How to make coffee while camping W

How to make coffee while camping – ways to make incredible camping coffee

Making coffee while camping is one of the essential needs when you are out there in the wilderness. It has to be done right because how much you like your cup of coffee depends on how well you will enjoy your whole camping experience.

How to make coffee while camping

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Should you make coffee while camping?

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What type of coffee should you bring while camping?

The type of coffee that I should bring while camping is the French press coffee maker. It uses a plunger instead of paper filters, and I think it tastes better than drip coffee.

What are some excellent ways to make coffee on a campfire?

There are many different ways to make your fresh roasted coffee while out in the wilderness or camping; here are a few other methods that you can use to make coffee while camping:

1.  Use a lightweight stove or a small campfire to heat water and boil it, then place the desired amount of ground coffee beans into your coffee maker (French press) and let it brew for three minutes before pouring. Tip: I usually place my French press over the campfire while waiting for it to brew.

2.  If you are using a French press, you can bring along ground coffee beans and place them into your plunger with your desired amount of water, then add sugar and milk or cream if preferred; let it sit over the campfire on a potholder or something, and in a few minutes you will have freshly brewed coffee.

3.  If you are using a drip coffee maker, then it is best to boil your water before you leave home so that you can place the desired amount of ground coffee beans into your drip coffee maker, which allows the dripping of hot water through the grounds and into your cup.

4.  You can also purchase a coffee press for your camping trip, which has a built-in plunger system that uses a push-down motion to completely extract all of the grounds from your ground coffee beans; this press allows you to place ground coffee beans into it and then pour heated water over them, giving you an instant cup of coffee.

5.  If you do not have a coffee press or drip coffee maker, you can use instant coffee instead; pour hot water over it and stir until the powder dissolves into your cup of water.

6.  You can also bring some creamers with you to add flavor to your favorite brand of instant coffee.

7.  If you want a quick cup of coffee, then you can always make some Mocha Joe or Aussie bush caffé; all you have to do is mix your instant coffee with hot chocolate or black tea and add some sugar and milk if desired. You could also try adding vanilla extract into the mix to give it a different taste.

8.  If you are an avid coffee drinker, then I suggest that you purchase a French press instead of a coffee press, which is only about $20 and can be used for your camping trips as well as home use; all you have to do is bring the ground coffee beans with you and then you can just put hot water into the press and brew your coffee.

9.  Another option is to bring along some instant coffee packets with you while on your trip, which is usually available at most outdoor stores such as Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas; all you have to do is add hot water into a cup and stir; instant coffee can be purchased in regular or decaffeinated, with cream and sugar if you prefer.

10.  You can also purchase some freeze-dried coffee at outdoor stores such as Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas; this is an excellent alternative to the canned light roast coffee that I usually bring along on my camping trip since it does not require refrigeration.

11.  You can also make your freeze-dried coffee by purchasing a freeze-dried coffee grinder at most outdoor stores, which allows you to grind up your favorite brand of regular or decaffeinated freeze-dried coffee to have it available for your camping trips; all you have to do is add hot water and stir.


Coffee is a staple of American culture, linked to America from as far back as the Boston Tea Party in 1773. As pioneers explored the West during this period, coffee grew a reputation among these travelers for its ability to help start your day with a slight boost of energy.

The de facto style of brewing camp coffee was uncomplicated and straightforward by modern technology. As America’s west was settled, cowboys who ran cattle each day took solace in their cup of morning coffee while camping outdoors under the stars.

Supplies needed:

  • Camping coffee pot – we’ve used a simple 9 cup stainless percolator (sans the percolator apparatus) for years, or the MSR Titan Kettle is great for single servings.
  • A favorite coarse ground coffee
  • Camping mug
  • Heat source – a campfire’s hot coals will do the trick nicely.

How to Make Cowboy Camping Coffee

1. Take your pre-percussed coffee pot, put the filter in its place, and fill it with your favorite coarse ground coffee.

2. Fill with water just at the brim of the top of the percolator pot (it’s best to have some extra room for ground expansion).

3. Carry your heat source over to the pot and place the coffee pot on top. As the water begins to boil, let the grounds percolate as you enjoy watching your brew form into a nice foam cap atop your pot of cowboy camping goodness.

3. Once all has been extracted from your grounds (about 4 minutes or so), pour yourself a cup and relax while gazing at the stars in the heavens above…and enjoy!

NOTE: I’ve yet to find a commercially produced cowboy camping coffee pot, but they’re out there. You can also use a small Dutch Coffee Pot for this drink (which is pictured).  The ends are open, allowing you to place the powder directly into it. Fill with hot water, allow to steep for a while, pour.

Clean up: Dispose of grounds that remain in the bottom of the pot and wash your camping coffee pot. This is one of two easy methods for cleaning up campground coffee (behind instant).


As a child, I remember taking camping trips with my grandparents in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. Every morning before daybreak, I can still remember my grandfather brewing his coffee using an old percolator over his ancient gas stove.

The intoxicating aroma drifted through the campsite as we’d wake up tired from our time outdoors the night before. The smell of brewing coffee was like a welcoming beacon of hope and joy from my grandfather to get our day started right as we began to wake up.

The percolator brewing method is your grandparents’ camping coffee. And similar to the times in which they lived, it tends to be somewhat dry and bitter, exceptionally when not executed properly.

However, this can render a rich, hearty camp coffee your grandchildren will remember fondly.

Supplies needed:

  • Percolator – Coletti 9-cup stainless steel
  • A coarse ground coffee that is favored for camping
  • Mug for Camping Coffee – a good cup will have insulation to keep the heat in and not let it escape and handle grips on either side to hold the cup with both hands.
  • Heat Source

How to Make Percolator Camping Coffee

1. Preheat the percolator over whatever heat source you will use (stove, campfire…). The water will be boiled slightly faster using a camp stove, but it’s best to preheat your percolator by any means available to you.

2. Place the desired amount of coffee grounds into the basket (or the filter of the percolator) and fill it with hot water. This is to pre-heat your percolator, which will speed the brewing time and produce good results (in my opinion).

3. When you’re ready to start making your coffee, add more water, so it just about covers the grounds in your basket or filter.

4. Place the percolator on top of whatever heat source you’re using and enjoy the aroma being emitted from your brewing coffee! It’ll be done in about 5 minutes or so. Don’t let it boil over by letting it sit for too long without stirring.

5. Pour yourself a hearty cup of cowboy camping coffee and enjoy!

Clean up: Dispose of grounds by dumping the grounds basket into the trash and washing all percolator parts along with the pot. One of seven ways to make coffee while camping is complicated to clean up but worth it for that “breakfast with a view” feeling.


Sometimes when camping, you need caffeine. Maybe it’s to rejuvenate after a strenuous hike or catch the sunrise at the top of Cadillac Mountain. Espresso pot coffee is one of the best delivery methods, but to master it, you will need some practice.

However, if you are camping, I’m willing to bet that getting the coffee beans and a grinder will be rather tricky. But it isn’t impossible…

Supplies needed:

  • Espresso pots vary in size, with some requiring you to boil water on your camp stove.
  • Select a mid-ground coffee variety – something not too strong like espresso or coarse like table grounds.
  • A camping mug is suitable for drinking coffee and tea when hot water can’t be boiled directly from the pot yet.

How to Make Espresso Pot Camping Coffee

1. Go through the scavenging phase and get your water boiling on the camp stove (or whatever you have handy) so you can boil water with which to brew coffee.

2. Fill your percolator or espresso pot about 1/3 full of cold tap or bottle water – this will help to clean out any residual flavors that may have been in your pool from previous uses.

3. Take the espresso grounds and put them in a fresh filter of some kind (a coffee filter or tea basket will do just fine). Fill your basket with feet, but make sure to leave enough room to avoid overflowing when you pour water into it later.

4. After your water is boiled, let it sit for about a minute or so before pouring the hot water into your basket of coffee grounds. You want to do this to make sure that you don’t have any potential grounds stuck to the bottom of the pot and because you’re not trying to burn yourself by putting boiling water into an espresso pot that did not have water in it at all.

5. Fill up your basket with hot tap or bottled water that you previously boiled using your camp stove. You want to fill it about 3/4 of the way, but leave enough room for the grounds to expand as they soak up water and create coffee – about an inch or so worth from my experience.

6. Put the lid on your espresso pot, or put a sieve over your basket if you are using an open one without a cover. Let your coffee steep for about 6-8 minutes while keeping an eye on it to not boil over or overflow out of the basket onto the ground.

7. After the time is up, remove your basket or cover and dispose of the grounds (remember to wash out your basket!). You can drink right from whatever you were using to cover your coffee if you prefer.

This method works great for serving a few people at once. It’s not as effective as Keurig camping coffee when it comes to large amounts of coffee, but there isn’t an excellent way to make campground Keurig coffee.

Coffee is one of the most sought-after accompaniments or even start to your day when camping. It doesn’t matter if you have an espresso machine with you and chocolate-covered espresso beans; sometimes, all you need is hot water and a few K-cups to get your day started.

But if you are in the wilderness on a camping trip and only have sticks, twigs, foil, paper, or other items on hand with which to make coffee, then I’ve got you covered with my top four ways to make coffee while camping. Remember that there are plenty of things outside of the norm for what makes a great cup of coffee, so if you have your outdoor brewing technique email us, and we will add it to our list!

Clean up – Disassemble the upper and lower chamber, remove and dump the grounds basket, rinse twice (first time with soapy water), wash with biodegradable soap, repeat rinse cycle 2, dry.

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