous green grassy beach are engulfed by peach orchards that produce a heavenly fragrance. The entry to Maryhill State Park is barely a mile away from the camping site. Thus there is much to explore. Being a privately owned park, this facility is an ideal weekend getaway for the whole family.

Peach Beach RV Park - Moreau Cook Family Blog
© Moreau Cook Family Blog

You could opt for fishing bass at the riverbank or take a boat to catch steelhead and salmon. Some of the tourists’ attraction nearby includes Maryhill Museum, Maryhill Winery, and Maryhill State Park. Swimming, windsurfing, boating, wine-tasting, and kiteboarding are some of the activities you could enjoy. 

Peach Beach RV Park is relatively quiet and clean and is pretty close to the highway. You will enjoy the cool breeze from the river and fresh peaches from the front stand. It is important to note that campfires are not permitted at this facility.

Peach Beach RV Park Beach - Peach Beach Camping
© Peach Beach Camping

You will charge $30 per day to camp at this facility, $180 per week, and $450 per month. Some of the amenities at this camping site include 82 RV sites both 30 and 50 Amp, Pull-through and Back-In sites, free Wi-Fi, cell reception, and pets are allowed.

9. Columbia Sun RV Resort Campground 

Columbia Sun RV Resort Campground - TripAdvisor
© TripAdvisor

Situated in Kennewick in Washington, the Columbia Sun RV Resort camping site boasts of unique amenities, including a hot tub, heated pool, and Frisbee golf equipment, and fenced-in dog runs. It’s no surprise that this State of the art camping site is one of the best in the State. The best thing about the park is that it is owner-operated thus you are assured of the best of services to make your stay as comfortable.

The epitome of convenience and relaxation is what awaits you at the Columbia Sun. It features 145 campsites, each with full hookups and 50/30/20 Amp capabilities, and 70 sites with the ability to handle even the biggest of motorhomes. 

Columbia Sun RV Resort Campground - MobileRVing
© MobileRVing

There is swift access to attractions and the local areas, thanks to the fast interstate access. The park encompasses twelve restrooms that are private with onsite laundry facilities, showers, and an on-onsite shop with everything from groceries, RV supplies, and gifts. Pets can access this camping site.

10. North Whidbey RV Park and Camping Site

North Whidbey RV Park - Facebook
© North Whidbey RV Park – Facebook

Located on Whidbey Island close to Deception Pass in Washington, this popular camping site has scenic views all around. It’s strategically positioned. Thus, it allows for a vast array of adventures. You can head straight to Deception Pass State Park and get entertained by the miles and miles of hiking tracks, a swimming beach, fishing spots, and saltwater shorelines from the camping site.

Whidbey-Island- The Quintessa
© The Quintessa

Its proximity to Cornet Bay gives those seeking to explore this camping site an opportunity to try their clam digging and crabbing skills. At Fort, Casey campers can navigate a lighthouse, underground tunnels, and more.

North Whidbey RV Park - Sharing Horizons
© Sharing Horizons

The amenities at this camping site are well maintained. The camping sites are all cemented and feature full hookups with restrooms that are tiled and heated. The showers are very clean and hot. You can enjoy a campfire at night or exchange stories with your fellow campers at the group fire pit. Feel free to tag along with your four-legged friends as the park allows pets.

You will be charged $36 daily to camp at this park, $240 weekly, and $500 monthly. The camping site features 100 RV sites, 30 and 50 Amp, and full hookups.


Washington is arguably one of the favorite camping destinations due to the vast array of scenic, intriguing and breathtaking camping sites. If you are a guest in Washington and undecided on where to camp, the above-mentioned camping site with be worth visiting.

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