Where To Buy Roof Top Tents W

Where To Buy Roof Top Tents?

For campers looking to sleep wherever and whenever they please, rooftop tent camping might be the solution they are looking for. Traditional ground floor tents simply do not offer the same freedom and convenience as the roof tent counterpart.

If you are in the market for a fresh and innovative way to upgrade your camping experience, rooftop tents may capture your attention. However, the question remains. Where do you go to buy a rooftop tent? 

There are many stores both online and in-person where you can get a rooftop tent. This varies from place to place. Many retailers offer various options to choose from, and with the increasing popularity of rooftop tents, there should be no problem finding the perfect tent for you.

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With all that being said, there are more details to consider when purchasing your rooftop tent that does not have anything to do with where to buy it from. In this article, we will discuss where to acquire your tent, characteristics you will want to look for to enhance your investment, as well as other things to consider along your rooftop tent journey.

Where Exactly Can I Buy A Roof Top Tent?

Ever since the 1930s, rooftop tents have continued to gain traction, and for a good reason. They create a unique space that allows people to camp anywhere they want, but you are probably still wondering where in the world you buy one? Let us find out!  

There are several places to buy a rooftop tent, whether online, in-store or even second-hand in person. 

Here is a list of online places you can find rooftop tents available:

  • Amazon.com
  • Cascadiatents.com
  • Backcountry.com
  • Roofnest.com
  • 23zero.com
  • Autohomeus.com
  • Rei.com
  • Tuffstuff4x4.com

As you can see, there are many places to choose from when purchasing a rooftop tent. Buying online is the most popular option. However, there are in-person stores you can look at, but some retailers will have them shipped to their store if it is not available. Some of these places are Dick’s Sporting Goods and Lowe’s. 

On the other hand, many of these retailers hold accessories for your tent if you wish to go that route. Some locations even allow your rooftop tent to be shipped to a store local to you if you decide to order online.

What Should I Look For When Purchasing A Roof Top Tent?

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When deciding to splurge on a rooftop tent, you want to assure that it is something you will love. If you look forward to nights enjoying the luxuries roof top tents have to offer, think ahead of time what your wants and needs are.

While you obviously need to know where to buy your roof top tent, there are other important factors to consider. You will want to look over the list of pros and cons, which tent is compatible with your vehicle, tent durability, and how much they cost.

Before you run to grab your credit card and buy just any old tent, let us first go over the different qualities to look for when purchasing a roof top tent.

1. Set Up: 

Finding a tent with a quick and efficient setup will be a game-changer in your camping experience. 

2. Compatibility:

Make sure the tent is compatible with your vehicle before you buy it. Carefully check the rack specifics and read up on your car’s manual to determine the rooftop capacity. 

3. Comfort:

Research to see if a mattress is included in your roof top tent. This will bring extra comfort to your adventures, making the experience much more enjoyable.

4. Durability:

Durability is essential, especially when it comes to camping in extreme weather conditions. Investigate whether your tent is waterproof and is meant to combat harsh climates.

How Much Do Roof Top Tents Cost?

Rooftop tents carry a hefty price tag compared to traditional ground tents, and rightfully so when you factor in all the pros, they offer. 

In general, you can expect a roof top tent to cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000. That averages out to $2,250. However, you can find some models for as low as $900! 

Do not feel like you have to drop thousands of dollars to have a nice tent. There are plenty of options to choose from for all different budgets. Below we will talk about the cheapest roof top tent and the most expensive to see how big of a difference it makes!

Which Roof Top Tents Are Cheapest?

The first budget-friendly way to purchase a roof top tent is to buy second-hand. However, most people want to buy a brand new tent starting off to avoid any damages that might have occurred or been missed from a used tent. 

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Roof Top Tent ModelPriceProsCons
Smittybilt Overlander$1,190.99Easy set up and great airflowRequires airing out due to condensation
Tuff Stuff Trailhead$1,394.98Waterproof and made from high quality materialsAnnex is too short
Front Runner RTT $1,099Includes a built in high-density foam mattress and has universal mountingCan be difficult to unfold and fold

Which Roof Top Tents Are Most Expensive?

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Roof Top Tent ModelPriceProsCons
Thule Tepui Autana 3$2,299.95Includes extended private canopy and mold resistant tent fabricUsers report it is hard to set up
Roofnest Sparrow EYE$3,095.00Includes solar panel mounting areaLacks headroom 
iKamper Skycamp 2.0$3,899.001 minute set up and allows up to three people to sleep Difficult to store

What Is The Best Roof Top Tent To Buy?

When researching which roof top tent is best, you must keep in mind that the definition of ‘the best roof top tent’ is different for everyone. Your wants, needs, requirements, and expectations all play into your decision. Reviews are also a great tool to help give you information on the tent not described in the listing. 

If we had to choose which we think is the best, it would be the iKamper Skycamp 2.0. 

This tent has many features that will catch the attention of anyone who wants the maximum benefits out of their roof top tent. 

Some of the features go as follows:

  • Quick and efficient set up under one minute
  • Durable, insulated flooring panels
  • Waterproof
  • Fiber-reinforced hard shell to give max protection
  • The tent shell has air insulation for resistance to condensation and soundproofing 
  • Allows for ventilation and offers protection against bugs and mosquitoes

Can You Make Your Own Roof Top Tent?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few ways to build your roof top tent. This may be a fun option for you if you enjoy working with your hands and bringing out your creative side.

So yes, you can build your very own roof top tent at home and with very little help.

In the video below, Patrick Remington gives you a tour of his own DIY roof top tent that cost him under $200. Something that stood out was this method required no sewing, and you can find most of the needed materials at your local hardware store.


While ground camping is something we all know and most likely grew up used to, roof top tents offer uncomplicated setup and extra protection that you otherwise would not have. 

The increasing popularity of roof top camping makes it simple to find precisely what you are looking for, especially with access to the internet. Ensure to evaluate what you need or require out of a roof top tent before purchasing. 

There are many places where you can purchase a roof top tent. Whether you choose one of the websites listed in this article, buy second hand or want to build your own, there is a perfect option for you out there.

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