How Fast Can You Drive With a Ski Rack W

How Fast Can You Drive With a Ski Rack?

If you are looking to head to the mountains for a day of speed and snow, the most important thing is being able to get all of your gear there without a problem. If you are traveling with a ski rack, how fast can you go to ensure that you and your gear get there safely? 

There is no hard speed limit to stick to when driving with a ski rack, but it is advised to stay under a speed of 90 miles per hour to keep excessive drag from plaguing your vehicle, keep fuel efficiency at a reasonable level, and prevent any accidents from occurring. 

Ski racks are a way to take your gear to and from your favorite ski or snowboarding spot without having to worry about if there is enough room in your truck or if there are going to be available rentals once you get to your destination. However, when traveling with additional gear on top of your vehicle, it can be scary to test your limits when it comes to speed. If you have a ski rack, take a look below to find out how fast you can go with this type of equipment. 

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How Fast Can You Drive With a Ski Rack? 

You have the right vehicle for the job, the proper hardware to install a ski rack, and you have the rack secured and ready to go with all of your equipment for a long day on the slopes. Once you load into the car and start accelerating though, you may notice that there is a slight difference in how your vehicle handles, the fuel efficiency it typically runs, and the drag coming from the top of your car. Noticing this, you may be wondering how far you can go with a ski rack. 

When driving with a ski rack, there is no hard speed limit, but it is advised to keep your vehicle under 90 miles per hour to avoid intense drag or instability when it comes to the control of your vehicle. Keep under this speed limit and you, other drivers, and your gear will remain safe. 

Although there is no absolute speed restriction when it comes to traveling with a ski rack, it is important to realize that by adding an additional item to your vehicle, you change the way your vehicle travels. Even more, when you increase the speeds at which you travel, this dynamic is changed even more, which is why it is advised to stay under 90 miles per hour when traveling with your ski rack as well as any equipment that is installed on it. 

A ski rack sits relatively high above the roof of your car and these racks also add additional weight to your vehicle, on top of the weight that your gear adds as well. When traveling, it is likely that you are going to notice your fuel efficiency decrease as well as the drag your vehicle experiences. When you increase the speed of your vehicle, these two elements also escalate, which is why driving at a reasonable speed is so important. 

Realistically, there are few places where skiers and snowboarders find themselves in which the speed limit exceeds 90 miles per hour. This may seem like a rather minute point to make, but knowing where you stand as far as the law goes is incredibly important to adhere to the safety guidelines of the area, as well as keeping you, those with you, and your gear protected. Always be aware of the speed limit and adhere to this rather than pushing to get to your destination. 

How to Ensure the Safety of a Ski Rack 

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Ski racks are a great solution when compared to other roof box counterparts, as they are lighter, carry only the equipment you need, and get you where you need to go without a ton of fuss. Although ski racks are relatively cut and dry when it comes to installation and use, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your rack stays put, your gear keeps hold, and you can get to your next slope without encountering any problems. 

Don’t Overload the Ski Rack 

When heading out for a ski trip, many people find themselves in the company of more than a few friends. After all, skiing with friends is one of the best ways to improve your own skills, as competition is the best motivation, right? Although this may be true, it can be a bit of a burden on your ski rack when you and your friends all decide to travel in the same vehicle. Although it may look like your rack can hold all of your gear, too much can cause unnecessary strain. 

Be sure to never exceed the dynamic weight capacity of your vehicle and be sure to adhere to the typical load that most ski racks can handle: either six pairs of skis, four snowboards, or a mix up of the two depending on the length and weight limit of the rack, usually between 80 and 160 pounds. 

Mount the Ski Rack Properly 

Of course, you want to ensure that you don’t overload your rack to avoid any unnecessary strain on the rack which can cause instability, leading to lost cargo or the compromisation of your vehicle’s dynamic weight capacity. Along with this though, you need to ensure that you have installed your ski rack securely, paying close attention to the installation instructions and being sure to follow every step to a complete tee. 

When installing a ski rack on your vehicle, be sure that you follow the installation steps that come with the rack to ensure that the rack has been installed as safely as possible. Secure all hardware properly and once installed, check that the fit is immovable and completely stable. 

Secure All Gear 

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Whether you are loading up skis, snowboards, or a combination of the two, you first want to make sure that your rack is secured, but after this, that your gear is just as stable. If you have a ski rack that is sturdy but gear that hasn’t been properly installed, the ski rack may as well be gone. The entire point of a ski rack is to be able to carry gear safely, but if the gear has not been loaded and secured as it should, a ski rack loses its purpose. 

When loading gear onto your ski rack, be sure to lock the gear into place to ensure that your gear will not move, even when traveling at high speeds. If the gear is not locked properly, high speeds could cause your gear to detach which means lost gear and potential accidents. 

Be Aware of the Ski Rack When Driving 

Placing a ski rack on the top of your vehicle while also having gear loaded on it can cause your vehicle to drive differently than if you were to drive with a bare roof. This means lesser fuel efficiency and more drag when you are traveling at higher speeds, making it imperative that you pay close attention to how the ski rack changes how your vehicle behaves on the road. When traveling with a ski rack, what do you need to pay attention to when driving? 

When driving with a ski rack, always be aware of the speed limit in the area you are traveling, keep your tires aired up to an appropriate level, and slow down when you are rounding sharp corners to help distribute the weight evenly enough so your vehicle and rack both remain stable.

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