9 Best Camping Sites in Kentucky

9 Best Camping Sites in Kentucky

Camping in Kentucky means submerging yourself inland of natural sensations from the granite cliffs of Red River Gorge to the subversive caves of the Mammoth Cave National Park, Whether you opt to pitch your tent in the immense Daniel Boone National Forest or across one of the states’ dozens of rivers and lakes, the attractive, intriguing, and breathtaking camping sites in Kentucky will tempt you to come back more often.  

It can be an uphill task when deciding which camping site to explore in Kentucky as they are many and each one of them offers a unique feature. Luckily, this piece will be of much help as it will provide you with much-needed insights and recommendations on some of the best camping sites that are worth visiting in Kentucky.

Let’s get to details.

1. Natural Bridge State Resort Park

Natural Bridge State Resort Park
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Placed within the green haven of Daniel Boone National Forest, the Natural Bridge State Resort Park features otherworldly rock formations and towering trees. It is positioned in the 2,200-acre stretch. The park itself encompasses a 60-acre lake and 22 miles of tracks, and two camping sites in Kentucky can accommodate tents and RVs. 

While camping at this park, you could enjoy hiking out on the natural bridge and the tall 65-foot natural sandstone. Be sure to spare some time beneath the trees exploring the adjacent national geological area of the Red River Gorge. The thrilling adventure at this camping site will divert your mind from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

While camping at the Natural Bridge State Resort can enjoy bird watching, especially between May and June, the Neotropical birds and woodland warblers are most active and vocal. Some bird species in this park include song sparrow, wrens, belted kingfisher, wild turkey, indigo bunting, tufted titmouse, Carolina wren, white-breasted nuthatch, American goldfinch, among many others.

Natural Bridge State Resort Park camping site is a perfect weekend getaway and a vacation destination. The park gives you a chance to interact with nature, unwind and escape from the stressful day-to-day city life. Those wishing to explore this camping site are urged to be mindful and careful not to hurt others or themselves.

2. Mammoth Cave Campground

Mammoth Cave Campground
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It’s impossible to believe that the Mammoth Cave, which is the world’s most extensive known cavern system, lurks beneath the surface of the Blue Grass State. With more than 400 miles of caverns explored, many of which are accessible for public tours. The Mammoth Cave camping sites attract tourists from around the globe.

This popular camping site is situated inside a park giving the campers a prime setting to explore this peculiar, grand, and gloomy place. There is a total of five camping sites park. Still, the Mammoth Cave Campground is the most developed with a vast array of services and amenities, including a playground for children, climbing walls, swimming pools, clean changing rooms with hot shower, laundry facilities, and many more.

It is important to note that due to the infestation of trees from other states, transportation of woods in the Mammoth Cave camping site is strictly prohibited. You may opt to pick any downed or dead wood within the park or buy wood from the store at Caver’s Camp close to the park visitor center. Campers wishing to visit this park are urged to join hands in the protection of the forest from destructive pests.

3. Cumberland Falls State Park

Cumberland Falls State Park
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The popular Cumberland Falls State Park camping site features the biggest waterfall on the southern side of Niagara. It is also referred to as the Niagara of the South. While camping here, you will be thrilled by the waterfall, whitewater rafting, canoeing as well as hiking trails that stretch up to 17-miles.

The two camping sites in Kentucky’s Cumberland Falls State Park are accessible throughout the year and host both RV campers and tents. If the timing allows, reserve a camping site during the full moon period so that you could enjoy the sight of the moonbow on the waterfall, which is a lunar rainbow. In the western hemisphere, this is the only place where this natural phenomenon exists. 

Some of Cumberland Falls State amenities include a swimming pool, water hookup, sewer hookup, electrical hookup, pet friendly, Wi-Fi, and other amenities dog park, shower, and laundry. 

While camping at Cumberland Falls, State Park is a peaceful serenity surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs and beautiful forest. Bluegill, bass, black crappie, green sunfish, channel catfish, rainbow trout, black bullhead, among many other fish species, are found here. Although fishing is allowed, you should have a Kentucky Fishing License.

4. Big Bone Lick State Park

Big Bone Lick State Park
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The Pleistocene era fossils found in this region are the reason behind the Big Bone Lick State Park camping site’s peculiar label. It’s believed that many decades ago, mammoths were attracted to the location by the salt lick deposits that were nearby. Nowadays, the campers can enjoy the small bison herd’s spectacular view that stays in this park.

The popular Big Bone Lick State Park camping site provides 62 seasonal sites with grills, a swimming pool, utility hookups, showers, restrooms, laundry facilities, and a playground. Be sure to visit the museum and the visitors’ center, which feature exhibits that vividly describe this park’s prehistory history. The camping site is accessible between mid-March and mid-November.

Big Bone Lick camping site is Ideal Avenue to get lessons in science, history, and environmental studies. It offers an opportunity to engage in youth groups, class, scout troop, home school group, and other field trip studies. You and your team will experience exploration and fun programs in an outdoor setup. Camping at this site will go a long way in enriching your curriculum.

Featuring fantastic scenery and a serene atmosphere, this camping site will give you an adventurous feeling away from the busy city life. There is a gift shop where you could get a charming assortment of handcrafts, park-themed toys, collectible minerals and rocks, and fossils.  It is an ideal place to get a unique souvenir to take home.

5. Kommer Ridge Camping Site

Kommer Ridge Camping Site
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In east-central Kentucky, the Red River Gorge in Koomer Ridge camping sites encompasses a canyon system and a lover’s paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Campers, climbers, kayakers, hikers, and mountain bikers flock to this camping site to enjoy the rare natural sceneries of limestone rocks that protrude along the river and sandstone cliffs.

Smack dab within this natural phenomenon sits the Koomer Ridge Camping site. In a serene forest setting, this campground is semi-primitive. Campers can access the 4-on site trails specially designed for hiking and are closely located to the trailheads at Red River Gorge. If you wish to camp at this camping site, it is recommended that you arrive early.

You cannot reserve this camping site. However, they are accessible on the basis of first-come, first-served. Fifteen sites and 54 tent sites are available for camping throughout the year and can accommodate up to 35-fee RVs but no water, RV dump station, or electric hookups.

There is a vast array of hikes in this camping site ranging from easy, intermediate, and technical with all lengths. You will be amazed by the sceneries of the gorge, especially during the fall season. This camping site is ideal for vacations and weekend getaways. It is a perfect spot to interact with new people and the making of friends.

6. Zippo Camping Site

Zippo Camping Site
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Situated in the heart of the famous Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, the Zilpo camping site is one of the state’s biggest and most favorite campgrounds. It is positioned on the shorelines of Cave Run Lake. It is ideal for large groups and families seeking a getaway full of fun and excitement.

The Zippo camping site sits on a peninsula and protrudes into the central portion of Cave Run Lake. It offers direct access to water sports and swimming or lakeside activities, including sunning on the comfortable, sandy beach.

There are 168 sites in the camping site for both RVs and tents, some of which have electric hookups. Twelve cabins for rental are also available for birds-eye scenery of the nearby climb area of Tater Knob. What makes the Zippo camping site extraordinary and a perfect destination for campers and hikers is a fire tower.

Some of the amenities in the Zilpo camping site includes a swimming pool, showers, electricity hookup, fire/grills ring, picnic table, tent pad, lantern pole, fire pit, sewer hookup, water hookup, full hookup, air conditioning, porch, furnished, non-smoking hotel, deck, and air conditioning.

Apart from camping, the visitors could also enjoy hiking, swimming, camping, historical and cultural site, hiking, boating, and other watersports. With the vast range of activities on this camping site, your stay will be much more fun and memorable.

7. Elkhorn Campground

Elkhorn Campground
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Elkhorn camping site is situated on the banks of Elkhorn Creek in the capital city of Frankfort. The seasonal facility is accessible between 1st April and 31St October. This campground has numerous 5-star ratings and a vast array of praises and commendations; it is considered one of the best camping sites in Kentucky.

The proximity to the city is among the reason while it is widely referred to by the locals and tourists. Featuring historic sites, stopping-by museums, and antique shops, there is everything for everyone in this camping site. It is accessible between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm. The camping site was recently installed with a brand new bathhouse.

Some of the recreational facilities you will enjoy as you camp at Elkhorn Campground include a swimming pool, fishing, stream, horseshoes, recreational hall, water bodies, planned activities, game room, pavilion, outdoor games, mini-golf, playground, and many more. You could also engage in fishing, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, Marina, archery range, and whitewater rafting.

8. Whispering Hills RV Park

Whispering Hills RV Park
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Situated in the middle of horse country in Georgetown in Kentucky, Whispering Hills RV Park camping site is a highly-rated facility settled on I-75, making it easy to access some of the finest RV dealerships in Kentucky, especially if you are a local camper. It provides an impressive 230 camping sites, along with entertainment and fun activities ideal for the whole family.

Whispering Hill RV Park camping site goes beyond the ordinary to ensure that its guests get ultimate satisfaction from the use of its facilities, including washrooms with private bathrooms for privacy. It offers DVD rentals and electrifying entertainment. It is situated few miles away from tourist attractions cities such as Cincinnati and Lexington, making it the perfect destination for your Kentucky RV vacation.

Wi-Fi connectivity is allowed available at this facility. Services and amenities available at this camping site include showers and restrooms, perfect road condition, RV supplies, laundry, ice, firewood, dog park, worship services, dog park, metered LP gas. Some recreational facilities include a water slide, swimming pool, pond, fishing, outdoor games, playground, planned activities, water slide, bounce pillow, pavilion, and many more.

While camping at the Whispering Hills RV park camping site, you could also enjoy canoeing, fishing, kayaking, and archery range. It is a perfect spot to relax and unwind from the busy work schedules.

9. Singing Hills RV Park and Campground

Singing Hills RV Park and Campground
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Singing Hills RV Park camping site is situated at Mammoth Cave National Park’s outskirts in the middle of Kentucky’s famous cave country. It’s among one of the premier RV camping destinations in the entire state. If you are looking forward to camp at this facility, then you should consider renting an RV in the area.

This popular camping site in Kentucky is a family-friendly and hospitable RV Park. It provides more than standard amenities. Visitors will be entertained by the additional exciting activities, including basketball, volleyball, book exchange, free catch and release angling in the pond, and so much on. It is also situated close to ZorbKY, the longest known zorb ball track in the United States of America and the only one in Kentucky.

Some of the amenities provided at the facility include free Wi-Fi throughout the camping site, volleyball, horseshoe pit, full hookup sites, bathrooms, group camping area, fire pits with grates, ice, propane, firewood at an affordable rate, RV, and so much more. There is something for everyone; camping at this facility will be worth your time and energy.


With the vast array of intriguing and amusing camping sites in Kentucky, you can never miss a place to explore. The above-mentioned camping sites are worth visiting as they will give you a much-desired level of fun as you hang out with your family and friends.

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