Tips for Staying Cool While Camping

It’s almost the end of summer, and the camping season will be starting soon. If you want to make sure that your summer camping trip goes well, then this article is for you! To keep cool while camping, there are three important factors you should consider when camping in order to stay cool while staying outdoors. You may think staying outside would mean staying comfortable all day long, but it’s not always easy. In reality, staying calm when camping can be a lot of work; however, there are ways around it! These are tips for how to become relaxed while camping:

Camping Tips on How to Stay Cool While Camping

For some countries, such as the UK and northern Europe, summer camping means you get to wear that new hiking gear you’ve been waiting for. It is easy to stay cool while camping. The trick for staying comfortable and keeping your temperature regulated during the campground experience is by making sure to wear clothes that are light or not wearing many layers at all.

Camping can be a challenging experience for anyone, but summer campers in countries where hot weather is familiar face a more significant challenge than those who decide to travel during other seasons—staying cool while camping is one of the essential skills a camper can acquire. It will increase your enjoyment significantly and prevent dangerous heat-related illnesses.

Tips on How to Stay Cool While Camping

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a climate that still has the potential for high temperatures during the summer, then these top tips can help make your camping experience more comfortable.

Pitch your tent in the shade

Before you even decide on where to pitch your tent, take a look at the position of the sun and choose which place will provide the most amount of shade during the hottest hours. In the morning, your campsite should be in the shade to help keep you cool. At lunchtime, you can walk into the sun for a few minutes before heading back into shady spots. In the evening, too around sunset time, going outdoors is fine as it will stay cooler once evening approaches.

Get high and enjoy the breeze

One way to stay calm when camping is while staying outdoors is by getting high up. The higher altitude you are, the windier it will be, and that can mean staying much more relaxed than on ground level. If there isn’t a height difference where your campsite sits, then find someplace else with a better vantage point like a hill or mountain top just outside of campgrounds boundaries so that you’re not in direct sunlight all day long!

Find some shade trees

Shade from trees can provide relief during hot days without having to pack up camp just yet! They also offer protection against afternoon winds which can get intense when temperatures rise on high elevations or near water sources (i.e., lakes). In general, look for areas where there is plenty of light filtering through branches with leaves creating coverage below – these spots should be good choices! If you have any questions about how tall a tree needs to be, simply measure the distance from your tent to a tree with an open area underneath and see how much of it is covered.

Take an inflatable pool

Inflatable pools offer an easy way to stay cool while staying outdoors. They can be set up in minutes and filled with fresh water from a nearby stream or lake. Kids will love playing around for hours on end, staying wet by jumping in over and over again!

Camp near water

Camping near water can be an excellent way to cool off. Rivers, streams, and lakes are all great places for staying cool while staying outdoors! One way to enjoy camping is by through hot camping temperatures is by dipping in and out of rivers or lakes for relief. Plus, there’s no need to focus on activities around staying cool – bring a beach ball, frisbee, and inflatable ring, and you’ll have only happy campers on your hands. Even a small creek or stream to wade in or splash yourself with can make for a relaxed camping experience.

Put up a tarp

If you’re staying in a tent, then putting up an overhead tarp is one of the simplest ways to keep cool. Researching the best types for your climate will increase their effectiveness and make sure they are easy enough to assemble so that it doesn’t take all day.

Make your tent as cool as possible

Clothing to stay cool in

Wear long sleeves when possible (especially if it is very sunny) and try not to wear any tight clothing like jeans or close-fitting shirts because these materials can make you feel uncomfortable fast if wearing too many layers underneath them becomes necessary.

Choose a cool tent

The best way to ensure staying cool is by picking the correct type of tent. For example, if you’re camping in a hot climate or somewhere that doesn’t get much rain, then opt for an open-air design rather than one with full coverage like a dome which will trap heat during daytime hours. A transparent roof can also be added on later without taking up space, so it’s ready when needed!

Ditch any extra layers on hot days

If staying in an open-air tent without much coverage, then this won’t apply, so make sure you’re not staying indoors when outside temperatures are high enough for being considered “hot.” Once again, even at closing time (or before), take off anything that could interfere with keeping yourself cool – jackets and shirts should be left behind until nighttime sets in when they would come back into play – no matter how hot it is!

Open the vents on your car

Many people love staying in their cars, especially on hot days when it can be so hard to keep excellent no matter where you are. If your vehicle is at a complete stop and parked in the shade, then open up any air vents that will help cool off while staying stationary. This way, there’s less need for opening windows (and the risk of robbery) or turning on an air conditioner which takes power away from other items powering up inside, such as headlights! Another idea? Instant cold water bottles: Fill them with ice-cold water and place them strategically by setting one under each armpit before driving out into traffic; they’ll last for hours without melting much if anything at all!

Get a tent fan

Low-tech solutions for staying cool while camping is available as well – like a tent fan. Tossing one into your backpack before heading out will eliminate worries about forgetting to carry along water bottles instead! These small devices can be powered by either battery or solar power, with the latter being more practical because it doesn’t require much space and won’t need to have wires run all over your campsite. Some designs even allow you to place them securely on top of poles, so they’re not constantly moving around; this is obviously better if there’s a need for staying organized at any point during daytime hours (or nighttime).


Stay Cool with Water Sports: staying cool while camping can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to break the bank! There are multiple ways to stay cool while camping without spending a whole lot. One way is by pulling out your inner child and heading for some tubing on a river or in an inflatable raft; another good idea might be taking up paddling as well, which offers some great benefits not only staying hydrated but also staying fit all at once.

Reflect the heat away

One way to stay calm when camping is while camping is staying out in the open as much as possible, using a tarp or blanket that reflects heat and light away from you. This can be set up with ease because it doesn’t take too long for people to get into their tents (or cars) when they’re ready for rest time; all you have to do then is wait until everyone’s settled down before finding your favorite spot where there will be enough space to lie on the ground without having something underneath (like leaves). Camping is an enjoyable way to spend a summer day. A hammock! But getting one hung becomes tricky if trees are not available, so consider bringing along some rope which could also serve other purposes such as stringing clotheslines to dry laundry on.

Sleep in a hammock

A hammock is a great way to stay cool while camping because staying off the ground will keep you from feeling too hot. Camping is an enjoyable way to spend a summer day. A hammock! But getting one hung becomes tricky if trees are not available, so consider bringing along some rope which could also serve other purposes such as stringing clotheslines or hanging food up out of reach for wildlife.

Keep a damp cloth on hand for staying cool

A wet towel or rag can be just what you need to stay feeling refreshed when staying outdoors. Carry one with you and use them at any time of the day (or night) as needed, wiping your face down during those sweaty moments that tend to happen after a long hike or other strenuous activity. Be sure to have at least one on hand in case someone else needs some relief from the heat, too – tiny children who may not understand why they’re overheating but could quickly get dehydrated without realizing it until much later. Tossing one into their backpack before heading out will eliminate worries about forgetting to carry along water bottles instead!

Replenish your electrolytes

Supplement with Electrolytes: staying hydrated is essential but staying cool doesn’t just mean drinking water. It’s also important to take time out during the day and drink some electrolyte drinks, like coconut water or Gatorade (or make your own by adding lemon in place of sugar for a refreshing beverage). The best way to stay hydrated while camping is to drink at least a whole gallon per day!

Drink lots of water

Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated is the number one way to make sure you’re staying cool. When we sweat, it’s not just water that comes out of our pores; there are also chemicals that help regulate our body temperature. That means staying hydrated will keep those anti-body heat chemicals around and functioning as they should be when trying to stay calm down in hot weather conditions!

A good rule of thumb for staying hydrating while camping is to drink at least a whole gallon per day (64oz or 16 cups). This might sound like a lot but think about how much more dehydrating the sun and heat can be on any camper than sitting inside an air-conditioned house all day long. You’ll need something to stay hydrated with – don’t forget to bring some water bottles, or even better yet, a solar-powered cooler for staying cool while camping.

Eat cold food

Getting too hot can often lead to a loss of appetite in the heat. It might be best to eat some cooling salads, as they can easily be prepared without any cooking whatsoever. For some, hot days can make it feel hard to stay energized and focused on tasks. This is a challenge that people who are camping must conquer!

Soak your hat or bandana in cold water

Stay Cool with Wet Hats or Bandanas: staying hydrated not only keeps you feeling good but also helps when fighting off illnesses as well; however, staying hydrated can’t do much if you’re too hot for most of the day before any liquids are consumed! When out on a sunny day, what works better than carrying around some quick cooling cloths like wet handkerchiefs to use as a quick refresher or even wet bandanas.

Carry handkerchiefs

Stay Cool with handkerchiefs: staying hydrated not only keeps you feeling good but also helps when fighting off illnesses as well; however, staying hydrated can’t do much if you’re too hot for most of the day before. Any liquids are consumed! When out on a sunny day, what works better than carrying around some quick cooling cloths like wet handkerchiefs to use as a quick refresher or even wet bandanas.

Wear light colors

The heat will be absorbed by dark colors, and you’ll end up feeling hotter than before. Wearing light-colored clothes helps keep that hot air from seeping into your body and creating more sweat as well! Generally speaking, lighter colors also have less fabric in them, which means they are easier on your skin.

Wear loose clothing

Stay Cool with Loose Clothing: staying cool while camping can mean staying relaxed and comfortable. Tight-fitting clothes are not the best idea for people trying to stay away from feeling too warm as a result of wearing too many layers under their tight clothing!

Wear sandals

A perfect accessory for any camping trip is a good pair of hikers. Not only do they offer much-needed ankle support, but these shoes also allow your feet to breathe and sweat while minimizing the chances that you’ll get blisters.

Wear moisture-wicking socks

Lightweight hiking shoes are a good option for people who will be exploring areas where footwear is required. Many light hikers have thin, moisture-wicking socks that should minimize sweating and discomfort.

Choose lightweight items

Stay Cool with Lightweight Items: staying cool while heavy clothing will make you hot and uncomfortable fast. It’s not a good idea to pack your entire wardrobe when heading out for a camping trip, so focus on bringing lightweight items that can be layered if necessary!

Wild swimming

Stay Cool with Swimming: staying cool in the heat doesn’t need to be complicated. When you camp, one way to stay cool is by getting wet. This includes taking a dip in any nearby body of water or even splashing your face with some cold water from a creek, river, stream, or lake; swimming also helps keep the blood circulation going and staying hydrated as well.

Use a cooling pillow

Sleeping bag liners can help keep an excellent way to stay cool while staying in your tent on those sweltering days. Keep one unfurled or unzipped until you’re ready for bed, then tuck it around yourself and zip up the sides if needed. There’s no need to use any extra sheets when using this – of course. They’ll still be necessary during the winter months, but not when temperatures are warmer outside! A cooling pillow is another product worth looking into because staying cool at night can help with restful sleep as well as providing relief from heat-related headaches, which may occur due to waiting too warm and indoors all day long without relief. These handy pillows come in different shapes, so find out what’s best for you, then find a way to keep it in your sleeping bag!

Bring natural bug spray and sunscreen

Before you set off on your summer camping trip, make sure you remember your mosquito repellent and sunblock – two items that may be hard to find in stores when traveling during those months. If these aren’t possible, then there’s always the option of making your own using coconut oil or beeswax with either citronella or lavender oil for the former, and coconut oil with cinnamon or tea tree essential oils in place of the latter. Mosquito coils are also an excellent addition to have on hand because staying calm is not going to be possible if insects are buzzing around your head!.

It’s vital that skin is able to stay calm enough so it doesn’t become overworked from trying to deal with sun exposure and sweat at the same time. Sunscreen should be applied about every two hours while outside or after swimming.

Wear a hat

Keep Your Head Cool: staying cool in the heat is all about keeping your head from overheating. This includes a hat! Those with long hair have an even more difficult time staying calm, so be sure to bring along some bobby pins or other fasteners that will help keep it away from your face and neck area.

Use a sleeping bag liner

If you’re staying in a tent or have an air mattress and can’t get the temperature just right, then sleeping bags are another excellent way to keep cool! A liner with a water-resistant coating will help keep your clothes dry.

Take off the fly

The fly is the area of a tent that goes over the top during inclement weather. As well as making it rainproof, it can also trap heat which leads to staying warmer inside your shelter. Take off or fold back your tarp’s fly if you want to keep calm under there!

Use a camping cooler

Staying cool while camping is essential when traveling in the sun. Include plenty of frozen foods to keep from overheating as well as ice packs and drinks. To keep from getting too hot while camping, you may need to add ice every few days. This can be replenished at stores in the area.

A few more tips on staying calm while hiking

Pace yourself when you’re out on your hike so that you don’t overdo it in the first few minutes. It’s also essential that you keep hydrated before, during, and after any physical activity because this will help prevent heat exhaustion or stroke, which both have similar symptoms but require different treatments.

Get active at the most incredible times of the day

Morning is a great time to get active while staying cool. Hiking or walking in the morning hours lets you enjoy some cooler temperatures and allows for plenty of exercises before noon when things start to heat up again!

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke – know the signs

Each of these conditions comes with a different set of symptoms. Heat exhaustion typically has much more to do with feeling lightheaded and dizzy while staying thirsty, whereas heatstroke is usually accompanied by headaches, flushed skin, heavy sweating, or even vomiting in extremely severe cases (spells the difference between). In both instances, it’s best if you just cool down for a while before continuing on your way; this can be done by staying hydrated, which will help lower body temperatures as well.

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