How to Keep Your Phone Charged While Camping

How to Keep Your Phone Charged While Camping

How to Keep Your Phone Charged While Camping

Camping is an out-of-this-world experience. Spending time in the wilderness can help you refresh. Nature is healing, but it’s hard for many to stay disconnected from the actual world.

In today’s world, not using your phone could be challenging. It has become a multi-functional tool. You can take photos, use it as a flashlight, and play music while camping. All of these activities sound essential, but are they really?

Before going camping, you must make sure your phone is charged well. No matter how much you should stay away from it while experiencing nature, you must have your phone in case of emergencies. Knowing you have the security to call for help if necessary will allow you to have a greater camping experience.

It’s hard to charge your phone while strolling through the wilderness. There are no power outlets for you to charge them, so it’s hard to keep your phone’s battery from draining, especially if you decide to spend days camping.

Here are some of the most brilliant life hacks for keeping your phone charged while camping:


 Limit Phone Use While Camping

Limit Phone Use While Camping

First, let’s deal with how you can reduce your phone time so you can save a lot of the battery’s charge.

Android phones come with significant advantages because they have separate power-saving settings and other options such as using only limited apps. On the other hand, iPhone or iPad users can’t alter any setting for power saving. Let’s dive into some considerable ways in which you can save any type of phone from dying.

1. Turn off your phone. 

Nothing is more power-saving than turning the phone off. You can turn it on only when you need it for something.

When you are on your phone, you spend hours without knowing how you are spending it. Turning off your phone while camping will help you live in the moment and capture some of the best memories.

2. Turn on the actual power-saving mode.

Power saving mode is a setting that is made to keep the phone from unnecessarily draining the battery. It blocks the background apps and keeps you notified only of the most critical aspects.

3. Don’t use the internet unless it’s essential.

Don't use the internet unless it's essential.

Using the internet will drain your charge in no time, especially when the apps continue to send notifications and updates. So, make sure to turn on your data only if you need it.

4. Lower the phone’s brightness.

If you keep your brightness setting turned down low, your phone will not require as much power. You will be saving some of the battery’s charge.

5. Protect the phone from extreme temperatures.

At times, the temperature influences the draining of your battery. Your phone won’t function well at extreme temperatures. However, you can keep it protected by ensuring that it is not directly exposed to very hot or cold weather.


Power Requirements for Charging

You must note that the amount of power required to charge your phone should be considered. So, while charging your phone, you must check whether the power supply can give your device the right amount of power.

You can learn this by checking the capacity of your battery. On average, a cell phone battery life is said to be 2500mAh. You just have to check how much power is needed for your phone accordingly.

Apart from learning these basic things about maintaining the battery life, we will also look at some alternative charging aspects that will help you keep going throughout your camping days. Here are a few examples:


Portable power banks

You can charge your phone on the go instantly by carrying a portable battery. You won’t need to search for any power outlets and can start charging your phone while holding it. 

Smart right?

This is an effective way to charge small devices like your phone or iPad. It is a quick and easy solution for you to keep your phone charged and active.

Portable power stations are a large version of the compact-sized power banks USB, though equally mobile. These portable power stations charge most of the heavy devices and hold a great deal of power.


Solar chargers

Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are a very impressive way of getting your phone charged. Comparatively, solar chargers are more advantageous than portable power banks because you can recharge your phone limitlessly at all times.

As solar chargers extract power from the sunlight, it’s free. You just have to connect your solar charger in the sunlight, and you are good to go.

Solar chargers could be of great benefit if you are hiking or backpacking. Solar chargers also have built-in power banks that will save up some charge for you to use after the sunsets.

This is an excellent way of using renewable energy, which is also known as green energy.


Vehicle charging

You can also use the battery from your car to charge your phone. This could be very helpful if you travel to your camping site in your vehicle. Also, your phone can be secure in your car while you take a walk.

To be able to use your vehicle’s energy, you must buy a 12V to USB adapter. Only with this inexpensive USB cord, you can start charging your phone with the car battery. 

These are all ways you can choose to keep your phone charged while camping. Some tips have focused on helping you charge your phone while camping as well.

The portable power banks are indeed lifesavers. The solar chargers are great too but limit you somewhat by being exposed to sunlight.

Remember the primary power-saving methods and, most importantly, enjoy your camping rather than being on your phone. But, make sure to capture your best moments there with photos on your phone and in your mind too.

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