50 Best Camping Sites in the United States

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Most Americans have gone on a camping trip at one point or the other. Exploration and camping have been part of American culture for the longest time, dating back to when Christopher Columbus got on a ship to the Americas.

There are vast numbers of natural and artificial features that make it worth going out for a camping weekend. The scenic beauty and well-maintained wilderness create the perfect places to pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoors. 

Across all the States, you will get a great campsite suited to your preferences. Whether you plan to take the whole family camping or are on a solo mission, there is always something for everybody.

If you are looking to go camping and are spoilt for choice, here is a list of some of the best places across America you can go for a camping trip.

1. Point Mallard Campground in Alabama

Point Mallard Campground- Alabama- Camp Native
© Camp Native

Football may still be king in Alabama, but the huge number of waterways, beaches, and canyons make camping in the State a close second. Alabama is making the bucket list for more and more campers, with various terrains and landscapes to choose from.

The best campsite to visit while in Alabama is the Point Mallard Campground. The site is located near a park and a wildlife refuge, giving you a chance to view some animals as you camp. 

The campgrounds come with over 200 sites on different wooded locations, perfect for the whole family.

2. Brushkana Campground in Alaska

Brushkana Campground in Alaska - Daniel S. The Dyrt
© Daniel S.

One of the coolest campsites you can visit if you are ever in Alaska is the Brushkana Campground.  It is located near Brushkana Creek in the Denali National Park. Being close to a park allows for some animal sightings, plus you also get a bit of exploration and boating activities at the Creek.

The campsites are perfect for individual families and groups, with several camping grounds, which offer several amenities to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

3. The South Rim Campsite in Arizona

The South Rim Campsite - Parked in Paradise
© Parked in Paradise

Going to Arizona and failing to visit the Grand Canyon should be considered a crime. The majestic and huge feature is amazing to look at, leaving you with a feeling of wonder and awe.

You can camp at the Grand Canyon for camping enthusiasts and get more time to explore the landmark.

The South Rim campsite is the biggest in the area and is open all year round. The campsite will provide you with some interesting trails you can hike on as you explore the Grand Canyon. There are at least 300 camping areas on the site spread across beautiful pine forests.

4. Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas

Petit Jean State Park - Adventures of Mel
© Adventures of Mel

One of the best places you can go for a camping trip in Arkansas owed to the beautiful features, terrains, and vegetation. The temperature is mainly moderate, best for outdoor activities, with most campsites having great outdoor activities for the whole family.

One of the best campsites in Arkansas is the Petit Jean State Park. It is Arkansas’s first state park and comes with at least 125 camping areas.

The park comes with several picnic areas, playgrounds, swimming areas, and a lake where you can go paddle boating.

5. Sonoma Coast State Park in California

© Weekend-Sherpa

Whenever people mention California, some of the few things that come to mind are the amazing weather and stunning beaches, with people riding the waves on their skateboards. On top of this, the State also has high mountain ranges, cliff-lined beaches, and amazing redwood forests, which provide various terrains perfect for camping.

One of the best places to go camping while in California is the Sonoma Coast, State Park. The campsite comes with tide pools, full of marine life for visitors to explore.  You also get to enjoy the Coastal Coves and rocky bluffs.

The campsites are also affordable, safe, and perfect for the whole family.

6. Buffalo Pass in Colorado

Buffalo Pass - ScottPrice
© ScottPrice

There are so many places you can visit for a camping trip while in Colorado. Home of some of the Rocky Mountains, you are sure to find the perfect campsites for you and your friends or family.

If you are ever in Colorado, take a peek at the Buffalo Pass, which comes with several activities visitors can enjoy. 

The campsite has a lake on the summit where you can go fishing and boating. The campsite also has several trails where you can go exploring on foot or horseback.

7. West Thompson Lake Campground in Connecticut

West Thompson Lake Campground - Camp Native
© Camp Native

Connecticut is a mixture of lakes, ponds, beaches, forests, and rolling hills, all ideal for making a great camping experience.

One of the amazing campsites you can visit while in Connecticut is the West Thompson Lake Campground, located in North Grosvenor Dale, CT.  The campsite is perfect for people looking to get away from the City noise and relax in some peace.

You have access to at least 20 camping areas, with several activities you can enjoy including boating, paddling, bird watching, and kayaking.

8. Gulls Way Campgrounds in Delaware

Gulls Way Campgrounds - Southern Delaware Tourism
© Southern Delaware Tourism

Nestled between the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean, the State of Delaware has several outdoor recreational activities that are sure to impress any outdoor enthusiast.

For instance, the Gulls Way Campground, set on Pepper Creek banks located near the Indian River. Apart from camping near the river, you can also go hiking through the campgrounds.

The campsite comes equipped with high-speed internet, television, and electricity. There is plenty of space with private areas available for people looking for some quiet.

9. Paynes Prairie in Florida

Paynes Prairie - The Bionic Chronicles
© The Bionic Chronicles

Take a trip to the Paynes Prairie, Micanopy, a beautiful secluded area perfect for camping. The campsite is around 21000 acres, not too far away from the closest town, and is designated as a national landmark.

The Paynes Prairie Is a great place to interact with some wildlife, including bison, horse’s alligators, and various bird species, that will see most birdwatchers make the trip.

You will also get enough trails to keep you busy for the whole camping trip.

10. Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia

Tallulah Gorge State Park - Walking in High Cotton
© Walking in High Cotton

Georgia comes with huge landscapes, making it worthwhile to stay over for more than a day and explore. There are amazing campgrounds with enough space and activities to keep you entertained. 

Visit the Tallulah Gorge State Park and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Georgia.  The area comes with several trails if you are into hiking or biking. You can also go rock climbing, swimming, and fishing and even join a ranger program.

You will find picnic shelters, a gorge, a couple of gift shops, and enough space for both tents and RV’s on the camping grounds.

11. Polihale State Park in Hawaii

Polihale State Park - Hipcamp
© Hipcamp

Hawaii is all about the great outdoors. From the beaches, the waves, to the landscapes, Hawaii just calls for a camping trip. There is an array of activities that will make your stay amazing, including swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and biking.

One of the best campsites you can visit while in Hawaii is the Polihale State Park, Kauai. The place is located on one of the white sandy beaches in Hawaii, one of the popular tourist destinations.

The road to the campsite may be a problem due to the unpaved sandy roads, but the journey will be worth it. Gets a view of the Napali Coast, with plenty of secluded spaces for a quiet time camping.

12. Redfish Lake Campsite in Idaho

Redfish Lake Campsite - Outdoor Project
© Outdoor Project

Are you interested in camping by a lake? Then the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is the spot for you. Located in Central Idaho, the campsite accommodates everything from RV’s, tents, bikers, and hikers.

One of the favorite campsites at the Sawtooth National Recreation is the Redfish Lake, one of the largest Sawtooths. Apart from the lake, the area comes with a view of the Sawtooth Ranges, which offers a beautiful backdrop.

The area has over 60 camping areas available, all on a first-come, first-serve basis.

13. Rock Cut State Park in Illinois

Rock Cut State Park - Toni B The Dyrt
© Toni B The Dyrt

Illinois doesn’t shout, ‘the great outdoors,’ as States as Georgia do, yet the State comes with its kind of beauty that will see you have a good time if you ever go camping there.

You can explore Illinois from Lake Michigan to the Shawnee forest to suit your camping preferences for the perfect landscape type.

One of the best campsites to visit while in Illinois is the Rock Cut, State Park. The campsite comes with two lakes and several trails for you to explore.  You can also go fishing and boating on the lake.

14. Dunewood Campground in Indiana

Dunewood Campground - Art S - The Dyrt
© Art S

As Indiana residents refer to it, the Hoosier State is full of natural beauty perfect for tourists and locals. The State comes with untouched tracts of land, perfect for exploring, rolling rivers, forests, and amazing camping sites.

If you ever take a trip here and are looking to go camping, one of the best campsites in the Dunewood Campground. The campsite is made of sandy beaches and beautiful coast-like terrain common in the coastal regions.

The campsite has at least 50 camping areas and accommodates everyone from campers to hikers.

15. Pike Peak Park in Iowa

Pike Peak Park - Trip Advisor - VacationsRule4
© Trip Advisor – VacationsRule4

Iowa has something for everyone; whether you are an RV camper or prefer the tent, you can get something suited for you out of the myriad of amazing locations.

One of the best places you can go camping is Pikes Peak Park which covers at least 11 miles, hiking trails, and majestic views.

The park comes with limestones, fossils, and a view of the Mississippi River. You can camp near the Bridal Veil Falls and enjoy the view and calming sounds of the waterfall.

The campsite also offers visitors electricity, plenty of water and pump stations.

16. Woodridge Park Campground in Kansas

Woodridge Park Campground - Free Campsites
© Free Campsites

One of the best places to visit for a camping trip is the Sunflower State. Whether you are on a trip or just looking for an overnight stay, Kansas will hold you down. There are several campsites and a variety of terrain to choose from.

One of the best campsites to visit in Kansas is the Woodridge Park Campground located near Lawrence, next to Clinton Lake. 

The Woodridge Campsite is free for all visitors and opens all year round. There are also a couple of clearings perfect for bonfires during the night.

17. Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Kentucky

Natural Bridge State Resort Park - Cliffview Red River Gorge
© Cliffview Red River Gorge

Kentucky is a unique State based on the variety of natural wonders you can explore.  There is so much to explore, from the underground caverns, the Sandstone Cliffs, to the Red River Gorge. There are dozens of lakes and forests which provide some of the best spots for camping.

Take a trip to the Natural Bridge State Resort Park, inside the Boone Forest, a 2000 acre park open for exploration, full of towering trees and weird rock forms that make the place all the more interesting.

The park also has several trails, a 60-acre lake, and enough spaces to accommodate both campers and RV’s.

18. Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground in Louisiana

Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground - Pigeon Force Tennessee
© Pigeon Force Tennessee

If you are looking to spend some family time away from home or are looking to spend some quality time on your own, Louisiana comes with some of the best camping spots. You can expect to enjoy some fishing, boating, and hunting, and more while here.

One of the best places you can go camping while in Louisiana is the Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground.

The campsite is located in Robert, Louisiana, and home to the fictitious Yogi Bear cartoon. The campsite comes with several cabins, camping areas, and RV parking spots.

The campsite comes with everything from golf, fishing, kayaking, and swimming pools.

19. Hemlock Grove Campground in Maine

Hemlock Grove Campground - Park Advisor
© Park Advisor

If you are ever in Maine, take a trip to the Hemlock Grove Campground, one of the State’s best campsites.  The Campsite is located inside a forest-like area with tall trees and all the space for tents and RV’s.

You have access to four different beaches from the campsite, including the Goose Rocks, Fortune Rocks, Kennebunk, and Parsons.

The Campsite sits in a 1,300-acre piece of land, providing enough trails for hikers and bikers to enjoy themselves. 

The park also comes with the Seashore Trolley Museum and the biggest electric railway system, perfect for history fans to explore.

20. Brunswick Famly Campground in Maryland

Brunswick Famly Campground - Visit Frederick
© Visit Frederick

Check out the Brunswick Family Campground located in between the Potomac River and the Ohio Canal. The Campsite is an amazing place best suited for fishing, boating, and hiking along the canal. 

The campsite is not open all year round and can only be accessed between late spring and early fall. 

The campsite can accommodate tent campers and RV campers, plus several rustic cabins for people looking for some more comfort during their stay.

The whole campsite is well equipped with hot showers, picnic areas, fire pits, and restrooms.

21. Shawme Crowell State Forest in Massachusetts

Shawme Crowell State Forest - Campground Views
© Campground Views

Most people will associate Massachusetts with its sports teams, seafood and Universities before thinking of it as a camping destination. However, the place is amazing for camping enthusiasts. 

The State has beautiful woodlands, with huge spaces that will accommodate various campers, including RV’s.

If you are ever here, take a trip to the Shawme Crowell State Forest, a beautiful place for rustic camping.

The campsite is located in Barnstable County on Cape Cod, full of oak and pine trees, with trails suited for hiking and biking.

The place features at least 200 campsites, with the beach just a short distance away.

22. Manitou Island in Michigan

Manitou Island - RoverPass
© RoverPass

Are you into the real wilderness? Away from any sort of civilization and normal living amenities? Take a trip to the Manitou Islands located in Northeast Lake Michigan.  The Camping sites are covered in trees, coupled with dunes and beaches, deep in the wilderness, away from any form of electricity or toilets.

For people interested in some comfort, the best place is the South Manitou Islands, which have fire pits, a lighthouse, and some well-maintained trails.

23. Split Rock State Park in Minnesota

Split Rock State Park - Lakesidemn
© Lakesidemn

Take a trip to the Split Rock State Park, which extends from Duluth to the Canadian / U.S border. Go and experience endless fun exploring the area through both hikes and boats.

Split Rock comes with at least 20 campsites, each with picnic tables and a fire ring. The campsite also offers its visitors flush toilets, showers and clean water.

The campsite also has an option for a lakeside camping area which offers spectacular views and can be booked in advance.

24. Persimmon Hill Campsite in Mississippi

Persimmon Hill Campsite - Shana D
© Shana D

The birthplace of some of the greatest, including Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, the calming blues, and Civil rights history, Mississippi is also home to some beautiful; terrains which are amazing for camping enthusiasts.

Take a look at the Persimmon Hill Campsite, which comes with at least 72 camping areas. The campsite also has picnic shelters that come with grills and tables for visitors to prepare their food.

The campsite has nature trails, fishing activities, and amazing scenic sites that may need you to carry your camera.

25. Bennette Spring in Missouri

Bennette Spring - The Dyrt
© The Dyrt

Missouri is home to at least 56 state parks and various private camping sites that may be too much for visitors to choose from. Apart from the huge number of parks, you can also take in the beauty of the State’s various features.

One of the places you ought to go camping is Bennette Spring, State Park. This is an amazing place to take your family camping as it is placed near a majestic river and beautiful surroundings and enough activities to make it a great experience.

You will get to enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing, and more, with enough space for tents and RV’s.

26. Apgar Campground in Montana

Apgar Campground - Bring Fido
© Bring Fido

Take a trip to the Apgar Campground, Glacier National Park, with the surrounding breathtaking views that will make it a memorable experience.  The campsite comes with at least 190 camping areas, capable of accommodating RV’s and tents.

27. Willow Creek State Recreational Area in Nebraska

Willow Creek State Recreational Area - Nebraska Outback
© Nebraska Outback

Nebraska is home to several pretty amazing features, including caves, waterfalls, and fossils. You can enjoy the rolling hills, pine forests, the prairies, or the grasslands found in the State, making it an ideal place for campers to visit. Apart from camping, you also get to enjoy several activities, including skiing, kiteboarding, and tubing.

One of the best campsites you can visit while in Nebraska is the Willow Creek State Recreational Area. Here you can get campsites with views of the lake, where you can fish and swim. The place also has several trails, so be sure to bring your bike along.

28. Great Basin National Park in Nevada

Great Basin National Park - backwoodtrailscampinghiking
© backwoodtrailscampinghiking

If you are thinking of taking a camping trip to Nevada, be sure to check out the Great Basin National Park. The park is located in eastern Nevada, known for beautiful hiking trails, pine trees, caves, and amazing night skies that ask for a camping trip.

Come and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, with plenty of camping spots, plus a chance of coming across a few wild animals.

29. White Lake State Park in New Hampshire

White Lake State Park - Jean C
© Jean C

If you are ever taking a trip to New Hampshire, and are looking to camp, take a trip to the White Mountain area, one of the most popular places in  the State.  Apart from the mountain, you cn also come explore the Coastal Lowlands, which also provide you with quite the view, and exepirience.

One of the best places to visit is the White Lake State Park. The park comes with a swimming beach, tall pine trees providing shade to beautiful camp spots on the shores of the Lake

You can also take a walk on one of the trails, with a chance of coming across some beavers and maybe some loons.

30. Wharton State Forest in New Jersey

Wharton State Forest - Scintillating Speck
© Scintillating Speck

Take a trip to the Wharton State Forest, Hammonton in the Northeast Hammonton, right at the Pinelands’ heart. With at least 122,880 acres of land to explore.

You and your family can enjoy several activities, including canoeing, hiking, biking, watching wildlife, and horseback riding.

There are also a couple of camping spots where you can set up the tent, rent a cabin, and RV parking.

31. Brushy Point Campground in New Mexico

Brushy Point Campground - Flickr Claudia Dunitz
© Flickr / Claudia Dunitz

Do you want something fresher than your morning coffee? Take a trip to New Mexico for a camping trip and make our stay at the Brushy Point Campground, Heron Lake State Park. 

Wake up to beautiful views of green fields full of golden sunflower stretching to Heron Lake.

Watch as eagle fish for salmon on the lake and pitch your tent on one of the many spacious camping areas.

32. Robert H. Treman State Park in New York

Robert H. Treman State Park - The Maceras
© The Maceras

New York is home to some stunning mountains, waterfalls, and sandy beaches that all provide amazing places to pitch a tent.

If you visit New York and are spoilt for choice, take a trip to Robert H. Treman State Park, Ithaca. It comes with at least 12 waterfalls, providing a view that will need you to bring your camera along.

You can splash beneath the waterfalls or hike along the trails.

The campsite also comes with enough space for campers and RV’s.

33. Roanoke River Platform Sites in North Carolina

Roanoke River Platform Sites - Visit North Carolina
© Visit North Carolina

North Carolina comes with mountains to beaches, meaning you can enjoy the high and lows and everything in between. Whether you decide to pitch your tent next t the rolling waves or the mountain n tops, North Carolina has it all.

If you are into some seclusion and privacy, you can get a canoe and visit the Roanoke River Platform Sites. There are at least 15 camping spots on this site, surrounded by at least 140 miles of water. Get a feeling o the creek as you sleep on one of the platforms and enjoy the unique vibe that comes with it.

34. Graham Island in North Dakota

Graham Island - North Dakota Parks and Recreation
© North Dakota Parks and Recreation

North Dakota is famous for its plains and rugged badlands, which gave it the nickname, ‘the Roughrider State.’ Several tourist attraction sites beg for a camping trip.

One of the best places to visit if you are ever in North Dakota is Graham Island, State Park. The park is surrounded by the State‘s largest Lake, making it a small island. Here you can enjoy fishing, boating, viewing wildlife and a lot more.

There is also plenty of space for RV’s, and campers similar to each have their little private area.

35. Mohican State Park in Ohio

Mohican State Park - Cleveland
© Cleveland

Ohio is a haven for camp lovers, and if the 2018 statistics are anything to go by, Ohio saw at least 2 million visitors camp in one place or another within the State. 

There are around 9,700 campsites and at least 59 parks where you can pitch your tent.

If you are ever in Ohio, one of the best campsites to visit is the Mohican State Park, where apart from camping can take a paddle trip on the famous Mohican River.

There is enough space, and much-needed amenities such as water, bathrooms, and electricity, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

36. Chikasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma

Chikasaw National Recreation - Camping is my Life's Blog
© Camping is my Life’s Blog

Take a trip to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, located in Sulphur, a camper’s paradise, perfect for hiking, biking, fishing, and more.  Several creeks create beautiful and stunning mini-falls and swimming holes that make the whole place magical.

The area is considered one of the best fishing spots in Oklahoma, plus you will also get to interact with some wild animals such as buffalo herds.

There are at least three campgrounds with over one hundred camping areas for you to choose from.

37. Lost Lake in Oregon

Lost Lake - Jeff K
© Jeff K

If you are ever in Oregon and want to go camping, take a look at the Lost Lake, where you can camp at the shores. There are at least 140 camping areas on the shores, which means you can get some quiet by the Lake.

There are several activities you can participate in, including hiking, biking, boating, and swimming.

The camping site provides basic amenities for visitors, with an option for onsite accommodation if you get fed up with sleeping outside.

38. Hersheypark Camping Resort in Pennsylvania

Hersheypark Camping Resort - Lola Lambchops
© Lola Lambchops

Pennsylvania is an amazing place to go camping, with the Pocono Mountains or the Alleghenies, which makes it an amazing place for a camper to explore.

If you decide to go, take a trip to the Hersheypark Camping Resort, a 300-acre paradise that will accommodate both RV’s and campers. There are also furnished log cabins and all the amenities you would need.

Oh! You also get free parking here!

39. Whispering Pines Campgrounds in Rhode Island

Whispering Pines Campgrounds - Go Camping America
© Go Camping America

One of the best places to go camping if you are ever in Rhode Island is the Whispering Pines Campgrounds. The place comes with a mini-golf course, basketball courts, swimming pools, and playgrounds for the children.

You can also go for some kayaking on the pond and enjoy the scenic beauty that comes with it.

40. Andrew Jackson State Park in South Carolina

Andrew Jackson State Park - ParkAdvisor
© ParkAdvisor

If you plan on visiting South Carolina, you will have a lot to choose from sites and places you can visit, from the natural wonders, mountains to historic sites.

If you want to go camping, take a trip to Andrew Jackson State Park. Here you can binge on the history and beauty of the place as you participate in various activities, including walking, hiking, fishing, and much more. There is also a museum with artifacts from the Revolutionary war.

41. Sylvan Lake Campground in South Dakota

Sylvan Lake Campground - Dotted Globe
© Dotted Globe

South Dakota is home to some of the best scenic landscapes, including woodlands, plains, lakes, and stunning landscapes.

One of the best places you can visit for campers is the Sylvan Lake Campground, Custer State Park. The campsite is one of the most popular places you can visit, sitting near Sylvan Lake’s shores.

It comes with over 30 camping areas, with enough space for RV’s.

42. Cades Cove in Tennessee

Cades Cove - Vicpeters
© Vicpeters

If you happen to be visiting Tennessee and love camping, ensure you take a peek at the Cades Cove, one of the best Campsites in Tennessee. There is a variety of wildlife, hiking trails, and beautiful views of the mountains.

The Campsite is located off the Cades Cove Loop and is accessible all year round.

43. Big Bend National Park in Texas

Big Bend National Park - PlanetWare
© PlanetWare

Camping enthusiasts taking a trip to Texas should seriously consider camping at the Big Bend National Park. The Campsite is located in the West of Texas, with beautiful mountains, limestone, and canyons.

The Park sits on around 800,000 acres of beautiful land worth exploration. Take a trip to the park and enjoy some hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing as you camp under the clear skies.

44. Antelope Island in Utah

Antelope Island - Hipcamp
© Hipcamp

Utah is home to desert landscapes, forested mountains, and snow-capped peaks, offering campers the opportunity to experience various terrain and features.

Take a trip to Antelope Island, and get some great camping experience.

The Island is located in the Great Salt Lake, famous for the beauty and range of wildlife you get to see. There are several campgrounds and campsites here, with enough space to give you some quiet.

45. Grout Pond, Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont

Grout Pond, Green Mountain National Forest - KatieZ995
© KatieZ995

One of the best and wildest areas you can find a campsite in Vermont is at the Grout Pond, Green Mountain National Forest.  For avid campers looking for a bit of a challenge, the 200,000-acre piece of land is a haven.

You can camp next to the pond or take a hike to one of the different camping areas on the huge land and enjoy some quiet.

Grout Pond is perfect for the whole family and solo campers alike, with enough activities to keep you entertained.

46. False Cape State Park in Virginia

False Cape State Park - Dave Taylor
© Dave Taylor

Whether you are looking to visit the famous wineries of Virginia or are just looking to get away for the weekend, Virginia will give you the perfect place to pitch a tent and explore.

One of the more popular camping sites can be located in False Cape State Park, Virginia beach.  The great thing about these campsites is you get to pitch a tent on some untouched shoreline, completely off-grid with no access to basic amenities. 

Come and get some camping skills and a bit of a challenge as you enjoy the sandy beaches and cool breeze.

47. Cranberry Lake Campground in Washington

Cranberry Lake Campground - Karen Zitnick
© Karen Zitnick

Washington is best known for Politics, but there is a beautiful landscape just begging to be explored. 

None can show the meaning of the beauty Washington holds like the Cranberry Lake Campground, Deception Pass State Park. It comes with two islands connected by a beautiful bridge.

The ark comes with dramatic views, more than 300 campsites with enough space to accommodate RV’s.

48. Audra State Park, Buckhannon in West Virginia

Audra State Park, Buckhannon - West Virginia State Parks
© West Virginia State Parks

West Virginia is a beautiful State blessed with peaks, plateaus, hills, forests, rivers, and lakes, which attract visitors all year round.

One of the best campsites you can visit is the Audra State Park, Buckhannon.

The park comes with several campsites located in a forested area along the Middle Folk River. You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear river, fishing or boating, and your nights gazing at the stars.

49. Harrington Beach State Park in Wisconsin

© Caravan Park Photos

Around two hours as you head north of Chicago is Harrington Beach State Park, located along Lake Michigan’s shores. The Park is around 700 acres with a mile of sandy beaches, plus a lake.

The park comes with sufficient space for visitors to bring their tents or RV’s, with wildlife and forested areas to explore and the beach to have some fun.

50. Jenny Lake Campground in Wyoming

Jenny Lake Campground - Campground Views
© Campground Views

Wyoming is a huge State at 100,000 square miles; it also comes with various amazing features and sceneries, including the jagged Teton Peaks to the Wind River Ranges.

If you are ever in Wyoming and want to camp out, take a trip to the Jenny Lake Campground. The camp is near the Jenny Lake providing amazing views for campers, with enough space for both tents and RV’s.

Enjoy amazing activities, including hiking, boating, and fishing, and get to relax at the shores of the lake, just you and the nature around you.


No matter which State you find yourself in, you can always get the perfect place to pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoors. So what are you waiting for? Take the map and pick a point, and you will surely find yourself making some amazing memories.

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