How Fast Can You Drive With a Rooftop Tent W

How Fast Can You Drive With a Rooftop Tent?

Having a rooftop tent installed directly above the roof of your vehicle can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be one that worries some users when it comes to the speeds your car can reach when in motion. How fast can you drive with a rooftop tent installed on your vehicle? 

You can drive at regular speeds when traveling with a rooftop tent, as speed should not be affected by the equipment. However, the equipment may cause drag, which can decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. To aid this, install a permanent rack, purchase a lighter tent, and center the tent.

If you are on the road and headed to your next adventure, you may not want to fly through your trip (in fear of missing beautiful scenery), but you likely don’t want to move at a snail’s pace either. When driving with a rooftop tent attached to your vehicle, there will inevitably be some drag which may cause you to drive a bit slower than usual, but when it comes to how fast you can really go when carrying this item, take a look below to find out the detailed answer. 

How Fast Can You Drive With a Rooftop Tent? 

With cargo being installed on the roof of your vehicle, you may be nervous when driving at high speeds, as this can be the time when such cargo is made loose and could potentially dismount. This reasoning is warranted for items that are not secure, but when it comes to rooftop tents that are properly and securely installed, worry should be the last thing users feel. When traveling with a rooftop tent, exactly how fast can you safely drive without issue? 

If you are carrying a rooftop tent on your vehicle, you can safely travel at the same speeds that you would without a rooftop tent installed. If the tent has been installed securely, there should be no possibility of the tent detaching or causing issues when at top speeds. 

It can be tempting to drive at a slower pace than normal when items such as a rooftop tent are installed on the roof of your car. After all, the drag procured by wind when traveling at high speeds can be the reason for items to become unstable. However, rooftop tents are mostly compact, which means that although you may notice a slight drag coming from the piece, it will not be enough to slow your pace or force you to travel slower than normal. 

What May Affect Your Vehicle When Traveling With a Rooftop Tent? 

Knowing that you can drive at a normal speed while traveling with a rooftop tent, you may be wondering that since this myth is debunked, if any other areas may be affected with such cargo. Rooftop tents are no light load when it comes to weight, which means that they are going to inevitably affect your vehicle in some way. If you are traveling with a rooftop tent, take a look below to find out how a rooftop tent can affect your vehicle 

Driving with a rooftop tent may not cause you to travel at slower speeds, but the additional weight may affect how many miles per gallon you are able to get. Rooftop tents are quite heavy, which causes gas to burn at a faster rate, making your vehicle’s efficiency decrease. 

Rooftop tents alone can weigh over 200 pounds, but when you also consider the weight of the aftermarket rack that is installed along with the tent, you have a very heavy load that becomes even more of a burden when your car is in motion. This does not mean that your vehicle is not capable, but with the additional weight moving at high speeds, you will notice that your gas efficiency will drop and you will not be able to travel as far on one tank of gas. 

What Can be Done to Improve Traveling Efficiency With a Rooftop Tent? 

You may be thinking that fuel efficiency is something that you are going to have to throw out the window when it comes to traveling with a rooftop tent, but there are a few things you can do to help minimize how much gas you are burning and how much drag your rooftop tent procures when driving at high speeds. To know what can be done when traveling with a rooftop tent, take a look below to find a few different tips to improve your driving experience. 

Install a Permanent Aftermarket Rack 

Drag may not force you to go at a slower speed while traveling with a rooftop tent, but it can be the reason that you left off the gas just a bit in order to reduce the feeling you get when you feel resistance up against the equipment on the top of your car.

Significant drag is also a main contributor to decreased fuel efficiency, as the drag forces your vehicle to work harder to get where it is going, therefore, burning more gas. So how can you make things more efficient? 

To improve your vehicle’s efficiency when traveling with a rooftop tent, consider purchasing a permanent roof rack. Permanent roof racks typically sit much lower than temporary roof racks, which means they keep your rooftop tent at a lower level, creating less drag when traveling at high speeds. 

Purchase a Lighter-Weight Tent 

The height of your aftermarket weight will elevate your tent and create greater drag when you are driving which causes your vehicle to be less fuel efficient. Something else that will affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is the weight which is on the roof as well. As previously noted, rooftop tents are not considered to be light cargo, which means that your car has to work extra hard when traveling with such a load. How, then, can you make the load lighter? 

Another way to improve your vehicle’s efficiency when traveling with a rooftop tent is to purchase a rooftop tent that is lighter in weight. Smaller rooftop tents tend to be lighter, therefore, if you are able to spare the room, go for a tent that will not add as much weight to the roof of your car. 

Mount Your Rooftop Tent in the Center of the Roof 

Purchasing a permanent roof rack that sits at a lower level and installing a lighter-weight rooftop tent are two great ways to help your vehicle be more fuel efficient when traveling as well as decrease drag. However, there is a smaller, less obvious way to help contribute to fuel efficiency.

If you are looking for another way to increase your fuel efficiency when traveling with a rooftop tent, take a look below to find a less obvious method. 

To improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency when traveling with a rooftop tent is to make sure that you mount the tent in the center of your roof. Some owners want the tent closer to the back or front of their vehicle, but by placing it in the middle, you allow for better weight distribution. 

Pack Lightly 

When traveling with a rooftop tent, you are of course going to have the weight of the tent in tow. Along with this though, many campers are going to fill up their trunks and back seats with other necessary equipment. When camping, there are certainly items that you have to have to stay safe, comfortable, and cared for during your trip. However, it is important to be able to distinguish what you need to bring versus what is simply unnecessary to help fuel efficiency. 

One last way to improve travel efficiency when camping with a rooftop camp is to try to keep other cargo light. When packing, be sure to pack only what you have to have so that your vehicle can have less weight to transport. In turn, your car will burn more miles to the gallon when traveling.

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