What is Koa Camping?

Koa Camping is a beautiful camping destination that is on the Big Island of Hawaii. The campground has many great amenities and activities for people to enjoy, and what’s more, it’s affordable! Koa Camping provides guests with various packages so you can choose what best suits your needs. This blog post will talk about what koa camping is, how much it costs, what they offer there, and what things to do there. We hope this article has helped you understand what Koa Camping is all about!

KOA Camping Tips for Your Trip

KOA Camping (Koa means “tree” in Hawaiian) is a beautiful campground on the Big Island of Hawaii. This blog post will go over what KOA Camping offers, some things to do there, and what to prepare for a camping trip at Koa.

What do the bright yellow campground signs with symbols mean?

KOA, established in 1962, is a more refined camping experience than the side-of-the-interstate campgrounds that are usually just parking lots. RV should come as no surprise, and all KOA campers are welcome to use the amenities at the campground.

Kampgrounds of America, what does it stand for?

Camping can offer an easy way to enjoy the outdoors. KOA franchise holders are held to a higher standard across the board, including clean bathhouses with hot showers and tidy grounds. Campers have multiple options–tents that campers set up themselves, RV camping, or travelers without any sort of camping gear. Campsites usually provide shady areas for tent campers and offer various cabin options nearby or around the perimeter. Accommodations typically include features like swimming pools, fenced pet play areas with WiFi, and scheduled activities like movie nights, in addition to community campsites near the shared bathrooms.

KOA’s campground rewards program offers 10% off campsites and a cash award that can be used on reservations.


KOA operates more than 450 campgrounds in the contiguous United States and lower Canada. A handy interactive map on their website shows your location, displays a thumbnail of each campground near you, along with information about operating seasons, phone numbers, and addresses. There is also an option to make a reservation instantly through the map or other KOA websites.

The online trip planner allows campers to plan a route with KOAs along the way and make reservations by phone or online. Campers will find the most KOA facilities in California, Colorado, Florida, New York, and Texas and the fewest in Alaska, Connecticut, and North Dakota. KOA’s provincial headquarters in Ontario is Canada’s most densely clustered KOA campground and offers a free hard copy directory to anyone who requests it.


KOA campgrounds still take reservations the old-fashioned way – by phone – but a robust online reservation system with secure credit card acceptance lets travelers select not only dates but the site based on their vehicle type. The KOA camping app, which is available through Google Play or the App Store, allows you to search for a campground near your location and find out about nearby attractions. Staying on the site will enable you to enjoy amenities like an emergency alert system.

Are KOA Campgrounds Worth Your Time?

KOA campgrounds are one of the more commonly recognized camping locations for seasoned campers. It is difficult to miss their distinctive yellow shirt and signage when you enter the property. They are a family-friendly site that provides top-notch amenities and facilities such as comfortable beds, modern shower houses with individual stalls, and private bathrooms in each cabin, so no one has to wait their turn. As if this wasn’t enough, they also provide free WiFi camping so people can stay connected while enjoying all these great features.

KOA campgrounds have been designed for the holiday fun of families and are equipped with many family accommodations.

But is KOA Camping worth your time?

Average Cost of KOA Campgrounds

KOA campgrounds charge different prices for renting tents, RVs, cabins, and other accommodations. Tent camping starts at $24 a night, while the best RV site rates can be as high as $80 per day.

Prices in California campsites typically range from $43 a night for tents to $80 or more for basic cabins that come with electrical and water hookups.

There are two KOAs in Connecticut, and for RV campsites, the average price is $71. Lodging prices at the KOA range between $98 and $55 per night for a tent site.

With 22 KOAs in Florida, the average nightly rate for an RV site is $54, with rates for tent sites at $45. Lodging would set you back around $117 per night.

Camping in Michigan averages $74 for renting RVs, $45 for basic tents, and up to as much as $151 for lodging.

Why is KOA So Expensive?

Some camping facilities are more expensive than others. For example, KOA is quite pricey because it’s privately owned and operated. This means that the owners need to charge higher rates to recoup expenses associated with franchising the KOA name.

Koa Camping offers excellent amenities like pools, clean showers, and restrooms. Sites are well maintained and generously spaced – you can choose any of the luxury suites, which will cost more. But the site is often stacked right on top of each other with minimal privacy.

What You Can Expect at a KOA Campground

KOA campgrounds offer several amenities that are available at every location. All KOA campgrounds have clean bathrooms, hot showers, laundry facilities, fire pits and picnic tables, a store, pet parks, playgrounds, and group sites. Many also provide swimming pools and group activities.

Thousands of KOA campgrounds across the country offer choices ranging from traditional, pull-through campsites with full hookups and electric, water, and sewer access to luxury suites that include patio furniture for outdoor lounging, private hot tubs, or doggy play areas.

Our Koa Camping experts have experience helping people plan their next trips, whatever they might be.

Does KOA Have Discounts?

KOA is a camping company that offers discounts to its customers. They have a Value Kard (also called the VKR program) that you purchase for $33 per year, and it gives the cardholder 10% off campsites and earns points for free camping. KOA offers variations of its good deals depending on the campground but does not offer AAA or Good Sam discounts.

Are KOA Campgrounds Worth the Price?

If you are looking for the best place to stay when camping, a KOA is your go-to destination. An individual KOA campground would be your typical campsite, but at KOAs, they all have rigorous standards that ensure every customer has a great time.

Even if you’re not planning on hiking, camping out in a forest can be a unique experience.

Though not always feasible for those wishing to get away from it all, KOAs are great for families searching for a fun family vacation filled with dining, swimming, and campsites while still providing the amenities typically expected at hotels or resorts.

Planning Your RV Vacation

KOA campgrounds cater to those who like the experience of camping but want a resort-like atmosphere. They include pools, mini-golf courses, and horseshoe pits for families looking to have everything they need within walking distance.

Look into the various KOA campgrounds – reviews vary significantly from park to park. If camping is your thing, look into the KOA Value Kard for 10% off each night you stay in a campsite. As the motto goes, “Never turn down an opportunity to go on a camping trip.”

Keep in mind

KOA cabins are the perfect option for campers who want to take it easy a little bit before getting into camping. Basic KOA cabin has bunk beds, electricity, and a covered porch. The upgrade is much more luxurious and includes a bathroom, kitchen facilities, and furnishings (beds). Experienced RV owners know their parking requirements, whether they prefer a pull-through site or a back-in. When making reservations, make sure your chosen campground has sites that accommodate RVs of all sizes. Snowbirds can often find lower rates at campgrounds that offer long-term visits.

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