How Fast Can You Go With a Thule Roof Box W

How Fast Can You Go With a Thule Roof Box? 

Roof boxes allow travelers the ability to disperse items to a different area on their vehicle to avoid filling up the cabin or give them additional room to load even more essential items they need. When it comes to the Thule roof box, how fast can you go when carrying this equipment? 

When traveling with a Thule roof box, there is no hard speed limit to stay within, but it is advised to travel under 90 miles per hour to avoid experiencing drastic changes with the road holdings of your vehicle. By staying under this speed limit, you are able to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.

With a wide variety of roof box products offered by Thule, owners may be wondering if there is any difference or recommendation when it comes to controlling your vehicle’s speed when carrying a product like this. Adding a Thule roof box to your vehicle is safe, secure, and will offer you more room than your vehicle can provide to transport cargo. If you are wondering about speed limits when carrying, take a look below to see how fast you can go with a Thule roof box. 

How Fast Can You Go With a Thule Roof Box? 

Thule roof boxes have been long desired by a wide variety of travelers and campers alike, as they have an incredibly sleek design, are aerodynamic, are built in a way that protects your gear even at high speeds, and can endure inclement weather without being affected. However, adding a piece of gear to your vehicle can be intimidating when it comes to traveling at high speeds, which may leave users wondering how fast they can go with a Thule roof box installed. 

When traveling with a Thule roof box, you should not exceed 90 miles per hour as this high speed can change the road holdings of your vehicle, which can mean losing control and stability. When this happens, control can be lost, or even more serious, a wreck can occur. 

A Thule roof box is designed to be an easy addition to your vehicle when that vehicle is being used properly when carrying such cargo. Cars are manufactured to support the structure of the car when traveling, therefore, when other items are added to the car (although vehicles are also designed to be able to support a certain amount of weight), drivers must be conscientious enough to realize that items will change how the vehicle travels. 

First, Thule roof boxes may be relatively light when compared to other items such as rooftop tents, but when added with a roof rack as well as the items within the roof rack, the weight of your vehicle changes and the way your vehicle handles high speeds does as well. When there is extra weight on top of your vehicle, your fuel efficiency will decrease (how much depends on the vehicle you own) due to the additional weight and extra drag taken on due to the roof box. 

A Thule roof box has an incredibly aerodynamic design which helps to reduce the drag your vehicle experiences when carrying additional cargo. This puts less strain on your vehicle which reduces the impact the roof box has on fuel efficiency, making it easier to travel at higher speeds without noticing much difference in your car’s road holdings. Because of this, it can be easy to travel at a speed that would be typical without a roof box. 

However, it is important to always keep in mind the potential risk you carry when traveling with a roof box. No matter how aerodynamic a roof box may be, there is always potential for the weight the box carries as well as the structural change the box has on your vehicle to cause issues. This potential is most possible when you are traveling at high speeds, which is why keeping your vehicle under 90 miles per hour is advised to avoid any risky situations. 

Benefits of Thule Roof Boxes 

There are thousands of different options out there when it comes to roof boxes, ones that fall at a much cheaper cost when compared to the high price of Thule roof boxes. This can make choosing a cheaper model more appealing when it comes to trying to save a bit of money, but there are a few advantages that Thule roof boxes that other, less expensive brands may offer. If you are wondering about the benefits of Thule roof boxes, take a look below to find out. 

Thule Roof Boxes Can Carry as Much or as Little as You Need

Thule roof boxes come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the lightest or heaviest cargo packs when traveling. This is great for those who need a little more or a little less when traveling or camping, as they are able to find a roof box that can be tailored to their individual needs without skimping on room or overdoing the space they need, creating more cargo than is necessary. 

Thule roof boxes range from sizes between 10 to 20 cubic feet and can hold enough gear for around 5 people or 165 pounds worth of supplies. The most average size, ranging from 15 to 18 cubic feet, can carry the same amount as the trunk of a Honda Accord, doubling your storage space. 

Smaller Thule Roof Boxes Allow for Other Items 

For many campers or travelers, they prefer to take on the open road in a solo manner, which means that they don’t need as much storage space when it comes to their roof box. What is great about Thule is that there are quite a few options when it comes to small roof boxes, making it easy to find something to fit your needs, your budget, but also allow you enough room to fit any other gear you need to take along without having to worry about available space. 

Another advantage of Thule roof boxes is that the smaller models are not only great for those traveling alone who don’t need as much additional storage, but the size of these roof boxes allows individuals the ability to mount other items on the roof of their vehicle. 

Thule Roof Boxes Allow Easy Installation 

When it comes to packing up and getting on the road, saving time is just as important as saving money. There are so many different things travelers have to consider before setting out on their journey and making some of those aspects more time-efficient is a great way of making the prep process easier and less strenuous. Thule gives travelers the ability to find products that offer easy installation, making traveling that much easier. 

Many Thule roof boxes are designed with the ability to install them in under a minute, due to the FastGrip quick-mount system that some come equipped this. This makes installation incredibly ease and saves a tremendous amount of time due to the easy and efficiency of installation. 

Thule Roof Boxes Are Lightweight 

When it comes to carrying additional cargo, many travelers want to keep things as light as possible to avoid putting strain on your vehicle and burning through fuel. Of course, you are going to consider how much your gear weighs before traveling, but on top of this, you also have to consider how much the items weigh that are going to help you transport that gear. Therefore, when it comes to weight, the lighter, the better. 

Even with the largest model of Thule roof boxes, the weight does not exceed 60 pounds, which gives travelers plenty of weight to add inside of the carrier. Remember to find the dynamic weight capacity of your vehicle, then add what you need to your roof box until you reach this capacity. 

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