Camping toilet

How to Make a Camping Toilet

How to Make a Camping Toilet

Camping can be delightful, but the least fun aspect of any outdoor experience is going to the bathroom because there’s no toilet. Unless you are staying in a campground complete with facilities or driving your well-equipped RV, the bathroom would be anywhere you can find a private spot.

But if you’re out with no bathroom in sight, don’t worry; you can easily make your own! It would be best to make a portable camping toilet with a large bucket, garbage bag, pool noodle, plywood, and a toilet seat.

Here are the suggested ways to make a camping toilet:


Measure a pool noodle. 

  • Measure the rim circumference of a large bucket (five-gallon painters’ buckets work well). Then use a kitchen knife to cut the pool noodle 1-2 inches shorter than this measurement.
  • The noodle has to be slightly shorter than the bucket’s circumference so that you can fit it perfectly along the edge of the bucket without the edges of the noodle ends bumping against each other.


Use a utility knife to cut open one side of the pool noodle.

  • Draw a line down the length of the noodle from top to bottom to guide the knife when you cut it. Opening the noodle this way will allow you to place it snugly over the top rim of the bucket in a later step.
  • Once you have cut the noodle, use your hands to open the two sides of the cut gently. Make sure the noodle is cut open completely before you proceed to the next stage.


Secure the noodle to the top of the bucket with an epoxy adhesive.

  • Place the epoxy adhesive around the pool noodle’s interior, ensuring that the manufacturer’s directions for use are followed closely. Then place the noodle on the edge of the bucket and press it down so that it “snaps” into place.

Camping toilet

  • You can purchase epoxy adhesives from any home improvement shop.
  • Enable your epoxy to cure for at least 24 hours before using your camping toilet for the best results.
  • You may also try to bypass the epoxy adhesive and only make your toilet out of a bucket and a pool noodle. However, without the epoxy, the noodle seat would be less comfortable to sit on.


Including a Toilet Seat


You can also attach a toilet seat to a chair or a bucket.

  • Trace the toilet seat’s inner and outer circumferences on a piece of plywood. Rest the toilet seat on top of a ½ inch plywood sheet and use a pencil or marker to draw along the inside and outside of the seat. Be sure to mark the gaps in the back where the seat will be bolted into the plywood as well.

Toilet Seat

  • Where necessary, add a second, much wider loop along the whole inner track and aim to cut into this second line so that the strip of plywood is narrower than the actual toilet seat. This would prevent the waste from accidentally getting onto the plywood.


Use a jigsaw to cut out the shape, then drill the attachment holes.

  • Cut the outer tracing, then cut out the inner hole tracing. 
  • Use a drill bit equal to the bolts’ size to mount the seat to the plywood.
  • Your toilet seat probably came with bolts and nuts that you were supposed to use to attach it. If you do not have these materials for any reason, bolts that are ⅝ inch (1.6 cm) in diameter will usually work for the seat.
  • If you’re going to attach the toilet set to a chair, make sure to drill a hole in the chair with the same size as the inside hole of your plywood piece.


Add four small blocks of wood to the bottom of the plywood sheet. 

  • They can serve as a stopper to keep the toilet seat from falling off the bucket or out of the chair when you use it. Use nails or screws to connect the bits of wood to the plywood’s bottom on all four sides.

Camping toilet 2

  • Drive a nail or a screw-down through a sheet of plywood and onto each piece of wood to be added.
  • These wood pieces may be of any size or form, as long as they fit inside the bucket. For best performance, use pieces that are at least 2 inches long and not larger than the toilet seat itself.


Secure the toilet seat against the plywood with nuts and bolts. 

  • Screw the nuts through the hinge on the back portion of the toilet seat and the drill holes on the back of the sheet of plywood. To fix the plywood to the toilet seat, mount the nuts to the ends of the bolts on the plywood underside.
  • Place the toilet seat over the bucket or chair to finish the toilet.
  • If you are using a chair, put the seat through the hole in the chair, or just put it over the top of your bucket. Ensure the four bottom pieces of wood fit snugly and tightly into the bucket or the hole in the chair.
  • Before you use your new camping toilet, make sure to put a bucket under your chair.


Ensure success when using the camping toilet.

  • Be sure that the bag goes all the way down to the bottom part of the bucket and that the top of the bag fully covers the noodle seat. For best performance, use a heavy-duty garbage bag that doesn’t tear easily.
  • If you’re concerned about the smell, you can use special odor-blocking garbage bags instead of ordinary bags. You can find them in every grocery store.
  • Camping retailers sell special odor-absorbing powder that is made specifically for portable toilets. 


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