Best Camping Accessories

Best Camping Accessories in 2020

Your time outdoors can be a source of happy memories or not-so-good ones. The camping gear you pack has a huge impact on whether you end up nostalgic or traumatized by your trip.

If this is your first time camping, don’t leave for a week in the forest without any of the following camping accessories on our list. They make a huge difference in the quality of your camping experience.

1. Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

The Coleman portable kitchen has changed how campers handle meal preparation in the wilderness.

The table is made of an expandable aluminum casing and a detachable working surface. This design makes it easy to set up and remove the table as needed.

The left stand of the Coleman portable kitchen has sufficient space to accommodate a cooking stove and a cooler.

More counter surface will still be leftover to chop up your fish or vegetables. Plus, there is a lantern hook right above the cooking point to comfortably illuminate the area while you are cooking dinner.

There is also more room for your spices and utensils on a mesh shelf and with hooks suspended by a rectangular frame.

When you are through with meal prep, the whole kitchen counter, and shelf packs into a thin frame that you can carry with one hand.

Key Features

  • Lantern holder to provide light for cooking regardless of the time
  • Utensil hooks for organizing and air-drying crockery
  • Mesh storage shelf organizes all your ingredients in one neat space
  • The side stand fits an outdoor stove, mimicking a household kitchen
  • The portable kitchen is supported by a sturdy yet light aluminum frame
  • Snap-on elements allow quick and easy set-up without needing tools
  • Kitchen dimensions: 56.7 x 21.3 x 66.1 inches
  • Cooking surface measurements: 31.5 x 21.3 Inches
  • Stove-top section dimensions: 27.8 x 20.5 Inches
  • All the kitchen parts fold and can be detached for storage into one single storage case with a handle
  • The portable kitchen comes with a manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty

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  • The Coleman pack-away kitchen is an extremely innovative product
  • The cooking surface is more than enough
  • It is easy to assemble and start cooking


  • Despite the fact that the kitchen folds into a thin piece, it’s still quite long and takes a lot of packing space


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2. LAMURO Campsite or Garden Supplies Storage Strap with 8 Hooks

Wherever you go camping, you will need space to store your things. This is where the unique LAMURO storage strap comes in. It is especially ideal for use in busy campgrounds where space is limited.

Key Features

  • This weatherproofed strap is suspended from trees using the heavy-duty straps. After you fasten both ends, hang your camping stuff on the strong hooks. This creates more space on the ground
  • The LAMURO storage strap can be innovatively used to hand your food supplies from insects and squirrels as you sleep. Keep your pots and pans clean by hanging them up as well
  • Need your clothes to dry fast? Hang them up on the hook. The bottom line is that there are many creative ways to use the LAMURO for storage, safe-keeping, and anything else you need
  • The storage strap also works well when it is wrapped around a tree trunk or a vertical pole. You then dangle your belongings around the bark.
  • Dimensions when packed: 7 x 4.4 x 2.1 inches
  • Product weight: 7.2 ounces

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  • The storage strap is made of heavy-duty nylon to withstand weights of up to 440 lbs
  • It is easy to set up and secure the strap. You can do this by hanging it between two trees or wrapping around a vertical post
  • There are numerous loops for hanging carabiner hooks. The loops keep individual hooks from sliding and colliding. Plenty of storage space is created this way
  • You will have fun finding the many ways you can utilize this camping accessory in your daily life
  • It is a sustainable solution to storage problems on campgrounds


  • The plastic part of the buckle strap is the weak link to this wonderful product.


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3. KYNG Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern Collapsible for Camping Outdoors

The KYNG rechargeable solar lantern is another innovative outdoor hiking accessory. Luckily, it comes readymade to withstand outdoor weather at night and at daybreak.

The lamp is waterproof and can handle rough treatment such as accidental drops on rocky ground. Keep one in your house as well for emergency backup in the event of power outages.

Key Features

  • Collapsible design to fit into a backpack easily
  • The internal battery capacity is 800 mAh.
  • The lantern comes packed with a carabiner hook that you can attach to the handle and hang up the lantern
  • 3-year warranty
  • Here’s how to switch on the lamp:
  • Hold the top and bottom ends of the lamp and pull to expose the lampshade
  • Press the on button. You can switch between low, high, or flashing lights mode
  • Here’s how to charge the lamp by solar power:
  • Under sunlight, direct the solar panel upwards
  • Remove the thin plastic coating on the solar battery cell
  • How to charge via a USB adapter:
  • Lift the cover on the USB port and connect the lamp’s micro-USB cable to an external power source
  • The indicator turns green when the lamp battery is fully charged

What We Like

  • The lamp is rechargeable by both solar and electricity
  • One charge can last up to 10 hours
  • In a collapsed form the KYNG is a flashlight; in the extended form, it works as a lantern
  • It can be a power bank to briefly charge your phone

What We Don’t

  • Do not expect a full charge on your phone while charging it on the lantern


These camping accessories don’t have to be just for yourself. If you look around, you probably have friends and family who enjoy hiking as well. Surprise them with these original camping gift ideas!

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