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12 Best Campsites in Tennessee

When Tennessee is mentioned, country music and southern hospitality will be the first to come to mind. However, there is more to it; the State is rich in cultural, historical, and natural attractions, with enough treasures to guarantee visitors all year round.

Enjoy the picturesque landscapes, Forests, Rivers, and streams and spend your summers engaging in water sports, exploring the wilderness on your bikes, or horseback as you watch birds and wildlife.

If you are thinking of taking a camping trip to Tennessee, here are some of the best campsites you can visit.

Let’s dig in.

1. Eastern Highland Rim Adventure

Eastern Highland Rim Adventure-Christine K on HipCamp
© Christine K on HipCamp

There is a reason this campsite came in first. Surrounded by the Appalachian and Upper Cumberland Plateau; it comes with beautiful landscapes all around it. You get to enjoy stunning views of forests, a 20 – foot drop waterfall, streams, and creeks.

The campsite is located roughly an hour’s drive from Nashville, offering a primitive kind of camping experience. It is a perfect place for City dwellers, offering a distance away from the noise and the smog, with open pastures and perfect hiking trails to see you reconnect with nature.

There are several activities to enjoy while you are here. You can fish at the Center Hill Lake, which holds various fish species, including white bass, striped and largemouth bass. You can also enjoy some canoeing and kayaking or swim in the creek.

There are also several trails to enjoy, including the Appalachian Trail, to explore the whole area, from the waterfall to the forest. 

Campgrounds will come well fitted with washrooms, showers, and a campfire pit. You will also get a place to put up your hammock, with a comfort station available.

2. Lakeside Pigs Pears and Fishing Campground

Lakeside Pigs Pears and Fishing - Lauren J on HipCamp
© Lauren J on HipCamp

This is more of a farm which has some campsites on it. What’s better than spending a weekend enjoying some farm life and fresh foods? There are plenty of farm animals, including mini cows, mini donkeys, ducks, and chickens, where kids can enjoy petting and feeding them.

The campsite is located on the border between Tennessee and Mississippi and a perfect place for a getaway.

Fishing enthusiasts will be happy to know that the farm has a three-acre pond with various fish. You can also go boating, fly fishing, and wading off the dock. The campsite also offers campers access to a backcountry trail where you get to explore the whole 17-acre farm, checking out all the features, including ponds, streams a and rivers.

The place will provide basic amenities, including restrooms and electricity.

You can teach the kids something about farm life and where the food they eat comes from. Kids can pick eggs in the morning, with a place designated for kids to fish on the pond. 

The only downside to the campsite is that it does not come with what most campsites provide, including campfires, Wi-Fi, picnic areas, and fire rings.

3. Fall Creek Falls Campground

Fall Creek Falls - Evado Travel
© Evado Travel

The Fall Creek Fall Campground can be found in the Fall Creek Fall State Park, in Van Buren and Bledsoe counties on Upper Creek Gorge. It is around 26,000 acres of land with beautiful features, including waterfalls and geological formations, which make it an amazing place to explore.

An amazing thing about the campsite is that it is located close to the famous Water Creek Falls, a 256-foot high waterfall. It comes with stunning beauty as it falls over the beautiful rock strata to a beautiful flow down below. Apart from Fall Creek Falls, several other falls to enjoy, including Piney Falls, Cane Creek Falls, and the Cane Creek Cascades.

Fall Creek Falls - Watsons Wander
© Watsons Wander

The campsite has around 250 camping spots with access to bathrooms, showers, and electricity. The camping spots are also spacious to allow you the privacy you deserve on a camping trip. 

Apart from hiking and viewing the falls, there are several other activities t enjoy including biking, horseback riding, paddling, swimming, and watching wildlife in their natural habitat.

4. Mountain Soul Camping

Mountain Soul Camping - Barbara Jerry O
© Barbara Jerry O on HipCamp

Imagine relaxing in a hammock, enjoying the scenery, as you listen to the sound of a waterfall nearby, swimming in the clear streams, or camping on the mountain; then Mountain Soul Camping is the perfect place for you.

A few minutes away from the Great Smoky Mountains and Cherokee National Forest, the campsite can be found with the best camping spots anywhere in Tennessee.

If you are looking for some primitive camping where you get to reconnect with nature and show your kids a thing or two about survival in the wild, then Mountain Soul is the best place.  You can go hiking or biking and explore the campgrounds while enjoying some wildlife viewing in the process. You can also build your shelter in the woods or set up a hammock right next to the waterfall.

As the name suggests, the campsite comes with some soul, with musicians encouraged to come over and bring their instruments for a great time around the bonfire. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge also have a great deal of music, plus some moonshine and wine trails that may prove interesting to explore.

The campsite comes with around six camping sites which can each hold up to 7 guests at a time. It makes the campsite the perfect place for an intimate camping trip with little to no crowding.

Enjoy some biking, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming, and much more, as you make beautiful memories.

5. Tent Camping on Buffalo River

Tent Camping on Buffalo River - Buffalo Outdoor Center
© Buffalo Outdoor Center

This is a small place along the Buffalo River, offering 16.5 acres of explorable land, with a beautiful camping area called the Camp Wonder Wander. Enjoy a blissful time at the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains and sample the local landscape and the intimate setting.

The campsite is located a few feet up as you climb upward along the river bed. You can wake up, come down for some swimming and kayaking and later climb back up for a night under the skies as you watch the stars. What’s more, there is a pulley system, making it easier for you to transport your camping gear uphill. 

Tent Camping on Buffalo River - Game and Fish
© Game and Fish

The campsite also has a tree house where you can stay over and reminisce about hanging in treehouses during childhood.

There are several other areas to pitch a tent, include the forest and backcountry, with some areas close to some farm animals available for viewing and petting. Pottery and creative workshops are available, with access to fresh farm produce while at the campsite.

6. Maclellan Island on the Tennessee River

Maclellan Island - Choose Chattanooga
© Choose Chattanooga

This is one of the novelty camping spots in Tennessee. The campsite can be located in Maclellan Island, with an 18.8-acre wildlife sanctuary at the center of the Tennessee River. The unique thing about this campsite is the fact that it will provide a unique quiet getaway, removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, and still be located in the center of Chattanooga.

The camping experience is more primitive with a backcountry – like camping, with no shower, water facilities, or a proper kitchen. You can also access the campsite with a boat or canoe as no roads lead there. The campsite can only handle around 30 people at a time, making it an intimate place that will provide you with the privacy and solitude you need to get back in touch with nature.

There is plenty of wildlife to see while here, with an opportunity for hiking on the trails and exploring the campsite. There are plenty of geese, muskrats, owls, possums, foxes, nestling osprey, and woodpeckers.

7. Overmountain Shelter in Roan Mountain

Overmountain Shelter - WJHL

If you are looking for a more iconic place to camping while in Tennessee, the best place to visit is the Overmountain Shelter in Roan Mountain. The best thing about the place is a large number of natural features and locations you can explore.

The campsite can be located in the Appalachia trail with enough room for around 30 people, providing an intimate backcountry type of camping experience.

The campground is perfect for hikers, who can enjoy some of the amazing trails at the campground and interact with other hikers. You can also meet some wildlife along the trail as you hike.

Being a more backcountry type of camping experience, there are limited amenities, meaning you will have to come with most of the things you will need for the camping trip.

8. Clarksville RV Park and Campground

Clarksville RV Park and Campground - clarksvillervpark
© clarksvillervpark

This is one of the more comfortable campsites to spend your camping trip at. The campsite is located in Clarksville, Tennessee.  It comes with all the necessary amenities to make for a perfect camping trip. Accommodating both RV’s and tents; RV enthusiasts will find full hookups and pull-through sites with showers, restrooms, and electricity available for all campers.

Apart from necessities, the campsite also has Wi-Fi, cell reception, and a general store where you can get some extra supplies if you need any.

The campsite comes with several tourist attractions, including Fort Campbell, the Land between the Lakes Recreation Area, and the Mammoth Caves. There is a dog playground, meaning your furry friend is invited here, plus you can also take a dip at the campsite’s swimming pool.


Clarksville RV Park and Campground - Clarksville RV Park and Campground Facebook
© Clarksville RV Park and Campground Facebook


Bring the whole family here for a weekend of great fun, as you take your time to reconnect with nature before going back to the noise and congestions in town.

9. Greenbrier Campground

Greenbrier Campground - RV LIFE Pro

If you are in Tennessee, take a trip to the heart of the Smoky Mountains and enjoy one of the most amazing campsites in Tennessee. The Greenbrier Campground is a relaxing place along the Little Pigeon River with several attractions that make it a great place for a bit of exploration.

The place comes with all the amenities required for both RV’s and campers.  There are around 120 hook-ups for RV’s, with pop-ups, pods, and smaller camping areas. You will also get between 30 and 110 – amp, Wi-Fi, restrooms, water, and showers.

Greenbrier Campground - JourneyBe
© JourneyBe

If you are into some luxury camping away from the tents and RV’s you can take a swipe at the cozy cabins offered at the campsite. The cabins come with bunk beds, queen beds, and a back deck that provides a river view.

10. Davy Crockett Campground

Davy Crockett Campground - Get Out Camping and Hiking
© Get Out Camping and Hiking

The Davy Crockett Campground comes with an Olympic size swimming pool, a museum, and a lake, to name a few. It comes with over 100 camping spots, with cabins available for hire, a perfect place to isolate and enjoy some quiet time, especially with the pandemic.

The campground is divided into two campgrounds, one with 45 sites fitted with electric hook-ups, each with 30 – amp each. This campground is open only between 15th March and 31st November. The second campground is open all year round and comes with between 20, 30, and 50 amps electric hookups to serve the increased capacity.

Davy Crockett Campground - CampLife
© CampLife

There are several activities to enjoy while at the campground, including swimming, bird watching, biking, with several children-oriented activities that will make it worth the trip. 

11. Natchez Trace State Park

Natchez Trace State Park - Another Walk In the Park
© Another Walk In the Park

The Natchez Trace State Park is located in the western parts of the Volunteer State. It comes with a beautiful landscape with beautiful natural features, including a couple of lakes, a beach, and relaxing campgrounds perfect for exploring.

The campsite comes with around 200 camping spots, full of wrangler sites for horse lovers. You will find plenty of water, electricity, restrooms, and showers, plus several picnic tables and fire rings.

Natchez Trace State Park - Tennessee State Parks
© Tennessee State Parks

The park is quite huge, spanning around 10.100 acres, which will require permission first. It comes with huge stretches of beautiful untouched wilderness, perfect for some primitive camping.

Some of the activities you can expect to enjoy while at the campgrounds include kayaking, boating and paddling at the lake, or swimming at the beach.  You can also enjoy some hiking, biking, or horseback riding.

12. Percy Priest Island Camping 

Percy Priest Island Camping - Happyly
© Happyly

The Percy Island Campsite can be located a short while from Nashville and comes with a camping spot next to Percy Priest Lake.  The lake created by the J. Percy Priest Dam has around 30 islands, each with a campsite.

The campsite also has amazing hiking trails, with 40 – feet cliff jumps.

The campsite comes with around 36 camping spots with a primitive kind of camping experience that will need you to fetch your water and make your fire.

Some of the activities at the camping grounds include swimming, beaches, playground, and fishing.


Tennessee is an amazing place with various landscapes, terrains, and camping grounds perfect for your preferences. 

Most of the campgrounds will accommodate RV’s and campers alike, providing you with the perfect opportunity to make some amazing memories. Take some time away from your routine and enjoy what life and nature have to offer; you might be surprised at the therapy.

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