Is iKamper Worth the Money W

Is iKamper Worth the Money?

When considering purchasing a rooftop tent, there are so many brands out that that make you wonder whether or not the price they are set at is worth your investment. More specifically, when it comes to an iKamper rooftop tent, is it really worth your hard-earned money? 

If you want a brand of rooftop tents that are made to endure the weather that all different seasons bring, offer a variety of different sizes to accommodate different group numbers, and comes with design features that add to its durability and comfortability, the iKamper is worth the cost.

iKamper rooftop tents come with a price tag that leaves unsuspecting campers with a bit of sticker shock, as these tents fall at the expensive end of rooftop tents. However, when it comes to a rooftop tent, users have to be sure to weigh what is important to them, and just how important those things are. If one rooftop tent is able to meet your needs well, then how much would you be willing to pay? When it comes to iKamper, is the brand worth the money? 

Is iKamper Worth the Money 

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As a brand, iKamper is known for the incredible quality of their products which includes their durability, their intentional design, their safety, their comfort level, and their sleek looks. This brand comes with a reputation that rarely faces much negativity, making it a camping brand that is among the elite. Even with that being known, the price of their rooftop tents is rather steep, making campers wonder if their money is truly being well spent on this high-dollar brand. 

If you’re looking for a tent that will last for years, is built to withstand harsh weather and changing environments, can fit you and your crew comfortably with plenty of space, and has intentional design features to give the tent safety and protection, then yes, the iKamper is worth the money. 

First and foremost, iKamper rooftop tents are designed to be incredibly durable. There are a few different rooftop tents offered by iKamper, but no matter what weather they are designed to thrive in, thrive is what they are going to do. With intention built into the structure, the material of the tent, and even the quality of the zippers, these tents are made to outlast even the toughest of weather without being beaten so hard that they deteriorate at a rapid pace. 

Another perk to iKamper rooftop tents is that they offer a wide selection of different tent sizes to accommodate the smallest and biggest of rooftop camping groups. If you have a large family or tend to camp with multiple friends, the iKamper 2.0 rooftop camper can fit 3 adults within its walls and can easily sleep them on a spacious king-size mattress. For those with a smaller crew, the iKamper 2x is a great fit, which can even work perfectly for solo campers. 

The design features of these tents are also something to speak of, as there is the intention with every stitch. Between waterproof zippers, skyview windows, rain stainless steel locks for security, honeycomb aluminium floor panels, aerodynamic hardshell designs, poly-cotton canvases, and a 1 to 3-minute setup and takedown process, these tents are made for those who want a high-quality product and are willing to pay for it.  

Knowing there are so many great features that the iKamper brand offers, you may want to break down their different rooftop tents and see exactly what they are made of. If iKamper is beginning to sound like a brand you want to invest in, take a look below to see the different rooftop tents this brand offers, the differences between them, and from there, decide what tent best fits your wants and needs. 

Skycamp 2.0

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The Skycamp 2.0 is built for those wanting to take their family and friends along with them on all of their outdoor adventures. This tent comes with a king-size mattress that can easily fit two adults and two children or can have enough room for 3 adults, making it the ultimate luxury tent for the whole gang. Making this tent even more versatile, it is a 4-season rooftop tent made with a polycotton canvas for breathability and honeycomb aluminium panels for flooring for warmth.

The tent is also made to be waterproof and has a hardshell case that is double-layered fibre-reinforced plastic, making the shell incredibly durable no matter what weather it encounters when you are on the road. One of the tent’s greatest appeals is that it has a 1-minute setup process that will reveal the skyview window that is built within the tent. Coming in at $3,899, this tent has everything you could ever want with a price that ensures quality. 

Skycamp Mini

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If you are someone who has a smaller vehicle, a lighter dynamic weight limit or has a vehicle that is easily susceptible to decreased fuel efficiency, the Skycamp mini rooftop tent may be exactly what you are looking for. This tent can comfortably sleep two on its 1.6” high-density polyfoam mattress, and comes in at a weight of only 125 pounds, making it the perfect light tent for those who need a bit of a lighter load when travelling. 

The Skycamp Mini is very similar to the Skycamp 2.0 in its design with the same poly-cotton canvas fabric, waterproof outer layer, the ability to camp in all four seasons, and a floor made of honeycomb aluminium panels. Due to its size, it is quieter than larger tents but comes with the same skyview window featured in the Skycamp 2.0. Even better, this tent can be put up and taken down at the same speed, taking only one minute to complete. 

Skycamp 2X

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The Skycamp 2X really does not steer too far from both the Skycamp 2.0 and the Skycamp Mini, however, it does come at a bit of a less expensive price for a tad less room than the Mini. The Skycamp 2X can be purchased for $3,199, which saves campers about $300 compared to the mini by sacrificing a bit of floor space by a few inches. This tent is designed to sleep two people, or sleep two people and a small child, but has every feature the other tents offer. 

The Skycamp 2X comes with a skyview window, is made of durable poly-cotton material, has honeycomb flooring to give durability and warmth on cold nights, is quiet due to its compact design, can be set up and taken down within a minute, and has an added feature of having enough space to store your sleeping gear or bedding even when the tent is closed. This then allows more space in your car without having to take up room with bulking bedding items. 


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If you are wanting an iKamper rooftop tent that can easily sleep a larger group but can’t seem to come to terms with the price of the Skcamp 2.0, look no further than the X-Cover. This is actually a soft shell rooftop tent, but because of this change in the exterior cover, the price dramatically drops to $3,199, while still being able to comfortably sleep three adults or two adults and two children. 

Another great amenity that comes from the room this softshell tent offers interiorly when taken down is the 2.5” high-density polyfoam mattress that the hard shell rooftop tents simply cannot accommodate. This tent takes 3 minutes to set up, is only 120 pounds, has the same features as the other iKamper rooftop models (outside of the hard shell cover) and even comes with extra crossbar storage for any other camping gear you may have in tow. 

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