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Camping Gear Rental W

Camping Gear Rental

Camping has never been this appealing. After months of being cooped up at home, countless zoom calls, and too much screen time, it is most likely that our longing for mother nature and fresh (virus-free) air has gone at an all-time high. Imagine sipping a hot cup of joe in the mountains while breathing in […]

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How to Pack Camping Gear for a Flight W

How to Pack Camping Gear for a Flight

If you’re an urban dweller, chances are you sometimes find yourself dreaming about a camping trip to a place like the Grand Canyon.  But before getting carried away, let’s have a quick reality check. Booking your flight is one thing, but packing your camping gear is another.  So we’ve compiled a cheat sheet to help […]

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Is Camping Gear Essential W

Is Camping Gear Essential?

We all know that camping gear is a necessity when it comes to outdoor activities. But, do you really need to invest in the most expensive and top-of-the-line products? Absolutely not! Though some things will make your life easier. Is camping gear essential?  Yes. Good preparation is important before heading into the backcountry. You’ll need […]

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10 Best Camping Sites in Minnesota

10 Best Camping Sites in Minnesota

You cannot lack a perfect spot to place your tent with the several state parks, large wilderness areas, and national forests available in Minnesota. Camping sites in this state are interlaced with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness lakes and watercourses. These water bodies are found across the steppe grass in Minnesota’s southern areas. Although […]

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5 Types of Places that Offer Free Camping in the U.S. W

5 Types of Places that Offer Free Camping in the U.S.

With millions of acres in the United States available for free camping, it can seem ridiculous to pay for an overnight adventure. Still, recognizing that free camping comes with zero of the amenities and all of the responsibility of “Leave No Trace” policies, it is important to do your research before setting off for your […]

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How Can I Get a Free Camping Gear W

How Can I Get Free Camping Gear?

Just you and the great outdoors- well, that, and all of the equipment that you need to support your safety, nourishment, and comfortability. Gathering all of the gear that you need to go camping can become rather expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to find camping gear for free or at reduced costs. If you want […]

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When Should I Buy Camping Gear W

When Should I Buy Camping Gear?

Whether you are stocking up on a few pieces of new equipment, or you are looking to start from the ground up, choosing the right time to purchase your camping gear can make all of the difference in the quality of gear that you will be able to afford. Is there really a best time […]

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What Should You Not Bring Camping W

What Should You Not Bring Camping?

Packing up for your next outdoor camping adventure can seem a bit daunting. Regardless of how long you are traveling, you want to be prepared for a variety of conditions. With that in mind, you also do not want to overpack and cause yourself to have to take on extra weight unnecessarily. When packing for […]

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How Do You Stay Warm in a Tent W

How Do You Stay Warm in a Tent?

Going camping is an incredible experience in nature- feeling the cool breeze, gazing at the open sky, and listening to the quiet noises all around you. But, when the cool breeze starts to impact you a bit too much, how can you warm up in your tent? Staying warm in a tent involves using an […]

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11 Best Backpacking Destinations

With an amazing planet to explore but only so much time and so many resources to go around, backpackers are looking for the best destinations to invest their money and energy into visiting- all while expecting great adventure in return. The best backpacking destinations will have various terrain, remarkable views, an opportunity to engage with […]

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Campfire Cooking Tripod

How To Make A Campfire Cooking Tripod

How To Make A Campfire Cooking Tripod  The first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about camping is having a campfire and cooking over it. It is a wholesome activity if we can do it, and it’s not difficult. Most people like to get their own kind of grill and electronic cooking […]

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Camping Gear Checklist

Camping Gear Checklist: Everything You Need for a Fun Camping Trip

Outdoor excursions like camping and hiking are a great way to take a break from your busy life and just reset. Camping is a fun activity to undertake with family and friends – or alone if you are a lone wolf. For most people, when camping is talked about, all that comes to mind is […]

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