Campfire Cooking Tripod

How To Make A Campfire Cooking Tripod

How To Make A Campfire Cooking Tripod 

The first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about camping is having a campfire and cooking over it. It is a wholesome activity if we can do it, and it’s not difficult.

Most people like to get their own kind of grill and electronic cooking equipment. But what is more fun than cooking on the campfire? Let the traditions be carried on!

At this point, are you wondering how to build a campfire tripod that is perfect for cooking? We have it covered here. We will help you understand how you can build your tripod and have a great camping experience.

You can use the campfire tripod to heat your food and boil water. This will keep your food healthy and safe to consume. Also, you could try making some quick recipes on the fire. Sweet potatoes and popcorn are popular foods people cook on the campfire tripod.

Now, let’s move along and learn about building these tripods so you can have fun.


Making a Tipi-Style Tripod

Tipi-Style Tripod

The tipi tripod is said to be the most comfortable cooking method to build and use. Structured in the form of a conical tent, this kind of tripod will be great for you to use for cooking and keeping yourself warm.

To make this tripod, you will need:

  • Three straight branches 
  • Rope or a wire

While attaching the three sticks together on top, you must make sure that they are far away from the fire. If not, they could burn, and your tripod will fall apart. Using wire could be helpful as it stays strong even when it is heated by the fire beneath.

When you are setting up the sticks on the ground, you can dig them into the dirt and place rocks or stones near them. This will help them stand and remain stable.


Making a Rotisserie-Style Tripod

Rotisserie-Style Tripod

The Rotisserie-style tripod can be made with four supporting logs holding a horizontal stick set across the fire. This method is built like a grill and is a convenient way of cooking food while camping.

You must set two sticks together and tie them at the end with a wire, just like the tipi tripod, but this time with only two sticks. Then make another pair the same way.

Next, you must place a straight stick across the center, joining the two A-frames. The stick will act as a support and hold the cooking pot.

You can pass the stick through the pot’s handle and then place the post over the other bars while the cooking pot hangs beneath it. The fire goes below the adjoining stick. 

You will have the advantage of removing the stick and making the bonfire bigger if you want. You could enjoy it both ways.

Are you low on confidence about being able to build with the wood you find in the wilderness? If so, we have great news for you.

There are ready-made campfire tripods available in retail and online stores. You can purchase one and then assemble it when you reach your camping site. Decide on a safe place to build your cooking tripod, away from low trees and your tent.

These portable options are great and come at an affordable price; check them out.

With easy instructions, it won’t be hard for you to set one up. Camping without a campfire cannot happen, and camping without using the campfire for cooking or boiling water is equally essential if we consider sticking to camping traditions.

But making your campfire tripod could be fun, too. Start by making one, and it could become a memorable activity for you.


DIY Campfire Tripod

DIY Campfire Tripod

Yes, you can make a DIY campfire tripod!

You will need:

  • 3-Metal Conduits that are of equal length
  • 3-eye bolts 
  • A chain that has links
  • S-hooks to connect


Steps to make the DIY campfire tripod:

  • Attach all the eye bolts by combining two onto one and attach the chain.
  • Connect the metal conduits to the eye bolts. 
  • Make it stand like a tripod, connect the S-hook to the chain. This can be adjustable according to the height of the cooking pot you will use for cooking.
  • You can also cut the chain if you desire and then attach the cooking pot to the S-hook.

Ta-da, you now have a DIY campfire cooking tripod that’s made by you!

You can attach the cooking pot only when you are cooking. This DIY tripod is easy to fold and carry with you. 

Adding customization and beauty to your tripod depends upon your level of interest. You can attach extra hooks if you would like to hang utensils. You could also customize the tripod by painting or decorating it if you would like.

You should be careful when handling the tripod. It may also be difficult when attaching any dish while the chain hangs through the fire.

You can disassemble the tripod only when you know that the legs have cooled down.  

You can get creative and explore many other ways to make tripods that will suit campfire cooking.

While cooking on these tripods, you must be extra careful to avoid burns. Make sure to use oven mitts while handling the hot dishes. Be cautious when stirring or bringing cooking utensils out of the fire, they will be very hot and could burn you.

Camping could be exciting if you take part in all of the traditional activities, like making a campfire and eating in the warmth of it. Setting up a campfire tripod and cooking could be a great experience and memory you can cherish.

You’ll find it even more entertaining when you try cooking at night. Once you set your tripod up correctly, you can enjoy warm meals while looking at the dark sky filled with stars.

Make your camping adventure a wonderful memory by trying out these simple campfire tripods that are worthy of becoming a part of your camping experience.


Happy camping!

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