What is the Advantage of Rooftop Tents W

What is the Advantage of Rooftop Tents?

Rooftop tents have recently exploded in the camping world, leaving those dedicated to ground camping ditching their tents and setting up shop above the roofs of their vehicles for a few reasons. When it comes to rooftop tents, what is the advantage of such a product? 

The biggest advantage of a rooftop tent is the safety that it offers campers by being elevated above the ground. Along with this, rooftop tents have unmatched comfort, are incredibly easy to set up and take down, save vehicle space, and are great for campers that move locations often.

Rooftop tents come with so many different perks that ground tents simply cannot offer, but this all happens through the basic construct of this piece of equipment – that they are able to be installed on the roof of a vehicle. Everyone knows that these tents have an appealing look, but when you start to dig a bit deeper than the surface of this tent, you may be surprised to see all they offer. Take a look below to find the different advantages of rooftop tents. 

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What is the Biggest Advantage of Rooftop Tents? 

When it comes to the advantages of rooftop tents, there are so many different things that make this style of camping unique and appealing, but really, personal preference is what is going to dictate the biggest advantage for users. With that being said, the greatest advantage of this type of tent may vary, but there is one advantage that other tents simply cannot supply which makes rooftop tents a piece of equipment that stands outside of the rest. 

The biggest advantage to rooftop tents is the safety they are able to provide. Although they are not able to completely protect you from all potential harms, due to their elevated position, campers are able to get off the ground and stay in a place that makes access difficult for people and animals alike. 

The design of rooftop tents allows campers to raise their tent into the air to allow them a sleeping space that is well above found level. When camping with a tent on the ground, one of the biggest concerns for many campers is the creatures that tend to come out and poke around in the middle of the night while they are sleeping. This can leave campers feeling unsettled, which can result in a poor night’s sleep and an over-excess of worry. 

With rooftop tents being on the roof of a vehicle, the only way to get to the tent is by extending a ladder and climbing up inside. Once you are in the tent, you can pull the ladder back in and sleep easy knowing there is plenty of space between you and the potentially dangerous animals lurking about. With people too, this tent makes it more difficult for them to get in, which makes any type of break-in evident due to the noise caused by excess efforts to reach the tent. 

What Are Other Advantages of Rooftop Tents? 

Safety is one of the biggest appeals for campers when it comes to the different advantages of rooftop tents, especially for those that are camping alone. Although safety is a huge advantage, there are quite a few more pros that come along with this type of camping system. If you are looking for all of the reasons to love rooftop tents, take a look below to find out why this type of tent has been around for so long but continues to be all the rage. 

Comfortability is Unmatched 

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There are so many different ways you can make ground camping comfortable – adding a blow-up mattress to your sleeping quarters, finding a sleeping bag thick enough to keep you warm and semi-comfortable, getting cots that will keep you up off the ground – the list goes on and on. However, when it comes to comfort with a rooftop tent, it is truly hard to beat. Although these are on the top of your vehicle’s roof, they are designed to keep you feeling right at home. 

Rooftop tents come with mattress pads that allow you to soundly sleep without having to worry about the hard ground unearthing itself beneath you. Even more than this, rooftop tents are flat and completely level, which means you never have to worry about uneven sleeping quarters. 

Many standard mattress pads in rooftop tents come at about 1.5-2.5 inches thick. This may sound rather thin to some, but when topped with a comfortable blanket or sleeping bag while also being on a flat and even floor, you may be in for the best sleep of your life. If you find that the standard mattress that came with your tent is too thin, consider buying another that is a bit thicker to make your sleeping and lounging moments even more enjoyable in your tent. 

Ease of Set Up and Take Down 

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With ground tents, one of the worst parts of choosing this method of camping is having to set up and take them down. Although experienced campers can have this process sometimes completed within 20 minutes or so, for those newer to the camping scene or for those with a new tent, this process can take up quite a bit of time. This is where rooftop tents really shine, as they are designed to be put up and taken down much faster than ground tents. 

If you have a hard shell rooftop tent, many offer a setup and takedown process that can happen in under a minute, making this type of rooftop tent the most efficient when it comes to time. Even still, soft shell tents can be set up and taken down within 3-5 minutes.

When it comes to time and camping, the last thing anyone ever wants to do is waste that time on having to set up their camp. Many want to get to their spot, get things set up, and get onto seeing where they have planted their feet. Therefore, if there is any way to save time, campers want the equipment that is going to give them the ability to step away from their camp quicker. Rooftop tents make this more than possible with their efficient set-up and takedown process.

Space-Saving Ability 

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When you are camping, there are dozens of different items that you have to bring not only to keep you comfortable but to keep things functional and sustainable at your camp. For many campers, this means packing their vehicles to the brim to have what they need, when they need it, but so much space is taken up by ground tents if they are also in tow. Rooftop tents are a great option for those of you who need a little more trunk space. 

With rooftop tents being mounted on the roof of your car, you don’t have to worry about fitting a bulky tent in the trunk of your vehicle along with all the other gear you have to bring along when camping. By saving this space, you are able to have more room for other essential items. 

The space-saving abilities of a rooftop tent make camping with a large load a little less taxing. By keeping your tent on the roof, you can pack more of what you need, or have more space within your vehicle to prep, sort, organize, or can use large spaces for eating and changing. This gives campers the ability to free up space within the vehicle and keep clutter at bay to a degree, making their travel experience a bit less crowded. 

Practical For Frequent Movement 

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As previously discussed, rooftops do not need to be taken down or set up in the same way that ground tents need to be. These tents are able to pop up and come down within one to five minutes and will have you on your way or planted where you want to stay before you know it. This is incredibly advantageous for those who don’t like to stay at any one place for too long, as the takedown process offers much less fuss than a found tent. 

Rooftop tents offer campers who tend to jump from sight to sight within a few days of getting there, the ability to pack up quickly without having to worry about the huge task that ground tents envelop when it comes to set up and takedown. This makes frequent movement much more practical. 

If you are in the middle of a cross-country camp and have only a few days to stop at each different site, having to mess with the hardware of a ground tent over and over can be incredibly frustrating and unnecessarily time-consuming. By having a rooftop tent, you can take the tent down and pop it back up within a matter of minutes, making it the ideal product for those that jump from spot to spot with very little time in between stops.

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