Are Rooftop Tents Easy To Remove W

Are Rooftop Tents Easy To Remove? 

Rooftop tents offer campers the ability to see the world from the comfort of their vehicle and with the views that vehicle offers. However, rooftop tents cannot stay on a vehicle forever, so when it comes to removing them for regular use of the vehicle, are they difficult to take off? 

Rooftop tents are easy to remove as long as you are either using another person to aid in the removal or you have a removal system to help with the process. Using either a hoist or track system makes the removal process quick, safe, and easy, especially if removing the equipment solo. 

Rooftop tents are heavy by nature, as they require quite a bit of framing to make sure that they are able to hold up when in an exposed area that can bring on high winds, heavy rain, blazing sun, and intense snowfall. Therefore, the installation process has to be exact and it has to be secure. Once you realize how secure your rooftop tent actually is, you may be wondering if it is going to be quite a bit of trouble to remove it. If this is your question, read below to find out. 

Are Rooftop Tents Easy To Remove? 

Rooftop tents are relatively heavy pieces of equipment that take a bit of time and effort to get installed and secured. However, once you have the tent installed, you should be able to get onto the road with ease to your next adventure. Although the installation process may take a bit of effort and the reading of directions, the effort is well worth the results. When it comes to removing the tent, is that process as involved as installing the rooftop tent for the first time? 

Rooftop tents are relatively easy to remove, but the ease in which it is removed depends on how many people you have to help, or the equipment you have to help get the system off of your vehicle. For the easiest removal, purchase a hoist or tracks to help remove your tent with ease. 

There are a few different ways to remove a rooftop rack (which will be discussed below), but with all these ways, there is certainly one that is going to make the process less difficult for you and anyone else involved in the unmounting. If you don’t have a hoist or tracks to remove the tent, then the removal is possible, but it certainly would not be considered easy due to having to carry the weight of the tent either by yourself or with another set or two of hands. 

Beyond the weight of the tent, rooftop tents are large and have a wide area to have to grab onto to remove. If you are removing the tent alone, the weight and shape of the tent can make things rather difficult, leaving you having to figure out how to grip onto the tent and distribute the weight of the equipment without injuring yourself or damaging your car. Rooftop tents can be easy to remove, but you need the right equipment to make this a reality. 

Gear Needed to Make the Removal of Rooftop Tents Easy 

You know removing a rooftop tent can be easy, but there’s a method that should be followed to make this possible, while also using the right equipment to aid your efforts. When it comes to camping, there is going to be gear that you simply don’t need which ends up becoming items that take up wasted space. However, there are items that, once people have them, they realize they can’t live without. When it comes to removing a rooftop tent, what gear do you need?

The gear you need to make the removal of a rooftop tent as easy as possible is either a hoist or a track system. Both of these work to support the weight of your rooftop tent without the need for another person to remove the rack with you while also speeding up the removal process as well. 

What Does a Hoist Do? 

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Before deciding on whether or not you want to splurge on more gear (that is going to make your life easier!) you need to understand the function of each type of system. A hoist is by far the easiest and safest assistant system for removing a rooftop tent, but you need an area where it can be installed overhead. This also is the more expensive option, but when it comes to ease, be sure to weigh price versus time spent completing the process with a less efficient system. 

A hoist is a pulley system that is installed on the ceiling of your garage or large storage space, but the space must be tall enough to fit both your tent and your car without either colliding when the vehicle is parked. A hoist simply attaches to the tent, is pulled up, and the tent is removed.

To use a hoist, you will install it by following the installation instructions that come with the system onto the ceiling of your garage or other large covered area. Once installed, drive your vehicle under the hoist to where the tent is aligned with the system. You will remove the mounting components from the tent, secure the straps around the tent, then hoist the tent up and secure the load. Once this is done, you can drive away with your tent completely removed. 

What Do Tracks Do? 

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You may not have the space for a hoist or this system may not be in your budget, which may leave you worried that you’re out of luck when it comes to removing your rooftop tent with ease. Although a hoist is the easiest system to use, there is one other system that is still going to make the process much easier, especially if you are doing the removal on your own. For those of you looking for something other than a hoist, consider using tracks to remove your tent. 

Tracks are a type of ramp that slides the tent up and down to get it mounted and removed without the need of another set of hands. Tracks are great because they do not need to be installed, simply pulled out, attached to your rack system, and then you can begin the removal. 

If you are using a track system to remove your rooftop tent, you want to be sure that you have them spaced the right distance apart to help distribute the weight of your tent. Once you have them spaced and secured, you can then demount your tent by detaching its mounting components and will then slide the tent down the tracks until it has reached the floor. Try unmounting on a gentle slope rather than a steep one to help slow the speed of removal.

Can You Remove a Rooftop Tent on Your Own? 

Many campers out there are tried and true solo campers. They like to take on the great outdoors on their own without having to worry about accommodating anyone else’s schedules, preferences, or needs, making it easy for them to leave when they want, stay gone for as long as they please, and come home when the time is right. However, solo camping can be a challenge when it comes to removing a rooftop tent. Can you do it on your own? 

You can remove a rooftop tent on your own, but without the right equipment to help aid the removal process, it is nearly impossible. Removing a rooftop tent on your own without a hoist or some type of track system can be dangerous not only to your car, but to your health as well. 

Rooftop tents are heavy pieces of equipment that take the right type of grip and weight distribution to be removed without another person or without a removal system. If you are considering removing a rooftop tent on your own without the aid of a removal system, consider the risk you are taking and wait until you have someone who can help you take it off. To remove a rooftop tent on your own, purchase either a hoist or tracks to make removal safe and easy.

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