Essential Camping Gear on Amazon W

Essential Camping Gear on Amazon

So, you’re ready to go out and buy your own camping gear, minus the going out part. It seems only natural that you would turn to Amazon and the promise of that sweet two-day Prime shipping to build your essential camping gear arsenal for when the perfect three-day weekend or summer vacation arrives. 

But when the choices are infinite, what’s worth the buy? Here are some suggestions for essential camping gear available on Amazon right now: 

The Camping Essentials on Amazon Right Now 

First and foremost, if you’re not camping in a cabin, you need some shelter.

Coleman Sundome Tent 

One of the highest rated and most popular tents on Amazon, this is an affordable option that ranges from a 2-person to a 6-person tent. It’s weatherproof, which could be useful when you’re outside and subject to unpredictable weather conditions. It comes with a rainfly, inverted seams and welded corners. Few things are certain in life, but many reviewers can attest that this thing will. Keep. You. Dry. Ranging from $49.99 to $169.94, this tent also wins on the affordability scale. As one reviewer described it, this tent is a “freaking TANK”. For the more particular camper, more expensive or higher-end tents exist. But this tent will meet all your essential camping needs. 

TNH Aluminum Tent Stakes 

For when you want your tent to stay where you put it. Lightweight and durable, these stakes are essential for keeping you and your tent protected and secure from high gusts of wind or unpredictable weather. Instead of using the plastic stakes that come with the tent, many reviewers can confirm that from the beach to the mountains, these stakes got you covered. 

The LuminAID PackLite lantern 

Solar powered and collapsable, this lightweight lantern would be perfect for backpacking trips. It’s chargeable by USB or solar power, giving you access to a naturally rechargeable energy and light source, ideal for spending long periods of time in the back country away from civilization and light sockets. It has a 50-hour battery life and only takes 1-2 hours to charge through the USB. Just plug it in while you pack and you have a light, portable energy source for a couple days. And it’s collapsable, so it won’t take up precious room for other supplies in your backpack. 

Vont 2-Pack LED Lanterns 

You really can’t go wrong with a standard LED lantern. Perfect for car camping, these lanterns put out a bright LED light to keep your campsite illuminated as long as you need. They use 3 AA batteries and can last up to 90 hours. Durable and made of military-grade materials, this lantern can withstand harsh weather conditions and almost anything you can throw at it (but maybe don’t test that theory). It is a great choice for camping, but also an essential item to have in case of emergencies. 

LED Head Lamp 

Perfect for when you need light but also your hands. Maybe you’re setting up camp as it’s getting dark out, walking dogs at night or getting in some late night mothman hunting, the possibilities are endless. This particular set comes with adjustable straps, rechargeable batteries and varying degrees of brightness. If having more functionality at night is an important part of your camping experience, these affordable, lightweight headlights would be good to have around. 


Fact: you can’t go wrong with Nalgene. You really can’t. It is the water bottle in its purest form. It’s lightweight, customizable (it comes in every color combination you could possibly want in your water carrying device), it has a useful loop for attaching to backpacks or carrying by hand, and it holds 32 fluid ounces of water. For context, that’s half the water you need to drink in a day. But ultimately, we all know it’s really a canvas for all your National Park stickers. And at $11.99, it’s one piece of essential gear that definitely does not need to break the bank. There are infinite water bottles and opinions about which one is superior. But in this reviewer’s opinion, few can compare in simplicity, utility and price to Nalgene. 


Despite my love for Nalgene, Hydroflask gives it a run for its money. The main draw here is that it’s insulated. It will keep your water cold, which is a nice feature to have. And it comes in several different sizes, for people who don’t want to carry around 32 fluid ounces. But if weight is important to you, this one is heavier. The lid is not attached to the bottle, which can be a downside for certain types of people who leave things behind. But with its bright, vibrant colors, it’s a beautiful way to stay hydrated.

Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System 

So you have the water bottle, but how will you refill it? Perfect for people planning longer trips and relying on natural water sources, this filter is truly an essential item. It meets all the standard criteria for backpackers: compact and lightweight. You can attach it to the included drinking pouch, your own water bottle or a straw. Good for people who want to drink straight from the source but also understand that it might not be the best idea without some protection. 

Coleman Cold Weather Sleeping Bag 

Lightweight, durable, and most importantly, warm, this sleeping bag can’t be beat for the price. A sleeping bag is essential to stay warm at night, and this bag has you covered (literally) for 20 degree F weather and up. It comes with a soft, comfortable inner lining and stitching to keep the stuffing from getting uneven and lumpy like the one in your parents’ attic. It’s an essential addition to any camper’s go-to gear. 

Sleepingo Sleeping Pad 

The bag keeps you warm, but the pad is what makes the difference when it comes to sleeping on rough terrain. This pad is 2 inches thick, easy to inflate and “packs down to the size of a water bottle.” At 0.9 pounds, this pad is lightweight and compactable, perfect for camping or carrying in your backpack. If quality sleep is something you hope to achieve while sleeping on rough terrain, or anywhere that isn’t a bed, this pad deserves a place in your backpack or tent

Bear Butt Double Hammock 

From college campuses to lazy afternoons to backwoods hiking, few items can transform any outdoor space (with trees) into a comfortable hangout for you and one other person (with a 500 pound weight limit, the dog can come too). Lightweight, with the clips and straps you need to anchor it, a hammock is just good to have. You never know when the perfect sunny afternoon or the spontaneous need to be outdoors will hit you. When it does, you’ll be ready. 

Youphoria Microfiber Camping Towel 

Whether you’re renting a kayak and spending most of your time in the water, want to take a quick dip in a lake, or just need a lightweight way to get dry, this is the towel for you. They come in multiple sizes and take up much less space than your average towel, making them perfect for people worried about space and weight. The microfiber material dries quickly, so even when you’re not headed to the campsite, these towels are great to throw in your gym or travel bag.

Odoland Camping Cookware and Stove 

Even in the great outdoors, mornings mean coffee time and people gotta eat. That’s where this super lightweight, compact and versatile kit comes in handy. The kit comes with two pots, with the smaller pot doubling as a lid and a bowl. The anti-slip, anti-heat handles collapse inward and wrap around the pots, so you don’t have any awkward handles to deal with. It also includes a coffee cup, folding utensils and a folding stove to help you save space. Portable and durable, this cookware belongs anywhere people want to make food outdoors. 

Final Thoughts 

Buying your own camping gear can be a daunting experience. With so many brands and choices available to you, from a variety of stores and countless online sites, it can be difficult to know where to start or what will work best for you. While everyone’s individual needs will be different, it is entirely possible to find all your essential camping gear on Amazon. On Amazon, you can find stuff you need, stuff you didn’t know you need, and plenty of stuff you definitely don’t need. But if getting outdoors and having some good times and better adventures is on your to-do list, Amazon has the camping essentials you need to make it happen.

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