Why Are Rooftop Tents So Popular W

Why Are Rooftop Tents So Popular?

Rooftop tents have made their way onto the camping scene by reinventing not only how campers travel, but how they sleep once they’ve gotten to their destination. This elevation in camping may leave many wondering why rooftop tents have gotten to be so popular? 

Rooftop tents are popular because they are elevated, they offer an easy setup and take-down process, and they give campers greater accessibility to many different types of landscapes. Because of this, many campers have found more appeal in rooftop campers, attributing to their growing popularity. 

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When thinking about the basic concept of rooftop tents when compared to ground tents, you may be thinking that there really isn’t much difference besides the fact that one is set up on the ground while the other is set up atop the roof of your car. Although the basic concepts may be similar, there are quite a few things that separate rooftop tents from other outdoor camping options. Take a look below to find out why rooftop tents are so incredibly popular. 

Why Are Rooftop Tents So Popular? 

When you see a rooftop tent for the first time, you may be struck by the logistics of this camping item – it is situated on top of a vehicle, there is a ladder leading you up into the sleeping area, and there are typically a slew of different netted windows positioned on each and every side of the tent. This tent is rather novel at first glance, making it quite understandable that people would flock to get their hands on them, but what exactly makes them so popular? 

Rooftop Tents Are Elevated 

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For those of you with height fears, this may not be the tent for you, but for the rest of the population, the height that rooftop tents offer can be quite advantageous. When compared to sleeping in a ground tent, a rooftop tent is able to provide a great amount of space without ever having to worry about setting your camp up on the hard, dirty, and uneven terrain that comes with ground camping. The fact that rooftop tents are elevated, makes them incredibly desirable.

Rooftop tents are elevated on top of your vehicle’s roof, which gives them the ability to avoid dirt, uneven surfaces, insects, and other wild animals that may be out and about during the day and night, and you are also afforded a better airflow with the tent being in a more open area above. 

For the most part, outdoor camping is an intrinsically dirty venture, but when it comes to just how dirty you get, there are a few steps you can take to minimize just how dirty you actually get. When setting up a ground tent, you are forced to lay a tent on the Earth’s surface whether you are in snow, grass, ice, or complete dust. With a rooftop tent, you are able to avoid Mother Nature’s mess by having your tent in a place that is only affected by relevant weather. 

The elevated level of a rooftop tent is also a huge perk for those who like to feel a bit safer when they are out in the great wide open. The fact that a rooftop tent is positioned above the roof of a car gives people a better sense of safety, as they are less accessible to wild animals that may be prowling in the middle of the night or find themselves curious in the middle of the day. Although not a foolproof safety solution, rooftop tents certainly offer a better option. 

With an elevated tent, you are also able to put your camping space in an area that is a bit more conducive to airflow. The higher off the ground you are, the better chances you have of catching a breeze, no matter what time of day. Because of this, when you are in a rooftop tent which is secured on the top of your vehicle, you will be able to come into contact with greater airflow, potentially making your camping trip a bit more comfortable. 

Rooftop Tents Offer Easy Setup 

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Of course, if you are someone who is camping with an RV or Fifth Wheel, you simply take this piece of equipment, get on the road, then park it in place once you have arrived, making the setup something that is really quite effortless once you have all of your systems hooked up and ready to go. However, when it comes to ground camping, setting up and taking down the tent can be an incredibly tedious task, making rooftop tents that much more desirable. 

Whether you purchase a soft shell or hard shell rooftop top tent, once the initial installation has taken place, the setup and teardown process for these types of tents can range anywhere from 30 seconds to only a few minutes. This makes getting your camp up or out a quick and easy process. 

With soft shell rooftop tents, you may take a bit more time having to remove the cover of the tent itself, but when it comes down to it, it is more a matter of convenience than a matter of time when compared to hard shell rooftop tents. Hard shell tents will open up and pop up in under a minute, making them incredibly easy to set up, but even more so, typically the most efficient. When compared to ground tents though, the ease of rooftop tents cannot be beat. 

When camping, one of the biggest considerations for many campers is which products are going to make their ventures that much easier. There is no need for items that are going to require copious amounts of time to get into working order or get loaded back up, which is why ground tents can be a big pain when it comes to saving time and effort. Rooftop tents afford campers the ability to get their camp set up and taken down in a matter of minutes 

Rooftop Tents Offer Accessibility 

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If you are ground camping and are using a vehicle to get from point A to point B, you may be thinking that you are getting the best experience when it comes to scenery or the land that you have available to you. However, with ground camping, your tent is a separate entity when it comes to equipment, which means that you are limited to spots where both your tent can fit and where your vehicle can go as well. With rooftop camping, this is not the case. 

Rooftop tents offer accessibility to land when it comes to camping, as if your vehicle can make it to a spot, you can camp there without ever having to worry about unloading your temporary home. So long as you are in an area that allows for camping, this setup can be incredibly advantageous. 

Rooftop tents are great for those who want to get into a camping rhythm that goes off of the beaten path a bit, while also having the ability to set up camp just about anywhere. Consider if you were to be stuck in a position where the nearest campground was another two hours away, but you have a store down the road that allows campers to park for the night. With a ground tent, it wouldn’t be possible, but with a rooftop tent, you have a place to sleep without an issue. 

Even more, with a rooftop tent, you are able to get into places that you may have never imagined possible before due to the terrain that your vehicle can handle, but your tent simply cannot be set up on. If you were to drive up a rocky valley to a waterfall site that isn’t normally accessible to campers, you have the advantage of having your sleeping quarters elevated above this terrane so that you can sleep comfortably, but see areas otherwise inaccessible.

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