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10 Best Camping Sites in Oregon

When mentioning the highest geographically diverse states in the US, Oregon stands out to be one. Oregon is featured by various landforms such as mountains, valleys, water bodies such as rivers, lakes, seas, and shoreline features such as bays and peninsulas.

Etymologically, Oregon was derived from the Spanish word “Orejon,” meaning “big ear” regarding the Columbia River, the period when the Spanish explorers found their way into the existent North American territory, which became a member of the Vice-royalty of New Spain. 

The state’s capital, Salem, is situated in the heart of the Willamette Valley together with the Willamette River flowing across the city. Its central position gives access to a variety of landforms throughout the year. 

Oregon’s mild climate and variety of landforms alongside various water bodies make it a place of intense touristic activities. In case you are looking to explore the beautiful worlds in Oregon but have difficulty making a choice, we’ve compiled the best campsites you would undoubtedly love to visit. 

1. Tillamook Head Backpackers Camp

© I Heart Pacific Northwest

Settled into the forested environment of Ecola State Park on the Oregon coast, a special free tent camping region is standing by anybody willing to carry their equipment to the top of Tillamook Head. This free hiking campground highlights three Adirondack covers and accessible space to pitch a tent. 

The potential notoriety of this headland camping region is, to some degree, diminished by the lack of accessible water and the steep, roughly four-mile climb to the top of Tillamook Head. Nearby vault toilets offer assistance to keep the region free of cat holes. 

© Josh Garhofer / Seaside, Oregon

The hikers’ camp is open from the cities of Cannon Shoreline or Oceanside. It’s all uphill from here, but the thick coastal timberland offers a reviving scene to deviate from the profound breathing of climbing uphill. 

In the evening, the campground offers excitement as a brief spur path leads to a sensational western-facing view of the seaward Tillamook Shake Lighthouse. An expansive communal fire pit close to the Adirondack covers is a prevalent community spot exterior of the fire-ban season.

2. Beverly Beach State Park

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Beverly Beach State Park is found within the state of Oregon, about 5 miles north of Newport. The park is a complete RV system camping region having showers, access to shorelines, a washroom, and an assembly hall where informative programs are carried out. It also features tent regions, yurts for rent as well as full-hookup places. The yurts have a porch, a radiator, a table, and beds. 

You will be able to discover Beverly Shoreline State Park close to Newport on Oregon’s Central Coast. The campground has a simple entry into the shoreline and a playground for children. Alongside miles of shoreline to look into, you will be able to capture impressions of the Yaquina Head Beacon.

Shoreline combing and surfing are prevalent exercises during the day. Due to its clear proximity to the town, you might need to halt in Newport. The neighborhood sea has astonishing fishes. A visit to the famous Oregon Coast Aquarium is also an incredible choice for all ages. 

3. Fort Stevens Park

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Fort Stevens Park contains about 485 campsites and is found at the Columbia River source in Oregon’s northwest corner. About 302 of the sites have electric and water hookups, 174 full hookups, 11 luxurious cabins, 6 tent sites, and 15 yurt sites. Besides, hikers and bikers can access several areas on the campsite.

The campground has various amenities, including an RV dump station, flush toilets, drinking water, hot showers, and bike rentals. Moreover, a playground and amphitheater are present as well. Every campsite has a fire ring, a table, and a grate. 

Exploring the campground’s military history, which you can see throughout the park, is greatly recommended during a stay. Barracks, bunkers, and batteries are the faculties present. A nice place to begin a self-guided history tour is the Guest center, where repository photographs and displays create a picture of the campground’s military history.

© Jest Kept Secret

Another prominent feature is the ocean access at Fort Stevens Campsite, and a must-see sight is the old remains of the Peter Iredale shipwreck found on the beach. Peculiar to other parts of the coast, vehicles are permitted on the beach sections at Fort Stevens Campsite. Amazingly, the vehicle traffic and its notoriety for gathering do not make it difficult for you to locate your own space on the wide beach, which extends for almost 20 miles towards the south.

4. Olive Lake Campground

© Blue Mountain Eagle

Settled on the edge of a lake, overlooking the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, Olive Lake Campground is 12 miles west of the ancient mining town of Granite and just 8 miles west of the historical Fremont Powerhouse. The campground is characterized by 7 accessible toilet services and 28 campsites.

Other characteristics include a 2-mile hiking course around the lake with close access to forest and beautiful area paths, 2 docks, and a boat ramp. It is highly recommended to pack your baggage while leaving as there is no potable water or garbage service. 

In addition to beautiful scenery, the lake presents numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing, especially a nesting pair of osprey, which return yearly. Various activities are carried out in this area, such as fishing, swimming, boating, hunting, hiking, and photography. Moreover, visitors can find several historical sites within 20 miles. 

5. Paradise Campground

© Avaelsie / Reddit

Paradise Campground is a scenic place to relish the westernmost national forest of California as it has a multitude of recreational activities, including biking, horseback riding, hiking, and many more. Lakes and rivers in the area create and promote various activities, including fishing, swimming, and boating by the campers. 

The campground presents exactly over a dozen places for both RV camping and double- and single-family tent. Each site features a campfire ring with a grill, a table, and a pedestal grill. Accessible drinking water and flush toilets are also available. But the campground does not have utility hookups.

© Parks Management Company

There are paved parking spurs that can contain most RVs. The campground host sells firewood. Nearby attractions include the city of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean, which are approximately 18 miles from the campground.

6. Harris Beach Park Campground

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Harris Beach Park is situated on the rugged south seashore of Oregon. The park provides a glorious seascape for tourists, rocky outcroppings, miles of sandy beaches, and multiple courses you can explore. From the area useable during the day, take delight in beachside picnicking alongside a beautiful view of the sea heap dotting the ocean, not excluding the most spacious island found off the seashore of Oregon. 

Goat Island (also referred to as Bird Island) is a National Wildlife Property and breeding area for uncommon birds, such as the tufted puffin. This island plays a major role in the astonishing wildlife screening from the park’s several viewpoints. You can watch California gray whales, sea lions on their spring and winter migrations, harbor seals, sea birds, and the lovely marine gardens. 

The campsite contains 25 electric sites with water, 65 hookup sites, six domiciles, 59 tent sites with nearby water, an RV dump station, flush toilets, a playground, and hot showers. You can also buy firewood from the campsite host.

7. Nehalem Bay Park Campground

© Judy Jewell

Nehalem Bay Campsite is located on a 4 mile-long sand projection, settled between the ocean and the bay. The campground environment is in shore woods enclosed by moving dunes. If you walk over the dunes, you will find yourself at the beach constructing sandcastles, loosening up to the sound of the ocean, or flying a kite.

A forested 1.8-mile long bike trail offers an exciting scene of this bay. You may find elk and deer grazing, and various birds may be sighted. Prevalent activities include crabbing, clamming, kayaking, and fishing.

The park’s most unique feature is a 2,400-foot airstrip, which has a fly-in camp. A hiker-biker camp provides sites for campers who are riding and walking bikes. Yurts are made available for an exciting alternate camping experience. 

© Namaste Planet

The campsite contains an RV dump station, biker and hiker camp, a meeting lobby, 265 electrical sites having water, flush toilets and hot showers, a horse camp with seventeen primitive sites, 18 yurts, and an airport camp featuring primitive fly-in areas. 

8. Peninsular Olallie Lake Campsite

© RoverPass

Peninsula Campsite is situated on the end of Olallie Lake on the Mount Hood National Forest side. As the name expresses, Peninsula Campsite is on a spacious chunk of land which reaches out into the lake.  The camping in this area is somewhat archaic, and you can’t access drinking water.

The campsite is a perfect location for paddle boaters and fishermen. Peninsula Campsite contains 35 campsites with most of them located just a foot from the lakeside. Visitors can access some of the campsites within this area by walking only and might have privacy issues.  

When it comes to seasons, the campground can become extremely cold in the evenings. Besides, the wind tends to blow moderately constantly since it is close to the lake. In case you visit this area, ensure that you search for the Mt. Jefferson viewing dock found down on the lake.  

The Olallie Lake area may be challenging to reach, but it is very famous, and campgrounds quickly fill up. Whereas, if you won’t bother about roughing it in the woods in case all the sites are full, the campground is a lovely area with numerous make-shift campsites to be seen off the edges of the road.  

There is a Lake Store where you can purchase essential supplies such as beer, water, ice, and other camping supplies. Moreover, you can be rented boats at the Peninsular Olallie Lake Campsite at a very reasonable price.

9. Silver Falls Park Campsite

© Know Your Campground

Silver Falls Park Campsite is situated close to Silverton, about 20 miles southeast of Salem. This park is the biggest state park in Oregon, having an area of over 9,000 acres, and it has above 24-mile walking paths, 14-mile horse courses, and 4 miles of biking course. Its 8.7-mile Canyon Trail/Path of Ten Falls runs through the sides of Silver Creek. The park derived its name from the Ten Falls it possesses. Out of the ten falls, four possess an amphitheater-like environment that enables the course to run behind the falls’ flow.

The campsite has five equestrian sites, 52 electric sites with hookups, group campsites, and 45 tent sites. Moreover, there are 2 ‘ranches’ and 14 cabins made available.

Campsite facilities include drinking water, flush toilets, hot showers, a dump station, and a picnic area. Firewood can be bought from the campground host. In case you didn’t bring your horse, you can still rent one at the campground. In addition, every campsite offers you a fire ring, a table, and a grate.

© Know Your Campground

The campground provides impressive scenery and great recreational activities such as hiking to and behind astounding waterfalls on the course of Ten Falls. The campsite also features splendid picnic sites, historic places, a playground, a museum, horseshoe pits.  Fishing activities and wildlife viewing are outstanding at the campsite as well. 

10. Grande Ronde Lake Campsite

© Don Barrett / Flickr

Grande Ronde Lake Campsite is among the 3 parks within the Anthony Recreation Area. This campsite is situated in a forest around Grande Ronde Lake, and the area provides beautiful scenery of the meadow and lake. Prevalent activities here include fishing, outdoor photography, day hiking, and canoeing.

This campground provides eight tent/trailer places, of which just three can be accessed. The campsite also contains potable water, a toilet, and a picnic table. Also, campfires and pets are allowed. 


Camping is one of the exciting ways to mingle with the outside environment. Oregon offers you the grace to fulfill that desire in your heart for an adventure with its various landforms and water features. Moreover, there exist several outstanding parks all over the Oregon state. After going through this article, we trust you must be knowledgeable of the campsite/park to explore. 

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