How to Mount Tepui Rooftop Tent W

How to Mount Tepui Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents have made their way into popular camping options as they allow campers to stay off the beaten path so long as their vehicle can take them. Tepui is an incredibly popular rooftop tent brand, but when it comes to installation, how do you mount it?

To mount a Tepui rooftop tent, carefully unbox the tent, organize the hardware, decide on the tent’s orientation, install the mounting tracks, lift the tent onto the roof and secure it, then congratulate yourself, because the mounting process is complete!

Tepui rooftop tents have made their way onto just about every “Best Tent” list out there due to their durability, versatility, wide variety of amenities, and countless designs to fit the needs of any camper.  Rooftop camping sounds great in theory, but when it comes to actually setting up the equipment, users may feel a bit nervous when considering their skills. If you need a little guidance, take a look below to find out just how to mount a Tepui rooftop tent. 

How to Mount a Tepui Rooftop Tent 

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You finally decided on the perfect rooftop tent to fit your needs and cannot wait to get out on the road to test it out. This is a huge step, but before getting settled at your next camp spot, you have to make sure that your Tepui rooftop tent is perfectly secure atop your vehicle. Not only does this keep you safe when you are using the equipment, but it keeps those on the road safe as well by preventing any detachments. Read below to find out how to install it! 

1. Carefully Unbox the Tent 

When it comes to installing your Tepui rooftop tent, of course, you are going to think about the hardware you are going to have to sort out as well as the difficultly that attaching it to your cars racks may entail, but many don’t consider that one of the most important steps is unboxing. This may seem rather trivial to some, but unboxing your tent is where you need to start well in order to have a smooth installation process. 

Before mounting your Tepui rooftop tent, be sure that you unbox the equipment as carefully as possible. When opening the box, use something that will not cut deeply into the box and potentially tear any of the tent’s material. You also want to carefully remove the tent to avoid scratching. 

Maintaining the integrity of your Tepui tent is something that many are aware of when it is in use, but not many consider when taking it from its box. If you use a long box cutter to open the box, you may go deep enough to cut the material of the tent, especially if you have purchased a soft shell tent. Therefore, either use a shorter blade for cutting or be sure to angle your blade in a way that only skims the surface of the box. 

Once the box has been opened, be sure to remove the tent as carefully as possible. Taking the tent from the box too quickly can result in the scratching of hard surfaces or can cause you to lose hardware that came with the packaging. Take your time removing the tent from its box to ensure that no damage is done before you are even able to use the equipment. 

2. Organize the Hardware 

Once you have unboxed and removed your Tepui tent from its packaging, you will then need to begin getting everything in order for assembly. Some may be inclined to approach assembly in a way that doesn’t pay heed to the instructions or the proper use of hardware, but always be sure to follow the assembly directions exactly as Tepui sent them. For this to go as it should, you will need to organize the hardware to get started. 

After unboxing your Tepui rooftop tent, you will then need to remove all of the hardware and tools that came with the packaging. Take each item and lay them out individually so that you know exactly what you have before beginning assembly and it is organized and in reach. 

To have the most efficient installation process, be sure to organize your hardware in a way that is grouped and easily reachable.

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This can be done by either laying out the material on the ground next to your vehicle or even in the truck bed if you have this type of setup. Once you have things laid out, be sure to check the assembly guide to verify that you have every single piece you will need for installation. 

3. Decide the Tents Orientation 

When using a Tepui rooftop tent, you will have the tent on the roof of your vehicle, but it’s not as simple as this. When you are traveling, you want to consider the direction in which your tent is placed – whether any extended sides come out at the rear of your vehicle, on the passenger side, or on the driver’s side. You also want to consider this in lieu of where the main entrance will be and where your ladder will be placed. 

Before mounting your Tepui rooftop tent, decide which direction you want the tent to be oriented. If you choose to place the tent parallel to the vehicle, you will have to cut the mounting tracks shorter so that the tent can fit on top of your vehicle without issue. 

If you don’t want to mess with having to cut mounting tracks shorter, you can mount your tent in a perpendicular direction that will either be perpendicular with the driver or passenger side. This allows for the easiest installation as no adjustment is needed. This also tends to be much easier for individuals to get in and out of as well as install any other equipment on their vehicle without getting in the way. 

4. Install the Mounting Tracks 

This is the most essential part of installation, as the mounting tracks are going to be what holds your Tepui rooftop tent down to the racks on your vehicle. The bottom of your tent has pre-drilled holes which is where the tracks will be placed. Take a bolt with a washer from inside of the tent and place the nut into the groove of the track so that it is lined up with the whole. You will then tighten and secure the bolt and continue with subsequent holes. 

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Once you’ve placed all of the bolts within the tent and onto the track, you will then take a socket wrench and tighten each bolt until there is no more give. This will ensure that not only do the bolts stay in place, but that there will be no wobbling from your tent once it has been installed on racks. 

Once the tracks have been properly mounted and there all bolts have been secured, you will then need to flip over the tent so you can mount the ladder brackets. From the inside of the tent, simply take the washers, bolts, and nuts and tighten them together until they are secure. You will then be able to mount your ladder with ease. 

5. Lift Tent Onto the Roof and Secure

After you have attached the ladder, be sure to take your Tepui tent cover and completely cover the tent. When this is done, you will need to lift the tent onto the roof of your car so that you can begin sliding on brackets. These tents are heavy and need to be lifted high, so the more people to aid in this process the better. However, if you have only two people, you should be able to lift the tent with a bit of muscle power. 

When you have the tent lifted onto your vehicle, you will need to align it so that when you slide the bracket into the channel of the mounting tracks, they’re both on different sides of the cross bar, but clearing the rack frame. Once this is done, you can then begin securing the brackets to the rack. 

Once you have your mounting tracks slid in, you will then need to tighten the bolts with nuts to secure it to the rack. When doing this, be sure to pay close attention to how tight you tighten these, as if you wind them too harshly, it can cause the metal to bend which can damage the integrity of your rack. Do not leave them loose, but also don’t secure them so tightly that you notice warping in your racks metal. 

6. Congratulate Yourself. Your Tepui Tent is Set Up! 

After going through all of this and finally securing the last bolt and nut, you can step away from your beautiful tent and revel in your work, because you are done! After you have secured the tent to the rack, be sure to give it a few good pushes and jiggles to make sure that it is not moving. If you find that your tent is loose or gives way to minimal pushback, tighten the bolts a bit more to see if this secures it any better. 

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After the rack has been secured, you can then go through the most exciting part – popping up your tent. Expand your Tepui tent so that you can get a good feel for how it functions, how it looks, and how you are going to use the tent when you are on the road. 

Orienting yourself with the tent is an important last step at the end of mounting because, not only are you going to be able to acclimate yourself with the new space, but you will be able to see any problems with installation if they are present. Do a thorough run through of your tent and be sure that there is no wobbling, no damage to the tent, and that everything works exactly as it should before starting your next adventure. 

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