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Camping Gear Rental

Camping has never been this appealing. After months of being cooped up at home, countless zoom calls, and too much screen time, it is most likely that our longing for mother nature and fresh (virus-free) air has gone at an all-time high. Imagine sipping a hot cup of joe in the mountains while breathing in pine-smelling air. Pure bliss!

Thanks to camping gear rental companies, your highland adventure can soon turn into a reality. For would-be campers who don’t have their equipment yet, getting geared up for an outdoor excursion can be costly. Without shelling out thousands, you can rent camping basics like tents, sleeping bags, and more.

But how do camping gear rentals work? A quick online search will give you several outfitters where you can rent or buy camping essentials to get started. These stores neatly categorize or bundle up their products for our convenience. With many outlets spread out all over the US, these rental companies typically deliver your package straight to your apartment or your camping destination.

So if you’re thinking (… and still thinking) about snoozing under the sky with your beloved, do yourself a favor and wait no more. Plan out today to make that much-needed getaway come true. Consider renting as the “testing the waters” phase if you’re unsure whether camping is for you. No need to invest your hard-earned cash right away. Renting camping gear is your best route if you want to unwind without breaking the bank.

Now, if you’re all ready to set up camp at your fantasy location, then below are the top go-to places to rent camping gear for your upcoming trip.


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They have premium and sustainable outdoor gear, plus lifetime access to member-exclusive deals and discounts. Whether you want to rent or buy camping gear, REI has got you covered. 

You can rent gear or buy either slightly used items or brand new products. If you don’t want to pay the rental deposit and enjoy as much as 30% off the regular price, then all you have to do is sign up and be an REI co-op member. Otherwise, non-members can also enjoy quite reasonable rental prices. 

They have two backpacking kit options that come with backpacks, a tent for two, sleeping bags, and more. If you go with family or friends, then a much bigger camping kit is a perfect package. It comes with a tent that can accommodate up to 4 persons. 

The REI camping and backpacking kits include the basics like a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, chairs, headlamps, and cooking equipment. If you already own some of those, then A la carte items are also available at your convenience.

Rental gear pricing:

Their “car camping kit” with a tent that takes in up to 4 persons is only $114. Just add $27 if you want to spend an additional night. Not bad for a camping kit that offers more than just the basics. Their backpacking kits for two start at $137 on the initial night. If one night is not enough, then add $27 to enjoy an extra overnight stay.


Outdoors Geek
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Looking for a more customized camping package? This camping and outdoor gear rental company gives you just that. They offer a wide range of backpacking and outdoor packages that suit every camping style. And if you want to explore a personalized glamorous camping event, Outdoor Geek can help you with that.

Go camp with your friends, kids, pet, or partner. Book the best camping package that matches your outdoor dream adventure. From the most minimalistic camping package to the fanciest glamping event on the beach, the choice is yours.

Rental gear pricing:

Outdoor Geek’s single basic rental package costs $69. This camping set includes a tent, sleeping bag, and an inflatable sleeping pad. Or, if you’re up for a romantic retreat with your partner, a couple’s package costs $179 for up to 3 days. 


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This outdoor gear rental boasts of free reservation and shipping anywhere in the US, whether to your doorstep or your Airbnb. If you are a thrifty veteran camper or backpacker, then just choose from Arrive Outdoor’s simple outdoor gear sets for one, two, and four. Their touring bike package is what sets this rental company apart. And if you’re a seasoned backpacker who loves biking on trails, then this package will surely lure you.

They carry leading outdoor gear brands like MSR, Marmot, Nemo, and many others to give their customers a worthwhile camping experience every time. 

Rental gear pricing:

Their super basic set starts at $52. Depending on how long you will be camping, their much more comprehensive camping set for one starts at $125. Again, reservations are free of charge. And if you’re based in LA, then you can either pick up your order or have it delivered to your doorstep.


Xscape Pod
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Cool camping pods with a generous amount of good camping stuff. Whether you’re setting out on a lonesome backpacking journey, or an exciting group adventure, Xscape Pod promises to help you achieve your outdoor getaway.

A camping pod for two offers a surprisingly comprehensive set of camping gear and a lot more. Their campsite kit even includes air pads, a duffel bag, a multi-tool, and even a first-aid kit. What more can you ask for?

Rental gear pricing:

Solo campers will spend $149 for a cozy camping experience. And a dual-pod will cost couples $199 for the all-inclusive camping gear and a whole lot more.


LowerGear Outdoors
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This Arizona-based outdoor gear rental carries a wide array of items from backpacking gear to camping equipment. But while most camping gear for hire companies offer pre-bundled sets, they rent you outdoor supplies separately. If you’re a camping newbie who starts from scratch, then this place is not for you.

But if you’re a minimalist and happy to rent your list of must-haves only, LowerGear Outdoors is a good retail store for your humble needs.

Rental gear pricing:

A single-person tent ranges between $29 and $55 of the rental cost. Comfy tents for two for 3 days’ rental costs $36. A month-long rent is only $59. Insulated mattress pads can be rented for only $14 for 3 days.

Related Questions

How can I get free camping gear?

If you seek, then you shall find! You can get much cheaper, or sometimes free, camping and backpacking gear in good condition at garage sales, thrift shops, on Facebook groups, gear swapping sites, and even at your favorite local outfitter like REI. 

Or who knows, your kind neighbor has a usable tent hidden in their garage! You can also borrow from a veteran camper friend – if possible. Most seasoned outdoor junkies keep loads of old camping or backpacking stuff that no longer see the light of day.

Popular brands, too, sometimes offer promos and giveaways on their social media pages. Look them up, like, and follow them so you can get a chance to win instant prizes.

What are camping rental packages?

Some gear rental providers offer pre-bundled items so that customers can easily plan and book their outdoor vacay. Camping sets, kits, or packages typically include a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads or mattresses, lights, a stove, and cooking gear. 

Can you rent backpacking equipment?

Absolutely! Most outdoor gear rental services offer camping gear for rent but also gear for all other types of outdoor leisure activities like backpacking and hiking. 

Final Word

Camping is always possible even if you don’t own any gear or equipment. 

Buying “pre-loved” goods is also an option. Sites that promote sustainability, like REI, usually offer swapping and second-hand items. There’s always a budget-friendly way to get away and be with nature.

And one important thing to remember before heading out is to always plan. This not only saves you time and energy but most importantly, it saves you a ton of money. Order your equipment at least a month before your trip. And if you want to shorten your rental term, why don’t you have your rented gear shipped to a location closer to your campsite? Top rentals normally do this. Some of them even have a concierge-like service!

If we think about it, the wilderness has gotten closer and closer. Services that make our outdoor fantasies tangible have been very accessible. If we don’t own one, we can rent one! And even if sometimes the budget is tight, with a bit of creativity and determination, we can always find a way to make it happen. 

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