What is Koa Camping?

Koa Camping is a beautiful camping destination that is on the Big Island of Hawaii. The campground has many great amenities and activities for people to enjoy, and what’s more, it’s affordable! Koa Camping provides guests with various packages so you can choose what best suits your needs. This blog post will talk about what […]

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Tips for Refilling a Fresh Water Tank During Camping

When it comes to camping, freshwater is a necessity. That’s why many campers carry their own water with them and refill the tank from natural sources found in the environment. There are also other ways of how to refill your freshwater tank while camping. As you might have guessed, these methods involve carrying less weight […]

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How to Power CPAP Machine While Camping

Do you love to go camping? Do you use a CPAP machine while sleeping? This article will show how to power your CPAP machine while camping. We’ll start by discussing how an inverter works and how it can power a CPAP during the day, then we’ll move on to how this is used for camping. […]

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How to Pack a Camping Backpack: A Complete List of What You Need

It’s time to pack up your camping backpack and hit the open road for a day, a weekend, or even an entire week! But how do you know what to bring? This guide will help you figure out how much weight should be in your pack. Our Backpacking Checklist: We’ve put together a complete backpacking […]

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Keeping RV Pipes From Freezing While Camping

As you might know, the pipes in your RV can freeze when camping if they are not insulated properly. This is a fundamental problem many people don’t think about before heading out on their winter adventure. However, it’s essential to take precautions so that this doesn’t happen to you! In this blog post, we will […]

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Things to Do When Camping

Camping as a family is an excellent bonding experience. It’s easy to get bored out of your mind sitting in the wilderness all day, so coming prepared with some games and activities can really help make camping even better. It’s essential to fill the hours with a variety of activities when you’re camping. These include […]

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Tips for Staying Cool While Camping

It’s almost the end of summer, and the camping season will be starting soon. If you want to make sure that your summer camping trip goes well, then this article is for you! To keep cool while camping, there are three important factors you should consider when camping in order to stay cool while staying […]

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What to Bring in Camping: Food Tips

Camping food is an important topic to discuss. But it isn’t just about the food you bring on your camping trip, but also how you pack. If food gets wet in a cooler or loaded improperly, it will spoil and make everyone sick. These food tips will help ensure you have enough food for all […]

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Is There a Speed Limit With a Roof Box W

Is There a Speed Limit With a Roof Box?

Roof box affords travelers the ability to pack more than their vehicle alone can carry through the ease and security of rooftop equipment. However, roof boxes are an addition to the vehicle, making travelers wary of their speed. Is there a speed limit when traveling with a roof box?  There is no set speed limit […]

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What Cars Can You Put a Rooftop Tent On W

What Cars Can You Put a Rooftop Tent On? 

Rooftop tents are a great way to save space for those camping with smaller vehicles, but when it comes to considering their weight and the hardware needed to install a rooftop tent, some may be wondering if their vehicle can support it. What cars can you put a rooftop tent on?  Any car that has […]

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How Can I Make My Rooftop Tent More Comfortable W

How Can I Make My Rooftop Tent More Comfortable

Rooftop tents are a type of camping shelter that can be installed on top of your car. They provide an excellent opportunity to get closer to nature and have more space for you and the ones you love! There’s also something special about sleeping under the stars, but how do we make it all comfortable […]

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Are Rooftop Tents Warm W

Are Rooftop Tents Warm?

Rooftop tents are trending now more than ever because they have an appealing aesthetic, are incredibly portable when it comes to mobility, and offer campers a different style of outdoor camping, but when it comes to warmth, are rooftop tents cozy enough to sleep in?  Rooftop tents are very warm when compared to ground tents, […]

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Backcountry Camping W

Backcountry camping: Getting away from it all

Backcountry camping is a type of camping in the wilderness away from developed campgrounds or any what we call “civilization.” Backcountry camping can be an exhilarating experience, but it also requires you to take some precautions before you venture out into the wild. We have compiled what we consider to be the essential information for […]

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12 Reasons to Stop Camping and Start Car Camping W

12 Reasons to Stop Camping and Start Car Camping

Car camping is gaining popularity. When you think about what car camping entails, it’s a lot different than what most people would consider traditional camping. It can be as simple as putting on your comfiest clothes and driving to the campsite- or as complicated as packing up a camper van with all of your gear […]

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What to do while camping W

What to Do While Camping

Camping is a popular way to experience the outdoors. It can be a great way to spend time with friends and family, or just relax in nature. Camping trips are not always perfect, tough – things happen. Here are few things you should do while camping so that your trip goes as smoothly as possible! […]

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